2017 Local County Fair


Now that’s more like it!  After a disastrous Summerfest in early July, my morale was low heading into this year’s local county fair in southern Minnesota.  I just didn’t know if I was gonna get ANY worthwhile sightings.  Making matters worse, the forecast for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week is calling for far below normal temperatures, making for uncomfortably chilly late-night concerts and girls dressed in sweaters and jeans rather than tanktops and shorts.  And when I pulled into southern Minnesota this afternoon, I watched in horror as I saw the local weather forecast showing a wall of storms rolling into disrupt what was easily the warmest day of the week.  I left for the fair around 4:30, earlier than usual but hoping to get some fetish time in before the early evening rain forecasted.

It wasn’t a great start to the fair week, but I did have cause for optimism as the evening’s musical entertainment was up-and-coming country singer Kane Brown, who despite having no big hits has a huge following (with a decidedly young and female fan base) and I had heard reserved seating was long ago sold out.  Tonight was likely gonna be the best night for my preferred demographic all week as the rest of this year’s grandstand lineup skews older.  So how did I do?  Pretty damn good all things considered.  I scored 36 sightings on Tuesday, well above average for a night at the local county fair.  And it was a huge relief to see there was a decent-sized demographic of younger smokers to be found, without the male smoking gap or the domination of vaporizers that I saw at Summerfest this year.

I got to the grounds right around 5:00, and it was hot and sunny still, with the girls dressed agreeably for a summer evening at the fair.  Every year older I get, the more heartbreakingly sexy these shapely young hotties look.  I’ve been living on borrowed time in being able to get some of them to date me but I’ll be turning 40 later this month and suspect that will be the point of no return for me dating virtually any girl under 25.  Anyway, the first place I walked was by the lemonade stand to see if the sultry chain-smoking brunette who worked there last year (and was my best FCF sighting since 2014) was back.  She wasn’t back tonight.  Not a good start!

From there I picked up my gyro, ate in peace, and then went trolling for nicotine girls, painfully aware I can sometimes go more than an hour before I see the first one even on the best days in those late afternoon hours.  It was only about 20 minutes tonight as I walked behind the Mexican food stand and a late 20s blond worker was having a smoke break.  Nothing too memorable, but it sure felt good to put a point on the board right away.

I strolled around for quite some time before I saw anything else, but about a half hour later I stumbled into a group of five 20-somethings and four of them were smoking!  They had come in from the parking lot and were hovering in a grassy area where a lot of smokers finish their cigarettes before heading into the more populated parts of the fairgrounds.  Three of the gals were brunette and one was blond, and while none of them really stood out as incredible beauties, they sure did strike a pose standing in this cluster smoking away on their cigarettes.  The best of the bunch was this tall brunette in a white country dress with a red flower pattern.  There wasn’t a great place to observe but I stood from afar and watched for a couple of minutes as they produced a nearly constant stream of smoke with four smokers amongst them.  The foursome didn’t have the IT factor to be singled-out for any year-end honors or anything like that, but it sure was a relief to see some young females smoking and gave me a needed morale boost.

Unfortunately, I’d need every molecule of morale boost I could get as darker and darker clouds were starting to roll in around 6:00.  It was abundantly clear that it was going to rain, and that it wasn’t gonna be a light sprinkle.  Worse yet, these dark clouds took their time getting there.  I wanted it to hurry up and roll through so there would be the least possible disruption with the concert but as the minutes passed it became clear this storm cell wasn’t in any hurry.  In the meantime, I continued to stitch together some decent sightings, mostly from people waiting for the concert.  Standing in line at the gate was this group of young ladies that included a mid-20s dark blond in a tanktop and jean shorts, with a green pack of Marlboro Menthols proudly stuffed into her cleavage and on open display protruding from the tanktop.  It was a helluva presentation and enough to count her as a sighting even though I hadn’t yet seen her smoking.  But I kept pacing past that area in hopes that I’d eventually catch her, and I wouldn’t have to wait long to do so as she was seated on the berm just off to the side of the line, puffing away on one of her Marlboro Menthols.  My vantage point was terrible so I was only able to watch a couple of drags but it was definitely a solid reward to follow up on that presentation where the Marlboro Menthol pack had become part of her wardrobe.

