Mall #6: Early Teen Brunette Dazzles With Bipolar Smoking Performance

Far and away my most jaw-dropping mall fetish moment of 2012 came at my Old Reliable Des Moines area mall that May.  I was already riding high that afternoon after just scoring a sighting of a very young-looking mall worker smoker girl and didn’t think there was any chance of topping that sighting anytime soon…but was proven wrong in only about five minutes.  I approached the main mall entrance up front and exited the mall to stumble into what instantly became my best mall sighting of 2012.  As I opened the door, standing in a crevice outside the main entrance were two girls.  The first was a tiny light brunette who looked about 11 years old.  The second girl was a long-haired girl-next-door brunette who looked about 14-15…and the older girl was smoking a cigarette.

Even after seeing the last clearly underage smoker girl moments earlier, I was still taken aback to be stumbling into another so soon after.  The girl was dressed in a surprisingly dressy black top and white slacks and I would quickly discover nothing was as it seemed about this sighting.  The nearby bench was wide open so I sat down with a front-row seat to a sighting that featured more contrasting images than anything I’ve seen in years….

The dynamic between the two girls was odd, and at first I figured they were sisters because the smoker was clearly two or three years older than the nonsmoking younger girl.  But the way they were talking to each other seemed like friends, not sisters.  And did they ever talk, especially the smoker girl whose mouth was going a mile a minute.  I was in no hurry as I was resting on that bench watching, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t because she was in no hurry smoking it.  She was so immersed in her conversation with the younger girl that the cigarette often went 90 seconds between drags.  And when she did take drags, they were shallow and produced effectively no smoke.  Seriously, none.  I was set for what I figured was an adorable sighting of an early teen beginner smoker setting an absolutely delicious example for the younger friend.  But on a couple of occasions while smoking that cigarette I was taken aback when she put the cigarette in her mouth and dangled….we’re talking 10-second no-purpose dangles.  Beginner smokers don’t do that, right??!?!  So I continued sitting there, out of range for hearing what they were saying but perfectly positioned to watch them and the brunette proceeded to slowly make that cigarette
disappear. Finally, she dropped it to the pavement and crushed it out with her foot, ignoring an ashtray no more than 10 feet away.  Needless to say, I wanted to identify that butt, but it was gonna have to wait because she wasn’t finished with me yet….

Not five seconds after she crushed out that cigarette underneath her feet, she reached into the back pocket of her white pants, seemingly out of nowhere producing a pack of cigarettes from which she extracted another cigarette and immediately lit up.  I kid you not, no more than 15 seconds passed from the final drag of the first cigarette to her lighting up the second.  This was getting really interesting!  Yet for all that pomp and circumstance, her actual smoking performance was decidedly below average.  Her drags continued to be shallow and far between, and her exhales literally nonexistent.  At some point during that second cigarette, a middle-aged guy walked out of the mall and lit up a cigarette of his own.  He was very close to the girls and they caught his attention.  Not sure if he was a fellow fetisher or not, but he was clearly as taken aback as I was by this public smoking performance from this obviously very underage girl in front of her even younger friend/sister.  He lingered in the area smoking his own cigarette and I caught him taking a couple glances at my brunette smoker.  But she still had a couple major league tricks up her sleeve….

Once again, the cigarette was inserted into her mouth for a lengthy no-purpose dangle.  But the follow-up to that was the image that was seared into my brain for the rest of 2012.  As I said she was a very chatty girl constantly jabbering to the younger girl….and she was about to do her jabbering in the form a 20-second no-purpose talking dangle.  I was literally crouched over with my folded arms covering my fully erect boy parts and I watched this half-smoked cigarette bounce up and down from the mouth of a mid-teen girl as she spoke to her friend.  I have never seen a talking dangle from a girl this young before, and it seemed positively unthinkable that the same would-be rookie smoker taking these shallow drags and producing no smoke at all from them would be capable of what I just saw.  I was fortunate enough to let my erection go limp in the next 3-4 minutes while she finished the cigarette, and as I could see it was about at its end, I just had to approach while I still could to get a closer look at the girl.

It’s a good thing I got up when I did because just as I arrived on the scene, the smoker once again polluted her cigarette butt on the pavement and ignored the nearby ashtray, and then passed me to the mall entrance.  First I saw her face up-close for the first time.  She still looked about 15 with her long curly brown hair and freckles on her upper face, an extremely girl-next-door image.  She wasn’t a bombshell by any means.  I’d rate her as a 7.5 on the beauty spectrum, but the innocence her face evoked was in such shocking contrast to the back-to-back cigarette/talking dangle display I had just witnessed.  As she walked into the mall, I could see the pack of cigarettes poking out of the back pocket of those white pants, and figured with the dark color of the pack she was smoking Camel Crushes.  But then I went over to the crevice she and the friend had just vacated and was surprised to see cork-filter Marlboros with blue print on them.  They have so many Marlboro variations now I can’t keep track of them but the dark color of the pack in her pocket didn’t look like familiar Marlboro colors at all.

After identifying the two butts she left behind, I went back in the mall and found her and the friend going inside this store called Claire’s which seems to be a clothing store for teens, meaning I couldn’t possibly follow them in there without arousing big-time suspicion.  Anyway, I would return about 20 minutes later and found she was still in the store, and if there was any logistical way possible I would have waited her out until her next cigarette break.  By this point I was flying in a way that happens only a couple times a year when I’m fetishing at malls, and knew at that moment that she’d be the girl to beat for 2012 mall sightings, and indeed that held up as no other 2012 mall sighting compared.

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