Mall #23. Badass Brunette Babe Draped In Black Leather Takes A Smoke Break

On an unusually warm 70-degree day in mid-November 2013, I was scoring a few very memorable sightings at central Iowa’s most upscale mall, but the best sighting of the day came in this off-course corner entrance that up until now I’ve only explored a few times, but was destined to get a lot more exploration in the years ahead.  As I approached from afar this bench outside this fairly remote entrance, I saw a girl that definitely stood out sitting by herself smoking a cigarette.  She was a dark brunette in a black leather jacket wearing bright red lipstick who was distracted texting, and I was already excited as I kept approaching.  But imagine my shock when I got closer and realized that not only was this smoker girl wearing a black leather jacket, her bottom was covered by a pair of tight black leather pants.  I’ve spent nearly two decades fetishing at this point in my life and finally, in the year 2013, have I come across my first random sighting of a smoker girl wearing tight leather pants.  And it was my lucky day because there was an open bench right across from her where I got a front-row seat.  The next several minutes of my life would be dedicated to nothing but watching her smoke the cigarette from the pack of Camel Menthols sitting next to her on the bench.

Only two months earlier, I wouldn’t have had the perfect pop culture reference that hit me instantly when looking at this girl.  She looked like the tough-chick leather-draped cop “Rosa” on the Fox comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” played by actress Stephanie Beatriz, although this girl wasn’t Hispanic and frankly, I think she was hotter than the TV actress.  But she had the same tough girl image both with her look and her leather wardrobe.  My God in heaven she was sexy dragging from her Camel Menthol while sitting with her legs crossed in those impossibly sexy tight leather pants.  The only thing keeping me from impulsively jumping her bones was my desire to take advantage of this rare opportunity and snap some pics.  I got three of them, two of which are pretty darn good.  While her smoking style wasn’t necessarily distinctive, she was a sexy early 20s dark brunette in tight leather pants smoking a cigarette!!!!  She didn’t need a distinctive style to blow my mind!!!  Whenever she exhaled and the haze of smoke filtered from her face, I was licking my lips thinking how sexy her leather jacket and pants must have smelled combined with the aroma of the cigarette smoke.

The show probably lasted five minutes before she dropped the cigarette to the pavement and got up to leave, not making any effort to put the cigarette out.  I looked longingly for a couple of seconds at that smoldering cigarette with the bright red lipstick stain on the cork filter that was visible even from 10 feet away.  You wouldn’t think it’d be just anything that would take my eyes off of a vision like that, but when you have a girl in leather pants walking towards the entrance of the mall with her ass in your face, you take the opportunity to take in every glorious second of it!  Apparently they were “leather jeans” as they had back pockets just like denim jeans and they weren’t quite as tight on the ass as they were on the legs.  Nonetheless, she wore them beautifully and I was very tempted to follow her into the mall to see where she ended up, but didn’t.  This was my second incredible sighting on this bench in the last few months and the destination is now responsible for more smoker girl memories than any other location at this mall which I could never have imagined possible only a few months earlier.

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