The long, painful tease with the dark clouds and looming thunderstorm continued for another half hour or so and it was about 6:45 before the rain started.  I took cover under a canopy and it was so demoralizing to be losing out on this fetish time, knowing that the weather was very likely suppressing attendance.  And while the skies never completely unloaded, I was wishing it would if it meant the storm would roll through quickly, but instead it rained lightly for more than an hour.  Mercifully, the storm at least facilitated a couple of great sightings. Whenever the rain let up some, I ventured around, paranoid I was missing something, and ended up burrowing under another pavilion or canopy whenever the rain picked up again.  I ended up in an obscure building full of benches and found myself looking at a carnival worker standing in between two of the carnival’s semi trailers, under a canopy of her own and smoking a cigarette.  She was a shapely blond and since I was a good 20 yards away I couldn’t tell how old she was or how pretty her face was, but she sure looked good from afar and had an incredible body draped under that carnival uniform top with jean shorts on the bottom and a ball cap on her head protecting her from the rain.  Best of all, seconds after I laid eyes on her she commenced with a long-distance dangle that lasted about 15 seconds as she messed with her phone.  It was clear by her dangling technique that this girl was skilled and well-practiced.  Would she be this year’s lemonade stand girl?  That was a pretty high bar but she was definitely off to a good start.  I stood there staying dry in that pavilion with all the time in the world to watch her show and it continued solidly with some nice drags and impressive exhales.  I was settling in for a full sighting but she managed to drift off back towards the carnival even though it was raining, surrendering the cigarette before getting back to the kiddie ride she was running.  Unfortunately that was all I’d get from her, but I did get a closer look at her later in the evening.  She was decently attractive but not a bombshell and looked to be in her late 20s or possibly early 30s.  That opening dangle was good enough to qualify her for an extra-base hit but I’d be lying if I said she didn’t disappoint a bit after that tremendous first impression.

A more lasting memory from the evening came with my next sighting, an instantly familiar face who I’ve seen smoking in two previous county fairs (2014 and 2016).  I was walking northward on the grounds with a continued light rain coming down when I saw at the back of a mixed-gender friends cluster this blond bombshell with long blond hair flowing down to her waist, decked out in a maroon top and dark cutoffs, walking unashamedly with cigarette in hand, the only smoker of her group of five.  I figured this girl was 18 when I first saw her smoking in 2014, and I was lucky enough to get a photo of this stunning blond bombshell that year.  Last year, she was smoking with a middle-aged woman I presumed to be her mother and was my #17 fairground sighting of 2016.  In both instances, she made absolutely no concessions about smoking publicly and that dynamic was certainly continuing here tonight as she walked with her friends directly into the busiest block on the fairgrounds with cigarette in hand, dragging regularly and clearly not giving a second thought to anyone who didn’t like her smoking, friend or stranger alike.  I was following her at this point, and noticed that her cigarette was slightly wet from the continued rain.  She was gonna get her nicotine fix no matter if was wet or dry though, continually dragging and producing some pretty nice exhales.  The group cut in between two vendor trucks, apparently en route to the bathroom.  As drop-dead gorgeous as this girl was, her outfit was sexy but utilitarian, and she didn’t seem to have an air of conceit about her at all, enjoying her cigarette publicly in a way increasingly few have been doing at recent fairs.  I was hoping to ID her butt but as she and her group approached the entrance to the bathroom I could see her pinching the cherry on the cigarette to crush it out.  I waited outside the bathroom just in case she came out and light up again, but she didn’t.  I had a feeling I’d see more of this girl and I would…

