#50. The Day I Found Religion…With A Cigarette In Each Hand

A great sighting from the summer of 2001, when I was driving around my hometown on a sunny afternoon and headed past my old church.  Some church function appeared to have just dismissed as there was a small crowd of people gathered across the street.  The people were fairly nicely dressed, but didn’t seem quite spiffed up enough for a either a wedding or a funeral so my guess is that it was merely a general church function.  As I drove past, my eyes locked on an incredibly wholesome early 20s light brunette with curly hair standing amidst a cluster of family or friends.  My first surprise was to discover a cigarette in her right hand approaching her lips.  I got excited as I watched her take a drag, but got even more excited when I observed a second smoldering cigarette in her left hand.  Whoa!

Now the likely scenario is that she was merely holding the second cigarette for someone else in her party, and even that’s kind of hot, but of course the thought crossed my mind that this cutie was craving a cigarette so badly after being inside the church servicing her savior that she needed two different cigarettes to quell the nicotine beast inside of her. Whatever the case, it’s certainly not every day I’m able to drive past my old church and see a wholesome young woman with a cigarette in each hand.

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