Mall #25. Double Feature Outside Front Entrance with Mother-Daughter and Boyfriend-Girlfriend

I had already had a better afternoon of fetishing than the law of averages would say is possible that day in December 2011 at Mankato, Minnesota, but in the final minutes of the day before I met up with my parents, I went back to the entryway in front of the main mall entrance for what I hoped to be a strong final act of the day, and suffice it to say I went out in style with two more sightings effectively playing out right in front of my face….

First coming out of the mall was a mismatched young couple.  I didn’t pay close attention to them until they both got outside, and in seconds the brunette girl produced a pack of Marlboro Menthols from her pocket.  Now the girl, who looked about 19 or 20, was decently attractive, but had a bit of an edge to her with a piercing in her lip and such.  She was wearing a white sweatshirt and holey pale blue jeans that were a very nice fit on her.  The first of two factors that made this sighting cute was that girl was literally standing five feet from me on the outside of the entryway glass smoking her cigarette, and she placed that cigarette in youthful face and just sucked out the tobacco into her black young lungs every time…with that somewhat hard-to-define feminine cuteness in the way she smoked her cigarette.  She wasn’t a rapist, nor was she a small-dragging beginner, but you could tell she loved what that cigarette and the cancerous chemicals inside of it felt inside her body with every drag.

But second of the two factors that made this sighting so memorable was the boyfriend with her….who seemed like the most wholesome imaginable guy around.  He didn’t smoke, but he nonetheless accompanied his little girlfriend outside for her cigarette break….and managed to stand to her right in just the direction the wind was blowing, meaning every time she exhaled the smoke took a straight line into his face.  I couldn’t help but think while watching this that he might have been the Mankato version of me….the wholesome-looking nonsmoking fetisher who dates harder-edged smoker girls and goes out of his way to accompany them on smoke breaks and stand in the headwind of their cancerous exhales.  Whatever the case, when she finished her cigarette she dropped it in the ashtray in front of the mall and walked back inside with the boyfriend.

And at some point right in the middle of that sighting, I got caught off-guard and out of the corner of my eye directly in front of where I was inside the mall entryway, I spotted a pack of Marlboro Lights being extracted from the jacket pocket of a young female.  Instinctively liking what I was seeing, I abandoned the sighting just described for a moment to see what was in front of me.  Lo and behold, it was the most beautiful girl of the day.  We’re talking a 10 on the scale of beauty and a 10 on the scale of wholesomeness….a truly adorable long-haired goddess whose curly locks were on the border of dark blond and light brunette who looked to be in her early-to-mid 20s…with the tanned skin of a girl who looks like she just got off the beach in the middle of July rather than stepping out of a Minnesota shopping mall in December.  She placed the all-white cigarette in her lips, cupped her hands around her lighter, and fired up.  Seeing a cigarette between the lips of a girl like this is exactly the reason a guy like me endures this level of stalkerdom to seek out fetish gratification.

She was standing in the company of someone else, who I had yet to even process who the other party in the duo was, until I leaned forward and saw it was a gray-haired middle-aged woman with absolutely zero sex appeal.  I’m assuming it was the goddess’s mother, but it’s hard to imagine this girl and that woman being from the same gene pool.  From this angle, I didn’t see a cigarette in mom’s hand, but since they were hovering in front of the mall, I was giddy for an extended sighting thinking that they were waiting for a car to come out front and pick them up.

Unfortunately it was not to be, as the two of them started walking towards the parking lot in seconds.  At that point, I saw that mom had a cigarette in her hand too.  As I watched the goddess walk away, I observed she had a fairly routine winter coat and dark jeans that were reasonably sexy but were nonetheless a little too subdued to live up to her otherwise dripping sex appeal.  Nonetheless, as the two of them walked off into the sunset, I’d get one more treat as I watched from behind as their respective cigarettes approached their lips.  In seconds, a blast of smoke emerged from both women’s faces at the exact same time and drifted above them for a few moments in the cold winter air.  As generic of a middle-aged lady as mom was, I’m nonetheless forever in her gratitude for producing a daughter of this caliber and turning her into a smoker to boot.

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