#4. A Celebratory Smoke With Sis After Passing Driver’s Test

Another epic sighting made specifically delicious because of the context. It was the summer of 1999, only a couple of months after I had discovered the smoking fetish boards and was out of the closet as a fetisher.  I was working at the same rural electric co-op I had worked at two summers earlier and was actively pursuing smoker sightings every chance I got much like I continue to do today. This particularly dreary July day, I had instructions to pick something up at the courthouse for the co-op. I had parked my car and approached the courthouse’s side entry, a bit concerned because this particular courthouse was something of a labyrinth before its recent reconstruction, and the room I was directed towards for my errand did not sound easy to find.

In other words, I was distracted as I approached the courthouse, so much so that two petite and Barbie-doll cute teenage girls with long manes of blond hair only barely registered on my radar as they walked from the courthouse to their cars about 50 yards in front of me. They certainly looked like sisters, with one looking 16 and the other looking 13-14. Cute stuff, I was thinking to myself as the girls got into the car. Now mind you the smoking fetish consumed my every thought in the summer of 1999, but I still didn’t even consider the possibility here until a sudden flicker of light from inside the girls’ car beckoned my instant attention. The 16-ish driver was lighting up her cigaratte. “Didn’t see that one coming” I thought to myself as I felt a rush of excitement overwhelm by body. And I had only about two seconds to process that thought when another flicker of light from the passenger seat redirected my attention to the younger girl lighting up her own cigarette.

My heart was racing as I sped up my walking pace to get as close of look as possible at these beauty queens before they pulled out. They were so cute it was unbelievable. Girls like this really smoke, I thought to myself as the car backed out and drove off. I watched as the driver held her cigarette hand out the window the traditional way while the adorable younger girl propped her hand up Audrey Hepburn-style, exuding the ideal image that most of us fetishers find so beautiful about early teen smokers. Needless to say, finding the right room in the courthouse to run my errand suddenly became the furthest thing from my mind.

But it wasn’t until later that I realized the truly astounding context of this sighting. The car was parked in an area of courthouse parking designated for people taking their driving test. This girl had just passed her behind-the-wheel drivers license exam and was having her victory cigarette with her kid sister while making her first legal solo drive. Hotter yet, the court employee who conducts behind-the-wheel tests in my county is a hard-nosed old bird nicknamed “Sarge”. The thought crossed my mind of this beautiful blond driver lighting up as she took her drivers’ test with Sarge in the passenger seat….or at the very least, forcing Sarge to sit in this car that reeks of stale cigarette smoke. It’s hard to imagine a much hotter sighting than this when you peel away all the layers of what I witnessed.

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