#38. New Ulm Corner Gas Station Blond

During the same transformational summer of 1998 when I worked as a mailman, I got another huge sighting on a random “Sunday drive” with my dad in the scenic southwestern Minnesota town of New Ulm.  The place is closed now, but back then the town had a historic corner gas station in a residential neighborhood and my dad stopped there to gas up the truck.  Just across the street from the gas station was a family enjoying a nice summer Sunday on the lawn, and I quickly spotted a very attractive 18ish blond girl in the mix….smoking a cigarette.

Again, while my fetish was just at the point of boiling over by then, I still wasn’t prepared for such an open display of tobacco consumption in this kind of setting by such a cute girl who looked like she should at cheerleading practice rather than smoking a cigarette at the family picnic.  My dad was distracted pumping gas while my head was locked in a pivot position watching this sighting play out.  Adorably, the girl was petting and scratching the tummy of the family dog with her free hand that wasn’t holding the cigarette.  I wasn’t schooled enough in smoking style points to give the sighting a proper critique, but it was still a sight to see watching this blond cutie openly chatting with her elders and showing love to the family dog just like any number of 18ish girls would do in such a situation….only doing it while openly smoking a cigarette.  I got to see a handful of drags as I watched and for whatever reason it just seemed surreal to me that a girl like this would be smoking in this setting.  The station has long since closed, but every time I pass it I still remember the classic sighting it facilitated.

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