In fact, the context of when I’d see her again would carbon date her as about 10 minutes after that first encounter I watched her and the rest of her group enter the beer gardens.  As I said, back in 2014 when I first saw her, I figured she was 18.  She wasn’t going into the beer gardens when I saw her last summer but now on the very first night of the 2017 county fair, here she was taking the opportunity to go inside the beer gardens.  It seemed pretty obvious that she was 21.  And the good news was that if she stayed in the beer gardens, she would be on the other side of the chain-link fence from the designated smoking area outside the grandstand, so I just might be able to keep taps on her the entire show.  And while the show was gonna start late because of residual lightning well after 8:00, when I made my way into the soggy grandstand, there she was right outside the fence holding a beer and chatting with friends.  Oh this could be golden!  Unfortunately, she and the friends wandered to a distant tent on the east side of the beer gardens furthest from my vantage point…and moments later wandered to the northwest side out of my view.  But as they wandered, blondie had a freshly lit cigarette in hand.  I was able to watch her take one lovely drag with a tight cone-shaped follow-up exhale straight in front of her face as she progressed.  This girl was definitely ready to rock the beer garden’s world, but why oh why couldn’t she be standing closer to me?!??!!  Eventually she would, but it take at least another half hour before she made her way back to the south side.

In the meantime, there was other solid smoking activity on both sides of the beer garden fence as I sat there waiting for the concert to start.  A solid mid-20s blond in a conservative T-shirt and jeans was standing with a friend chatting and swilling beer in the lead-up to the concert.  The friend unfortunately didn’t smoke but in the 45 minutes or so I sat there before, the dark blond adeptly smoked three cigarettes, powering through each of them at an impressive clip before the duo got lost in the crowd after dark when the concert started.

Another young female duo in the 19-20 range exited from the concert and surprised me when they hovered in the smoking area, poised to light up.  Both of them were attractive but the light brunette of the duo was very cute and innocent-looking and sadly she didn’t smoke.  There was nothing wrong, however, with the darker brunette friend in a black T-shirt and jeans who did extract her pack of Marlboro Lights and fire up.  She had a natural no-frills smoking style and like my blond bombshell in the beer gardens I was pleased to see a girl her age smoking without any apparent hint of self-consciousness or shame.  This girl was apparently a pretty heavy smoker as she came out and smoked another one just before the concert and then left a few minutes early to smoke a third cigarette when the concert was about to end.

Another memorable concert sighting was this long-haired platinum blond in a blue tanktop and pale jean shorts who left the concert about 15 minutes in for a smoke.  Her back was to me for most of the cigarette but her presentation was extremely wholesome and it was exciting to see the pack of Marlboro Light Menthols in her hand as she took a steady diet of drags standing all by herself in pursuit of nicotine relief.  After finishing the cigarette, she used a port-a-potty and I was able to briefly get a closer look at her face as she stepped out of the port-a-potty and ventured back into the crowd.  In many ways, the face matched the presentation as she was wholesome and didn’t look like a smoker.  She didn’t have any real IT factor but I was still thrilled that she smoked.  I was even more thrilled about 15 minutes later when she walked out of the concert and into the smoking area again, only this time with two female friends, one of whom was attractive.  Unfortunately, this time she just waited for one of the friends to empty her bladder in the port-a-potty and then the trio migrated to the beer gardens never to smoke or be seen again tonight.  But speaking of that beer gardens…..

