#11. Hot Girl On Campus Smokes Two In A Row

Until early 2005, I worked at a newspaper in a small town in southwestern Minnesota, and on occasion, I would have to attend these agriculture forums held on the campus of the technical college in nearby Mankato. I always managed to score a couple of sightings of hot college girls smoking in between classes on my way in and out of the campus, but one warm spring afternoon in my final weeks working at this paper in March 2005, I was getting ready to leave campus after one of the seminars, but by pure impulse, decided to take one more loop around the north side of campus.

As I did, I looked over to see a young guy and a young chickie walking from the lot towards the building. The girl looked positively astonishing in the snap glimpse I got of her, with long blond hair running down her back and skin-tight jeans. But what really got my juices flowing was the freshly lit cigarette extending from her fingers. I quickly looped around the parking lot and found a perfect parking spot to observe as this girl sat down on the curb with a group of students, most smokers but some not. She was breathtakingly hot….about 19 years old with a bare midriff shirt and very tight pants…particularly refreshing since she was the first girl I had seen that year bearing summer attire. I watched her smoke that cigarette with gusto, passionately ingesting every succulent drag and exhaling cloudy plumes of exhaust that seemed to dominate the cloud of smoke hovering above the half dozen or so smokers hanging out near the curb.

A middle-aged woman who was apparently a janitor or custodian at the school came outside and nudged the blond beauty for a cigarette (apparently, blondie’s the designated emergency cigarette supplier for other smokers at the college).  Blondie opened up her green pack of Marlboro Light Menthols and handed one to the woman. The girl smoked the cigarette to the filter and stubbed it out on the curb. But what shocked me most came about 30 seconds later when the pack of Marlboro Light Menthols came out again, and the girl fired up another one for herself. Once again, she tilted her head skyward to release every cloudy exhale. It must have been time for class because she had to crush out the second cigarette when it was only two-thirds smoked.

I really felt drawn to this girl and at that moment, and would have given anything to go out with her. That obviously never happened, but I’ll still have the memory of those back-to-back curbside sightings that bested any sighting I ever got at my own college.

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