Mall #28. Front Entryway Teen Teaser

Every year, the weekend before Christmas, I make a pilgrimage to my favorite mall in hopes that the heavy foot traffic will translate into increased odds of smoker sightings.  Usually it pans out.  Here’s my best find from the December 2010 visit….

One girl that really caught my attention over the course of the day was a 14ish cutie standing with what I presumed to be her mother and sister standing just outside the front entryway and presumably waiting for somebody or something.  I saw from a distance she was chewing on the corner of something as if trying to open it.  I got excited and approached to get a better look.  She was chewing on the cellophane on the corner of a CD instead of a pack of cigarettes.  Still I stood there admiring her.  She was a cute light brunette with curly hair listening to mom rattle on about something music-related, most likely in connection to the CD she was trying to open.  The girl had a definite white trash look, much more than my 2008 epic girl who was about the same age, but she was still very cute and sported that same sexy look from the neck down.

Now I love summertime attire better than winter weather wear, but especially on pubescent middle-school girls, there’s just something about a winter wardrobe that looks flattering.  With this girl, she sported a cute coat resting above the belt line of really tight pale blue jeans that perfectly framed her adorable little bubble butt.  She very much had it going on.  There were definitely prettier girls I had seen that day, but this girl had an x-factor.  But alas, she was there with mom and not smoking, and I figured this would continue to be the case.  An hour or so later, I would see the girl standing by herself in the same general spot, again not smoking, but giving me another chance to admire her adorable lower body.

I had given up on her by day’s end but like I usually do just before leaving the mall, I chose to loop around the mall perimeter in my car a couple of times to inspect those entrances once more.  Back in June, I did this and scored two blockbuster sightings just during the driving loop…..and the same would be true today.  Driving around the main entrance of the mall, I saw on the horizon familiar faces.  The chubby older sister of the cute little 14-year-old girl who had been opening the CD earlier was standing there and at first I thought I saw a cigarette in her hand.  I got really excited as I got closer and then spotted the 14-year-old cutie standing behind her.  At the exact second I spotted a cigarette in the girl’s hand, I observed a skyward plume of exhaled smoke going a good foot and a half above and in front of her face.  She was a smoker after all!

Shit, I thought to myself…am I gonna be able to find a parking spot this close to the front of the mall soon enough to catch the rest of her performance? Fate was on my side as I turned into the next lane of the parking lot and found a car pulling out, allowing me to slip right in.  I raced up to the front of the mall, and sure enough, there was the cute little girl with a cigarette.  As I said, there were two others in her company.  The first was the older, chubbier girl who looked about 16 and who I presumed was a sister.  She wasn’t smoking, but the other person in the party was….some chubby little doofus of a boy who looked about 12 years old.  He and the 14-year-old cutie were passing the cigarette back and forth.

It was amazing to behold as that little cutie got her hands on the cigarette.  She wasn’t a master smoker, but on her first drag, I was able to watch her nose and mouth suck in a snootful of smoke like a vacuum, inhaling these carcinogens into her still-developing respiratory system.  As coy as I thought I was being, she noticed me watching her…and then she noticed me AGAIN on the next drag.  She was a little paranoid about smoking in public you could tell, but clearly not so paranoid that she would consider NOT going out for a cigarette.  It was a bit of a buzzkill that the cigarette was in possession of this knobby boy 50% of the time, but still more than worth my while to have parked my car and approach this sighting for a close-up.  I went back to my car, where I still had a vantage point of the group in case more exciting stuff happened.  In the next few minutes, the three of them all went back into the mall and I decided to make one more loop around before heading home, being very grateful I continued this pattern that weekend.

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