#60. Bonanza Restaurant Goes Out in Style

Since I was a little boy, it was a family tradition to head up to Mankato, Minnesota, on a Friday during Lent when the restaurant featured an all-you-can-eat shrimp special.  While it was a fun little tradition in itself, by the time the late 1990s emerged and my fetish started coming more and more into focus, it was just as exciting to sit in the smoking section (my dad smoked at the time) and take in all the women and girls smoking.  Almost every year, I saw at least one sighting of significance at this restaurant, but it was in 2000, the final year Bonanza was open in Mankato, that I got my best sighting.

I had finally embraced my smoking fetish in May 1999 when I stumbled into the online fetish websites and my entire senior year of college was a gigantic escalation of the fetish to where my top priority for the March 2000 Bonanza trip was scoping out the resident smokers.  One table was of particular impressiveness to me as it featured a cluster of four college students about the same age as I was, two guys and two girls.  One of the girls was smoking right off the bat, a short-haired brunette who was modestly attractive but would have been disappointing if she was the only smoker of the bunch.  Still, the rate of her consumption was impressive as over the course of the hour or so we were at the restaurant she smoked three cigarettes with very little time in between each of them.

But it was the blond friend in the group who fascinated me most.  The brunette had a bit of an artsy look that didn’t really do it for me, but the blond was a perfect wholesome college girl, the kind who existed on my college campus but who I never really saw smoking.  Neither she nor either of the guys were smoking even as the brunette girl puffed away so I figured their presence in the smoking section was exclusively for the brunette’s benefit.  I had almost given up hope as the brunette was getting around to her third cigarette, but the blond elicited excitement in every extremity of my body as she suddenly produced her own pack and lit up a cigarette.  I was still a rookie fetisher at the time but could tell she wasn’t in the league of her friend in smoking style, but what a sight for sore eyes she was anyway.  And in those rookie days of fetishing, the thrill of sightings like this playing out favorably sent my boy parts pointing skyward in a way that is much more rare now as a seasoned veteran.  Even now though, the delayed gratification of a sighting like this that made me wait may still produce an erection…if of course I was still in a position to experience the one-of-a-kind restaurant sighting that existed 12 years ago.  Just writing this narrative made me long for the glory days of smoky restaurants.

Sadly, my family returned to Mankato in March 2001 for our annual trip to Bonanza to find the place was shut down.  It was sad on several fronts and one of my favorite restaurants for fetishing was no more, but nobody can say the Mankato Bonanza didn’t go out with a bang.

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