Just before Kane Brown took the stage, a familiar face I prayed I’d see more of emerged on the south side fence inside the beer gardens, not in an ideal location but at least in my line of vision.  It was my return offender in the maroon tanktop and jean cutoffs with her friends, the prettiest girl at the fair.  I kept tabs on her and it didn’t take long for her to deliver, inserting a cigarette between her lips and firing up within about five minutes of arrival.  She was too far away to fully appreciate, but I was able to witness all of her drags and some of those nice exhales I got a sample of earlier.  Again, amazingly, she was the only smoker in her group of five, which added to the storyline some but was a bit disappointing as the two other girls would also have looked great smoking.  The rest of them must have long ago accepted that befriending this girl meant a steady diet of secondhand smoke in your presence in just about any setting.  She polished off that cigarette in a few minutes and from there I figured the sky would be the limit for additional sightings.  Strangely, not the case.  She was pretty restless, heading back and forth to the building and to the port-a-potties over the course of the concert, but always came back to that bench with her friends in my line of vision….only she never lit up again for the next hour.  She was holding cell phone in hand, presumably recording the concert, and holding her beer in the other, leaving no free hands for cigarettes.  It was a little disappointed that I didn’t get the chainsmoking extravaganza I expected I would from her but having seen her smoke three cigarettes in a couple of hours, I couldn’t complain too loudly.  After the concert, I saw her on the grounds walking through the food vendors with her friends, still without a cigarette but looking amazingly hot and already taking on the telltale “smoker girl” features that most of us seasoned fetishers can often recognize.  In all honesty, she looked very much like a smoker already when she was 18 but really does at 21.  I’m really hoping to see more of her in the nights to come.

The Kane Brown concert wasn’t bad I guess.  I’m not a huge fan of the “bro country” direction country is taking and this guy definitely fits the mold.  He has a deep and interesting voice, but I’m not really sure his vocals are as incredible as much as the odd presentation surprises people.  He is biracial, full of tattoos, and looks like a hip-hop star, so nobody really expects this deep country voice to come out.  Whatever he’s doing though is working as the crowd was huge, despite more than an hour’s worth of rain preceding it and left teeth-chatteringly cold weather in its aftermath.  And as he was singing his final song of the night, I exited the grandstand to get ahead of what I hoped would be a departing wave of smoker girls.  Not sure if there was really a “wave” but I nonetheless was able to take in my best sighting of the night….

Earlier in the night, I caught a mother-teen daughter duo that I got an immediate smoker vibe from.  Mom was probably early 40s and an average-looking blond with a cowgirl hat, but the daughter was petite and a firecracker, with shoulder-length blond hair, a black bare-midriff tanktop and jean shorts.  Like my blond bombshell from earlier, she had the telling features of a smoker despite a presentation that made her look 15 from a distance.  She had an unfortunate but small tattoo on her shoulder that led me to believe she was probably 18 or 19.  I took a mental note of this girl when I saw her walking around outside the concert earlier in the evening, so when I saw mom, daughter, and two other 18-21 girls hovering outside the smoking area as the concert was dismissing, I was ready for them!  I suppose the best-case scenario would have been the other two young female friends smoking as well, but they didn’t….it was only mom and daughter.  A bench was open giving me a front-row seat to one hell of a sighting.  All of my attention was trained on that barely-legal daughter and I wanted so much to take a pic but the departing crowd was dense enough that my prospects for a good one, especially at night, were not good.  Anyway, the daughter was a slow smoker with frustrating pacing on her drags, but when she did take a drag, sweet Jesus did she ever drag.  The all-white cigarette approached her lips and spent all summer there, my eyes and mind getting lost in watching her respiratory system turn that cherry bright red.  Her first drag that I witnessed lasted at least seven seconds, and the exhale didn’t really seem to do justice to expelling the full contents of what her black lungs consumed, suggesting much of the smoke was staying inside of her.  Not every drag she took was THAT intense, but a couple more were, lasting at least seven seconds and completely putting to shame the mediocre smoking performance of her mother….

