#13. Jamie, Katie, and Alison Outside My Apartment

Between 2002 and 2005, I worked at a newspaper in a small town in southwestern Minnesota, and while there I lived in an apartment building that was in a cluster of three.  The positioning of my apartment window gave me a convenient vantage point of the parking lots of all three buildings, and helped me score a number of great sightings over the years.  But the vantage point would really prove its mettle one warm spring day in April 2003.  For months I had been noticing a cute but somewhat lanky dirty blonde (whose name I would later learn was Jamie through her graduation photo) who came outside every morning to start her car before school.  The car was a junky rust-colored early 80s model that was easy to identify whenever I saw it in town, and at one point I remember being impressed to see Jamie and her best friend (a cute brunette I’d later learn was named Katie) smoking in the car while driving through town.   But back to that warm day in April 2003 when things blew wide open.

Enjoying the nice weather were two teenage boys along with Jamie and Katie decked out in sexy T-shirts and jean shorts….and smoking cigarettes.  I had a front row seat for the show as the girls were horsing around with both of the boys who, adorably, were not smoking.  Over the course of the next hour, the girls both smoked three cigarettes and were getting teased mercilessly by the guys in their company.  The peak moment was seeing Katie girlishly charge one of the guys, cigarette in hand, and wrap her hands around him bear hug style.  I was so jealous as I contemplated how badly she must have stunk while wrapping him up in her arms.

That was my best sighting of Jamie and Katie during my time in this town, but certainly not the last.  They were only juniors in high school at that point, so I had a full year to see them randomly in traffic wielding cigarettes, seeing Jamie at her job at a gas station in town, and since I had the education beat in town, I would even see her wandering the halls of the high school on a couple occasions. Quite a few times, Katie came over (and Katie was definitely cuter than Jamie), and rarely did she disappoint in the smoking department, often times pulling into the parking lot with a cigarette going and then coming out with Jamie a few minutes later where both girls lit up again.  And occasionally, when I was really lucky, a third party joined them….a super-hot long-haired blond friend named Alison with an amazingly hot body and a similar dependency on nicotine.  One time, when the girls were apparently going camping, I got to see Alison in a bare midriff top leaning her slender body into the trunk of the car to retrieve a cooler with her right hand, while holding a smoldering all-white in her left.

Jamie moved away after graduating high school in the spring of 2004, and while I still saw her a couple more times in town during breaks and such, there was definitely a void in my apartment cluster for the final year I lived in the town.  I could no longer count on looking out my window and seeing a cute high school girl and her friends outside smoking, but the memories they gave me will last forever.

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