Mall #14. Smoky Young Girlfriend And Her Adopted Family

I had scored a couple of delicious appetizers at the River Hills Mall in Mankato on Saturday, December 9, 2011, already, but here was the first of the day’s sightings that truly made me stand up and take notice.

Walking on the sidewalk directly in front of the main entrance to the mall, I saw what I assumed was a middle-aged couple and two fairly young kids (in the 7-10 range) approaching.  The reason I assumed it was a middle-aged couple was because the guy appeared to be a 40-something regular joe….who definitely didn’t seem likely to be in the company of a young hottie for a girlfriend or wife.  Nonetheless, the gal walking next to him (with the two kids running around them (one of whom I swear used the word “mommy” in those opening moments) looked pretty damn good from a distance as I approached.

She already had a cigarette smoldering in her hand and was deftly juggling that cigarette between her fingers as she put on her gloves, alternating the cigarette from one hand to the next as the gloves went on.  With each step closer, the younger she looked.  And as I got close enough to finally visualize her, it was obvious this girl was NOT the mother of the 7-10-year-old kids in their company.  She looked at most 22, was an absolute knockout of a wholesome brunette in dark jeans and a fairly conventional winter coat.  But as out of place as this girl-next-door looked with that cigarette in her hand, she looked even more out of place in the company of this shlub walking next to her, who was at least twice her age and nowhere near her league.  And the beauty part….he wasn’t smoking at all…..

After passing them, I just had to turn myself around and follow this unusual family.  Looking from behind, I decided I needed another look at her face to see if she was really as young and as attractive as she first seemed.  In seconds, she cooperated by turning towards him as he spoke to her and I got my answer….she definitely was THAT pretty.  Either this girl was the guy’s daughter and the young kids were part of a proverbial “second family”….or he’s one lucky bastard of a middle-aged guy who walked away from his original wife after landing himself a college-age smoker babe.  Either way, it was one delicious dynamic to observe, especially as the two of them were calling out to the rambunxious kids to stick closeby as they roamed around in front of them.

As for her smoking style.  It’s sometimes hard to tell when walking behind girls how good of smokers they are, but she cooperated on this front too.  On three different occasions, she took a drag and then turned her head to the right away from the guy and exhaled.  Wintertime exhales are often exaggerated by the fact that you’re seeing your own breath half the time, but exaggerated or not, it was unbelievable to witness as a geyser of smoke erupted out of her mouth and nose like the exhaust pipe of one of those early 1970s diesel cars….just an absolute cloud of cancerous carcinogens coming out of her stinky little face.

Like I said, I got to see this three times and was fortunate enough that they were walking on the sidewalk in front of the mall for the duration of her cigarette, allowing me to witness the entire show.  I positioned myself in front of her as I knew she was approaching the end of her cigarette and would lean against a pillar outside the Barnes and Noble bookstore looking up as she took her final drag from the cigarette.  She spotted me looking at her and probably decided I was looking a bit too familiar at this point, but crushed out the cigarette on the sidewalk and kept walking while talking to her father/lover.  The wind caught the cigarette butt and it rolled straight into a crevice along the curb.  I walked up to the curb and identified the butt as a cork-filter Camel Blue and then looked to the horizon as she continued to drift away with the guy old enough to be her father.

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2 Responses to Mall #14. Smoky Young Girlfriend And Her Adopted Family

  1. Mike F says:

    One of the cool things that happens when you reconfigure your lists each year is that I get a feel as to how strong a year you had in a particular category and mall sightings was a banner year with three entries in the top 10. For obvious reasons, I took a special liking to this sighting but the best part of this, aside from the 22 year old smoker girl playing mommy to this guy’s kids was her wholesome pedigree. Good girls aren’t supposed to smoke and they’re certainly not supposed to date guys twice their age. If you happen to find out that she’s recently single and looking for another guy a little older, you know where to send her. lol.

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