The group of four then became mobile and mom wanted to buy a bottle of water from a nearby stand before departing for the evening, and I just had to follow as that cute little stinky daughter who was still smoking her cigarette.  Adorably, she waited until she was in the middle of the biggest bottleneck on the busiest block of the grounds before placing that two-thirds cigarette in her mouth and taking a drag every bit as intense as the first I saw from her, lasting a good seven seconds, right in the middle of a huddle of humanity.  Her reckless exhale made no effort to spare any of the dozens of innocent people in close proximity to her exhaled filth.  Mom was done with her cigarette by now so the daughter was the only one smoking, and it was no easy task keeping pace with her in this heavy crowd, but I managed to and didn’t miss any of her last three drags which were all intense and all taken in the presence of multiple bystanders, undoubtedly some of whom were taken aback by this girl’s petiteness and cuteness and believing as I did on first look that she was probably a mid-teen.  As we hit a bit of a clearing towards the end, I got to admire her ass in those jean shorts in between drags one last time before she took a final drag and dropped the all-white to the pavement and crushed it out.  I approached and discovered the butt was a Camel Light Menthol.  So far, this is the sighting to beat for the 2017 FCF.

I was on a roll and would get one more extra-base hit in the moments after the last sighting ended when I migrated to the grounds’ primary bathroom in hopes of seeing some girls enjoying a smoke after relieving themselves following the concert.  Just to the north of the bathroom structure was a group of five 18-year-olds, three guys and two girls.  I saw immediately one of the guys was smoking, but standing deepest into the grass was a guy and girl that was clearly a couple, and only the girl was smoking.  And while she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, she was a wholesome short-haired blond who didn’t look at all like a smoker, decked out in a sweatshirt and a pair of black leggings perfectly sculpting her shapely female form.  A bench was closeby and I had no problem taking it and enjoying the show.  Her drags were solid and it was clear she was a regular, addicted smoker, but she got the highest style points for her exhales which were exquisite, perfect streams of straight-ahead smoke sailing in front of her mouth coupled with a thinner stream pouring from her cute nose.   I caught three drags, each with those vividly stirring exhales that, coupled with her sexy body draped in those tight leggings, made for a hell of an image.  Better yet, she was bantering off and on with the nonsmoking wholesome blond guy who was clearly her boyfriend, patiently waiting for her to finish filling her body with stinky carcinogens.  But the rest of her friends’ group beckoned her to follow before she was done with the cigarette and only moments later found themselves at the back of a teen huddle near one of the livestock buildings.  Blondie kept her distance at the back to finish the last couple of drags from her cigarette as I hovered awkwardly behind.  She dropped the cigarette to the ground and I tried to keep tabs on the location for a future butt ID if possible, knowing they likely wouldn’t leave right away, which they didn’t.  I encircled the spot until they left but it was too hard to definitively identify which cigarette butt was hers.

While there wouldn’t be any additional extra-base hits, I’d continue to stack on another seven or eight sightings in the last half hour of the night, most of which were coming from girls 21 and under!  It was just what the doctor ordered as young girl sightings have gotten so scarce, and I was so grateful that the weather didn’t completely fuck up this Kane Brown concert as the demographic in attendance was everything I hoped it would be and more.  Most of these sightings came on the midway, and sadly there was one large huddle of teens on the midway that was passing the vaporizer around.  Had I just seen the vaping teens without all the actual cigarette smokers, I’d have been depressed, especially seeing how hot two of the girls were in this cluster of vapers, but I got enough other quality cigarette sightings to put my mind at ease some.  The cutest girl in the cluster looked about 16 wearing a red tanktop and extremely tight pale blue jeans.  She was making direct eye contact with me for about five seconds as I walked past her watching her drag from her friend’s vaporizer.  Thankfully this story would have a partial happy ending as the next time I lapped the midway about 10 minutes later I saw a guy in the group smoking an actual cigarette…and the same teen who made eye contact with me while vaping was now approaching this smoking guy with her arm extended for a drag.  Sadly, she was too immersed in the cluster by the time she got the cigarette in hand so I didn’t get to see the drag but it was comforting to know she likes the hard stuff in addition to vaping, suggesting there is SOME overlap between vapers and real-world smoking.  Still, this girl emerged from the midway when the midway shut down for the night in the presence of a guy and a gorgeous teen blond who was in unapologetic possession of a vaporizer.  Seeing a girl this hot carrying around a vaporizer instead of a cigarette was a brief flashback to the nightmare that was Summerfest last month.

