#41. A Smoky Picnic Lunch Outside Adventureland

My full day at the Iowa State Fair on August 11, 2013, was a disappointment, but I did surprisingly well on August 12, 2013, at the Adventureland amusement park here in the Des Moines area which I attended with the gal I was seeing last summer.  She is a young and cute college-age smoker herself, but doesn’t do much to indulge my fetish and has a pretty bland smoking style, but her need for regular cigarette breaks (which all had to be taken completely outside the gates of the park thanks to the antismoking fascists that run the park) proved to be very helpful for my sightings as the day progressed.

But before I even entered the gate I already got my first appetizer.  I parked inside their lot and was waiting for my date to show up while applying my sunscreen.  Two cars over was a family of smokers indulging a final smoke before going inside.  Dad was smoking a cigar, while mom and what I presumed to be the late teen son and daughter were all smoking cigarettes.  The daughter looked 18 and was blond and a tad chubby, but cute enough that it was an impressive dynamic to see in the year 2013.  I was able to stick around and watch most of the sighting as I waited.

The third of the three major sightings was the prettiest and most wholesome girl.  Unfortunately, the accompaniment of my lady friend was responsible for abbreviating this sighting as we were unfortunately walking away from it while it was in progress.  There sat this positively adorable 17ish brunette in a black top and skimpy jean shorts smoking a cigarette.  If there was a dictionary antithesis to the image of a teen smoker girl, this girl would be it, but there she was puffing away.  I was able to watch her for about 30 seconds as we approached the gate to where my own “girlfriend” could have her smoke break but regrettably after reaching the gate she went the other direction to get something out of her car.  But I was close enough to be heartbroken at the image of this teen beauty publicly smoking all by herself yet not be able to get a front-row seat to the sighting.  I was also wondering where the hell girls like her were the day before when I was trudging through the Iowa State Fair sightings-less.  Anyway, I snuck a few peeks in over my shoulder as we walked away, but when we finally arrived at a stopping point, the girl was just standing up to deposit her butt in the ashtray.  While it was nice to see a full profile of the feminine cutie in jean shorts, I lamented not seeing more of her smoking performance.

But the marquee performance of the day came around the noon hour when we went out to eat a picnic lunch prepared by my nicotine girlfriend.  We sat at an open picnic table but only a few yards in front of us was a family inside the pavilion full of tables having their own picnic.  This decently attractive early 20s brunette was smoking a cigarette while sitting at one of the tables when we arrived, but I couldn’t help but notice a younger looking long-haired brunette in close proximity and I was curious about her.  She was decently attractive–not a knockout, but the kind of girl you certainly kept your eye on given this family arrangement–in her red tanktop and jean shorts.  And sure enough, within a few minutes after we sat down, she pulled out a pack of Marlboro Reds and sat down at the edge of the pavilion about to light up a cigarette of her own.  I had a pretty good vantage point to watch her performance in its entirety, and while the performance itself wasn’t necessarily riveting, what came next was…..

It’s so hard to tell how old girls are these days as they seem to look younger than they used to (21-year-olds nowadays look like what 17-year-olds used to).  I figured this girl was probably about 18, but in an incredibly rare treat, the family interaction led to the identification of her age.  After she finished the cigarette, her mom and one other relative started lightheartedly chasing her around the pavilion and whacking her on the ass with a blow-up toy from the carnival and I overheard amongst the chatter that this horseplay directed towards her was in honor of her 17th birthday.  Whoa….suddenly this sighting had a nice little storyline, and the girl was a little bit younger than I expected.  What a rare treat in the year 2013 for a girl who is verifiably celebrating her 17th birthday to openly smoke a cigarette in front of her family.  Sad as it is to say, the smoking show she was putting on more than upstaged the smoking show my own date was putting on only a few feet from my face!

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