Mall #2. The Clarke County Smoker Girls Come To The Big City

While I made a few journeys to my favorite central Iowa mall in the immediate months after moving to Des Moines in January 2006, it wasn’t until June of that year that I got my first epic sighting at the mall.  I was sitting on the open bench in front of Target, an excellent place to just kick back and watch the foot traffic heading into Target and the car traffic slowly driving by.  One of the cars doing just that this warm and sunny early summer afternoon was a red car with plates from Clarke County, a rural, redneck bastion from southern Iowa.  Behind the wheel was a fetching 17-ish blond who took the final drag from her cigarette as she drove past me and then tossed the cork-filter butt out the window only a few yards in front of me.  Within two seconds, the female passenger who I didn’t get a very good look at followed suit and threw her all-white butt out the passenger window.  The timing was perfect for me to swoop in and check out both butts, the first a Marlboro red and the second a Marlboro Light.  I looked ahead and the car was still slowly progressing through the parking lot, and I decided to get my sprint on to get a closer look at the girls.

I was running their direction and catching all the breaks as the girls had to wait for stop signs and other cars pulling out in front of them in the lot, allowing me to catch up and spot the lane in the parking lot where they turned.  As they pulled into a parking stall, I began to slowly approach to get a closer look.  First stepped out the blond driver.  She was quite attractive with long hair, a spectacular slender figure, and an only moderately edgy bad girl look.  But it was the passenger, also about 17 but decidedly more wholesome-looking, who floored me with her beauty.  I had not gotten a close look at her as the girls’ car drove past me, but she was by the far the most impressive of the two, with long light brown hair, a blue top that perfectly fit her shapely upper body and a pair of tight blue jeans with a glittery silver belt that gave her a bit of a glam look.  As the girls passed me, I looked at their spectacular denim-clad asses, with 90% of my visual attention trained on that brunette’s backside.

After about 15 more minutes of fetishing around the perimeter of the mall, I decided these girls were just too great of a find not to make sure I would be there for their inevitable encore.  I went back to my car and drove up to the parking lot lane where the girls had parked.  Miraculously, a spot was open that provided a perfect vantage point of their car for when they ultimately came out….and I had nothing but time to wait on them.  And I didn’t even have to wait that long.

In another 20 minutes, I got downright giddy as I watched the two shapely teen hotties exiting the mall and approaching their car, only this time they had another girl in their company.  The third wheel walking with them was a younger and only marginally attractive 14-ish curly-haired brunette.  Not sure if she was a cousin or a sister or what her association with these two teen smoker hotties was, but it certainly added to the narrative complexity of this sighting.  I sat with baited breath in my literal front row seat and watched the girls climb into the car.  As expected, the blond driver and the hottie light brunette passenger immediately reached for their purses and extracted their respective packs of Marlboro Reds and Marlboro Lights.  And what happened next was the highlight of the sighting.  The passenger babe flipped open the box of her Marlboro Lights and extended her arm with the open pack to the backseat to offer a cigarette to the younger girl.  The girl declined and the smoker then pulled back, inserting a cigarette into her own mouth as did the driver.  The two chicks, who seemed to be mirror reflections of one another in smoking style, sparked up in tandem about 30 seconds before pulling out.   My crotch was bulging about what I had just seen, particularly the stinky superbabe bestowing her subtle peer pressure on the younger girl and attempting to get her to try a cigarette.  It was mind-blowingly hot, but these girls still weren’t finished with me….

They pulled out of the lot and I just had to follow, wanting to see if I could pull off one more glance of one of the girls in mid-drag.  But I did better than that.  Rather than heading for the mall exit as expected, they instead pulled into the drive-thru at the Starbuck’s at the back of the mall lot.  I parked my car at the nearest stall as they placed their orders, each holding their cigarette arms out the open windows while ordering.  As they finished their orders and started driving up, I got out of my car and walked up to the drive-thru lane, watching as the girls pulled up to the window.  They both continued to hold their smoldering cigarettes outside the car window as the drive-thru lane lady handed them the coffee.  At this point, I tried to race around to the other side to watch them make their final pass, but when they did, their cigarettes were gone.

I’ll always have a soft spot as this sighting was not only an epic on its own merits but it was also the first epic I would score at my favorite mall venue…and still my second favorite of all-time.

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