The evening ended around 11:30 with one final sighting.  Approaching the north exit was a mid-20s, curly-haired brunette in a tanktop and tight khaki pants who was complimented for her “nice ass” by another female (undoubtedly drunken) who just happened to be walking past her.  The brunette in possession of the “nice ass” was taken aback as she relayed to her male and female friend who didn’t hear her the message that a complete stranger, and a girl at that, told her she had a nice ass.  She did have a nice ass for the record, but it was something in her hand that intrigued me more as it appeared to be a cigarette.  She and the friends discussed going to explore one of the livestock buildings before leaving and ended up doing so.  On two occasions this white cylinder that seemed to be a cigarette approached her lips, but I never saw and smoke arise.  Granted, it was a dark spot, but I was beginning to doubt whether she was actually smoking until she dropped the white cylinder and stomped it out before proceeding.  It was a Camel Crush butt.  Why didn’t I see any smoke?  My guess is it was a combination of the darkness and the likelihood that she had let the cigarette go out and wasn’t getting any smoke from her drags.

I made one final loop around the grounds but didn’t get anything else noteworthy and crossed the street to my grandma’s garage where I’ve parked my car while attending the county fair for more than 15 years now.  Still, it’s been years since I got 36 sightings in one night at the FCF, putting me at almost 40% of what I scored over five nights at the 2016 FCF when I only got 98 sightings.  But again, Tuesday night is almost certainly gonna be my top night of the week as Kane Brown is the only younger-skewing grandstand performer.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the demographic he brought to the fair and some of what I saw gave me hope that youth smoking hasn’t fallen off a cliff and that even the vaping phenomenon is leading some kids to experiment with smoking.  With oldsters performing the rest of the week and some very cold nights coming on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I’m nonetheless prepared for disappointment moving forward.



Back to reality!  I had no expectation of a great night of sightings on Wednesday but since it’s gonna be the last night of anything approaching summer weather before a major cool down for the rest of the week, I was still hopeful that I could keep up the momentum from Tuesday night’s decidedly above-average haul.  Considering the demographics at tonight’s fair, I actually did okay, scoring 16 sightings.  Even five years ago, that would have been an embarrassingly low number but with smoking rates going the wrong direction and tonight’s grandstand act skewing older, I felt like I was in the right place at the right time enough to keep the night from being a disaster.  I walked into the fairgrounds at around 6:20 tonight with no threat of rain and no call for temps in the 50s, which by itself made it a serviceable night by this week’s standards.

It would be about 15 minutes before I scored the evening’s first sighting, and it came at the periphery of the bathroom area where I scored all of my sightings from last year’s epic lemonade stand brunette.  It delivered again tonight with a handful of sightings before the concert started, the first being a 20-something blond in a black T-shirt and tight black leggings sitting in the grass smoking a freshly lit all-white that she was still dangling off of the light-up.  I took a seat in reasonably close proximity to her, missing most of the impressive opening dangle but observing her steadily paced drags and cloudy, voluminous exhales rocketing out of her mouth and nose.  There was a damn fire hydrant obstructing my photo taking but I did a work-around as best as possible, carefully snapping a single pic but unfortunately she was only holding when I snapped the pic.  She seemed to be observing her surroundings so I didn’t dare to get too brave with the camera phone and ended up just watching most of the sighting.  She made quick work of the sighting and crushed out the cigarette next to where she sat before getting up and progressing towards the booth.  She was wearing the carnival’s standard uniform but I was still suspecting she was an employee.  Turns out I was right as I saw her later…at the lemonade stand.  2017 has its own lemonade stand smoker who likes to wear form-fitting leggings.  I’m holding out hope I see her smoking more as the week progresses, but she has a very tall order to beat last year’s lemonade stand babe and her nine-cigarette fair.

