Mall #12. Teen Girls Stinking Up The Parking Ramp

Back to that steamy Saturday afternoon in June 2010 where I scored my #18 mall sighting on this list, here was the sighting of the day that exceeded it. I was sweating like a hog with the intense heat but still wanted to fetish a little longer that afternoon, which had already produced a good half dozen high quality sightings.  It was at that moment that my new tradition was born of getting into my car and driving laps around the mall. And so I did… exactly the right time as I would manage to score two more blockbusters.

Circling the parking ramp on the south side of the mall, I spotted a couple glam teenage girls with cigarettes sitting on the stairway of the ramp.  It was a split-second sighting, but I could tell the girls were incredibly hot and most definitely not even 18 (which explains the obscure location they chose to stop for a cigarette).  It’s the kind of sighting that is getting harder and harder to come by…and I wasn’t gonna miss it.  I found the closest available parking spot and made a point of meandering inside the parking ramp structure so I could walk by them on my way to the entrance.  And there they were….on my first glance most of my attention was directed towards the girl higher on the steps….a knockout 16-year-old with a mane of long blond hair, a tight pink T-shirt, and pair of pale blue jeans that looked incredible on her.  But it wasn’t until my walking approach that I was able to see the friend sitting two steps lower and talking to her.  This girl was even prettier and looked even younger, with as adorable of a girl-next-door face as I’ve seen in recent memory and wearing an uber-sexy and feminine green summer dress.  I suppose it’s possible they were both 16, but that second girl (who was much shorter by the way) looked more like 14.

Thankfully, I was able to position myself near the mall’s entry and watch these girls from behind.  The bad news:  the blond higher on the steps had her back to me and I wasn’t able to see much of her smoking.  The good news:  by having her back to me she also had her ass to me, draped in those tight pale blue jeans and revealing a couple inches of bare flesh above the pantline.  Seated right next to that nearly perfect ass….her bronze pack of Marlboro 27s.  But a couple stairs down, the cutiepie in the green dress was looking up towards her friend, so from my vantage point I was able to watch her.  And she was a VERY impressive smoker, taking nice long drags and holding them in her black, not-yet-fully-developed lungs for a good 3-4 seconds before exhaling.  Here I was happy to simply see these girls smoking.  I had no idea they’d be capable of this kind of performance!

I watched for about three minutes as they finished their cigarettes and they amazingly never took note of me standing only a few yards behind them watching their every move.  The girls got up and briefly went back to their car inside the ramp structure to put their cigarettes back inside, and then proceeded towards the mall entrance where I continued to stand by.  They were so hot….and the shorter, younger-looking girl now put some grandmotherly like black shawl sweater on over her green summer dress, apparently thinking it would be cold inside the air-conditioned mall.  What a contrast to see this adorable young girl who had just smoked a cigarette proceed into a mall wearing a shawl like some 80-year-old woman.  It doesn’t get much hotter than this sighting.

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