#58. KFC at Closing Time

My grandpa died in early January 2003, and my family attended his wake service the Friday evening after he passed.  I went with my parents and as we left the wake around 8:45, we had the very natural emotional response of craving some fried chicken.  We headed to KFC and my dad and I went inside to place our orders.  Three teenage girls were working inside.  They were only modestly attractive, especially the white trash blond behind the counter.  There was a Hispanic girl in the back room who was the most attractive of the three.  None of them seemed particularly bright, giggling amongst each others while working on our orders.

The place was closing at 9 p.m., so sitting inside wasn’t an option given that it was 8:55 by the time we got our food.  We decided to eat in the car, and doing so allowed us a front-row seat through the window as the girls went through the closing procedure inside.  I wasn’t even paying attention as I ate in the backseat, but my mom quickly captured my attention when she turned to my dad and said “those girls are in there smoking….are they old enough?”

My head jerked up to see what my mom was talking about as my dad answered “No….if they got caught they’d be in so much trouble”.  Sure enough….the girls were washing all the tables inside the restaurant with freshly lit cigarettes hanging out of their mouths.  The girls were by no means knockouts, but it was still an incredible sight seeing them hastily scrubbing down these tables while dangling their cigarettes, clearly very eager to get done with work for the night.  The one thing my dad was probably wrong about however is that Kentucky-based KFC was the last fast food chain to allow smoking inside and Minnesota didn’t have a smoking ban at that point, so I expect the girls were not violating any indoor smoking laws, even though they were clearly underage and breaking that law.

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