#44. Two-For-One Sighting At The Casey’s Station

In April 2011, things were really starting to come alive for me in the sightings department.  I had just returned from a pretty decent sightings haul at the mall one Saturday afternoon, but little did I know that stopping at the gas station six blocks from my apartment on the drive home would be the day’s most productive sightings haul, producing this two-for-one stunner…

It was very much a chore to fill up my gas tank for more than $40 when I pulled into the Casey’s station, but if every trip to the local Casey’s station yielded this kind of bounty, I would be happy to fill my tank every day.  It all started quietly enough as I filled my tank up with a pretty minimal crowd at the pumps.  But a couple of minutes into my fueling I spotted an approaching black car with a cute college-age dark brunette behind the wheel.  As I finished fueling, I spotted her fueling at a nearby pump and took note that she was wearing a green and black top with black slacks, clearly either just heading to work or finishing her shift.  I went inside and found myself in line behind a black guy buying cigars (i.e. my guardian angel) allowing a line to form behind me.  When I knew the brunette in the Fazoli’s work clothes was inside, I peeked over my shoulder to get a closer look.  This cutie looked about 19 and had the most wholesome imaginable face….and she smiled very warmly at me when I looked at her.  This level of wholesomeness led me to doubt her smoking status, but I turned around to leave the store and definitely planned to stick around to find out.

I hustled back to my car, and as I was heading there, up walked this hot 18-19ish light brunette in a tanktop and jean shorts.  I’m not sure if it’s just the shorts that really make this trait all the more visible but have you ever noticed how girls in shorts and flip-flops always seem to waddle their girly butts when they walk?  Watching this cutie walking from the sidewalk with that jean shorts-clad butt of hers waddling almost sent me over the edge.  I pulled my car up from the gas pumps to get a front row seat through the display window just as my dark brunette Fazoli’s girl was approaching the counter.  Sure enough, the clerk was turning around to the display of cigarettes and removing a pack.  As he laid it on the counter I could tell it was a green and white pack of Marlboro Menthol Lights.  I was positively giddy, especially watching her exit the store with the pack of cigarettes in hand, getting one last look at her wholesome face before she put a contrasting pair of sunglasses on and then got into her car.  Proving she was an adept and addicted long-time smoker, she began packing her new purchase against her wrist.  My head was turned over my shoulder gawking at her and I was pretty obviously caught, but I wasn’t gonna miss this for all the money in the world.  The pack was opened and an all-white extracted.  She pulled out as the cigarette approached her lips.  I just got to see the light-up a split second before she pulled out of view, but what an unlikely smoker girl.  I eat at Fazoli’s about once a month and you can be sure I’m gonna hold out for this girl waiting on me after this display.

After this I had almost forgotten about the second girl in the jean shorts that went swaggering in the store a couple of minutes earlier.  But when I turned back and looked to the counter, sure enough…the clerk was taking a pack of cigarettes out of the display for her too.  While this girl wasn’t as wholesome as the Fazoli’s girl, she was a cutie and didn’t immediately strike me as a smoker, with those jean shorts adding to her girl-next-door image.  Out she came carrying a bottle of Mountain Dew along with her green pack of Camel Menthols.  I pulled out and as soon as I saw her walking westward, I went that way myself ultimately finding an empty parking lot a block away to pull into and watch her a little more closely.  As luck would have it, when she was back in view, the pack of cigarettes was being opened and a cigarette placed in her mouth.  I was giddy watching her waddle down the sidewalk for the next few moments, struggling to light her cigarette in the wind but finally getting it done.  She spotted me parked there stalking her so it was time for me to go, but I officially have a best new Casey’s gas station experience after this dynamic duo.  Rarely is my timing so good…and I was inclined to put my application in for a night job at Casey’s the next week.

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