#22. Mid-Teen Cutie and Family Take Smoke Break At Water Park

I was a little behind schedule with my road trips in the spring of 2013 but by June I finally ventured to northeastern Iowa en route to Dubuque, but on the way I went through the twin cities of Waterloo and Cedar Falls for the first time since 2009.  This was significant because I had an adorable 19-year-old girlfriend named Brooke (nonsmoker) who lived in the area and we spent a lot of time there in 2009.  While passing through the cities, for nostalgic purposes, I revisited our old haunts including the Texas Roadhouse where we went for steak dinner and the mall where we hung out and where we got very frisky in the parking lot one night.  But the best memory from my time with Brooke was our August 2009 visit to the Lost Island water park.  We went there on an absolutely perfect summer day and it brings a smile to my face every time I remember how much fun I had with my 19-year-old temptress in her teeny-weeny bikini that day.  I had no plans to go into the water park on my 2013 road trip, but pulled into the parking lot just for nostalgia’s sake, not expecting to do anything but check out the slides from afar.  But fate would have something else in mind for me as I pulled into the mostly empty parking lot that sunny 70-degree early afternoon.

As I pulled up to the rows of cars I noticed right away a family where two women were smoking, but it quickly became clear they were overweight and middle-aged.  Still, more smoking than I expected to see just by pulling into the Lost Island parking lot.  Imagine my further surprise when I turned my eyes a few cars to the left to see more smokers.  Immediately I saw a middle-aged brunette gal and an 18ish guy who I figured was her son smoking cigarettes, but needless to say their smoking wasn’t gonna do much for me…..but who was this younger-looking brunette in front of them and only barely within my sight range?  As I was in the process of making out her appearance, I observed that she was a teenage girl…and that she was smoking a freshly lit cigarette.

She cooperated just enough with her performance to give me a decent look at her profile and it was clear that she was a major league cutie.  My problem was the limited vantage point was not providing me much of a view….but also the presence of a fourth player still sitting inside the car who intrigued me.  I could tell it was a young female by her hair poking over the passenger seat but it would be a couple of minutes before she opened the car door and got out revealing herself to be a 10ish girl who was not smoking.  With that suspense out of the way, my focus was entirely directed towards the teen smoking brunette and it was obvious I would need to change my vantage point.

I slyly drove around to the front of the lot, briefly out of sight, and then returned to park directly behind them, successfully flying under their radar and allowing myself a front-row seat to an increasingly rare family of smokers sighting.  My teen brunette was even more adorable than I originally suspected, looking about 16 or 17 with her face somewhat camouflaged within sunglasses but giving off a wholesome sweetheart Selena Gomez vibe.  Most adorable, her body was partially covered by a towel, almost certainly with a bikini underneath.  The towel was positioned in a way that just barely covered her butt dimples but revealed her smooth, long upper legs.  I had plenty of time to admire her feminine profile because she was a slow smoker, taking plenty of time between drags, so much so that mom and the older brother had long ago finished their cigarettes while girly was still puffing on hers.  But at the same time, the length of her drags and the volume of smoke pouring out of her mouth for those exhales made it clear she’d been doing this smoking thing a little while.

Given my comfortable vantage point, I just sat back and took it in, not being annoyed at her slow smoking pace as I might be if I was more exposed, and admiring that shapely teen body leaning against the car door and smoking while talking to mom and big brother.  I got to see a good seven or eight drags before she dropped the cigarette and stepped on it, following the family to the front gate of Lost Island for a day of fun in the sun.  Now this sighting didn’t end in the ideal way I had hoped, with the towel being removed and the bikini body underneath revealed, but it was still my first bona fide rock star sighting of the summer.

As soon as they were in the park, I walked up to the cigarette and identified it as a Newport.  Little girl is pretty hard-core!  While I can still only rate June 3, 2013, as my second-best day ever visiting the Lost Island water park as that 2009 day with Brooke was pure magic, I still walked away getting far more than expected when I pulled into the lot just to take a nostalgic glance at the slides from afar.

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