Mall #3. Teen Smoking Daughter and Baby Brother Waiting For Mom

I’ve already listed two blockbuster mall sightings that I scored on March 17, 2007, higher up in the countdown, but here was the day’s true epic.  Walking past the mall’s main entrance I approached a minivan illegally parked near the entrance, apparently awaiting another shopper. I could see in the rearview mirror as I approached from behind that there was a young and attractive smoker behind the wheel. As I passed the minivan and peeked in, I was blown away to see an absolutely gorgeous young blond in the driver’s seat, Marlboro Light in tow, with an elementary-age boy in the passenger seat. I turned around in my tracks a few yards up, as inconspicuously as possible, and made another pass.

This girl was a solid 9.5 on the Richter scale of hotness, and looked only about 17.  She was either the hottest young mommy of all-time or the hottest big sister of all-time. Either way, I was intrigued.  Luckily, she was parked in a place where I could hang out near the mall’s entrance and observe from behind as she waited for the other shopper, watching for several moments as cloudy exhales of toxic exhaust flowed from out of the cracked window and drifted in the brisk early spring air. She soon tossed the butt out of the window and I was looking at that Marlboro Light butt smoldering on the pavement having known where it had just been.   I was so fascinated that I was gonna stick around to see her eventual passenger and to see if she would rescue another cylinder of tobacco from inside her pack.

About 15 minutes passed standing in the unusually warm mid-March sun, but I was patient, and ultimately richly rewarded as teen blondie behind the wheel fired up another Marlboro Light. Finally, my question was answered as a middle-aged woman (most likely the mother to both the older girl and the young boy) exited the mall and approached the driver’s side of the minivan. The girl got out to switch drivers, migrating to the passenger seat with smoldering cigarette in hand and I finally got a chance to see her up-close.

What a doll she was, decked out in a nice top and jeans that perfectly accentuated her look! And as she opened the passenger door to move the young boy to the back of the minivan, the adorable ponytailed blond spoke to either mother or brother and had the most pleasant husky voice. As if this sighting hadn’t been epic enough for me, she then cut loose with the nastiest smoker’s cough I’ve heard in a long time. This was a young hottie who was seriously addicted to her nicotine.  They soon drove off, never to be seen, but my day had been made.  I actually tried to keep pace with their minivan as they drove away hoping to catch one more drag but wasn’t able to muster up my inner-cheetah to keep pace with them and couldn’t catch anything else as I watched them drive off towards the mall exit.

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