Mall #10. The Christopher and Banks Cigar-Chomping Beauty

One warmer-than-average Saturday afternoon in November 2009, I pulled off an epic sighting near the mall’s back entryway as I approached a super-hot 18-19ish dark brunette with a pink top and black slacks sitting on the curb with a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, quite obviously a mall worker on a break. As I approached, I noticed she held her cigarette kind of strangely and became even more intrigued. But as I arrived on the scene, I could see and smell that it was not a cigarette she was smoking at all, but a small tiparillo cigar.

I could smell the rancid odor of cheap cherry-flavored cigar smoke filling the air several yards on both sides of her as she smoked and chatted. I kept walking by and found a place to stand and observe from a comfortable distance. She ended the cell phone chat and then focused all her attention on her cigar. It was an amazing sight as this distinguished beauty took a string of drags off her cigar, inhaling them all and then exhaling the nasty residual stench into the late autumn air. I was in a good position to watch for the most part, but cars were driving by and occasionally obstructing my view.

At this point I walked past her again, taking in as much of her stink as possible and seating myself on the grass not far away. I observed a few more drags and was now close enough to take a few in before she stubbed out the cigar, stood up, and deposited the plastic-tipped butt into the ashtray. I followed her into the mall to see where she worked. At first I thought she’d head into the alternative Hot Topic store, but turned before she got there and instead walked into the Christopher and Banks store.

Here was this feminine late teen brunette in a pink top who went back to work in a store at a mall stinking of cigar. Can you just imagine what her coworkers and customers must have thought smelling cigar on this girl? I nearly blew my load watching this and proceeded to pass this specific store two more times to get another glance at her. I had half a mind to park my car outside the exit of the mall until closing time to see her come and fire up another one at some point, but knowing she works at this store and is likely to be available for spotting for the foreseeable future totally made my day.

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