The same spot delivered again with a two-for-one about 20 minutes later.  Sitting close to the building was this long-haired light brunette in a bare midriff top and matching skirt.  I’d guess she was probably about 30 and had a mediocre face but a really nice body.  She didn’t look like a smoker so it was a nice treat to see her sitting by herself enjoying a cigarette.  I was able to get pretty close and lean against the wall, but unfortunately she was turned away more often than not making it hard to see as much as I’d have liked, but on a couple of occasions she turned my direction just in time to take a drag from her cork-filter cigarette and follow-up exhale.  Even better than this girl was the blond hottie in the background about 15 yards beyond her in an area isolated enough that I dared not get any closer and just had to be content to steal a glance from the blond when my eyes were darting to watch the light brunette’s performance.  The blond was about 23 and had shoulder-length hair flowing into a striped black and white top and a pair of beautifully fitting jean shorts covering her shapely lower body.  She came with a boyfriend and he was sitting down to smoke, but thankfully given the distance the blond decided to stand, her summery appearance striking on its own right but made perfect with the sight of the long freshly lit all-white cigarette between her fingers that she took regular drags from.  Her smoking style was relatively average but she looked so damn hot with the cigarette.  I’d probably rate her the prettiest face of the night that was wrapped around a cigarette.  I would see her a handful more times on the grounds with the boyfriend but unfortunately wouldn’t see her smoking again.

The same grassy spot by the bathroom would produce two more sightings before the show, the first being a brunette who was working one of the games in the carnival.  She was probably in her 30s but was very pretty as I was able to better determine later in the evening as I walked past her in the carnival.  It was hard to observe her where she was seated but I caught a couple of drags.  A blond late 20s mother was smoking near the bathroom a few minutes later.  She was average-looking, but smoking right in front of a young daughter as she was made for a nice takeaway to head to get my dinner and then head to the grandstand for the concert.

The evening’s grandstand entertainment was 90s country singer Collin Raye.  I knew when I walked into the two-thirds empty grandstand and saw mostly people over 50 that it was gonna be a rough night.  Collin Raye cranked out like two dozen top-10 country hits in the 1990s but when I recalled that his most recent hit came in the year 2000, it became real that most of my preferred demographic wasn’t born yet or was still in diapers.  Even so, it was quite a contrast between last night’s entertainment who only now has his first song on the top-20 in the charts versus a guy who in my lifetime had more than 20 big hits and had a lukewarm and mostly gray-haired audience.  Anyway, believe it or not a prior Collin Raye concert at a fair yielded a legendary sighting (MNSF #19).  Raye performed on the free stage at the Minnesota State Fair in 2004 and seated behind me was a young couple smoking cigarettes who refused to move when an older lady started bitching about their smoking.  I had hoped history would repeat itself 13 years later and Collin Raye would deliver another classic sighting, but no such luck.  In fact, the smoking area and beer gardens produced ZERO sightings from around 8:00 when I got there until 9:45 when the concert ended.  As I left the show, I had my work cut out for me to make up lost ground with only six sightings so far for the evening.

Soon after leaving the concert, I got my requisite “Sarah” sighting of 2017.  I first saw Sarah as an 18-year-old blond hottie in white shorts back in 2014, but by the following year she was wise to me and whispering into her friends’ ears when she saw me hovering and watching her smoke.  From that point forward, I’ve had to keep my distance from Sarah.  She’s still attractive and probably 22 years old now, having first gone into the beer gardens last summer, but she’s a bit chubbier than I’d prefer despite appearing to be a pretty heavy smoker.  She was headed the direction of the beer gardens tonight too in the company of two guys, freshly lit all-white cigarette in hand and decked out in a red tanktop and jean shorts.  I could only watch over my shoulder for a bit as she walked out of sight with the cigarette.  I’d see her again about 45 minutes later though, on a bench outside the beer gardens with another fresh cigarette in hand and some odd context as she was huddled up to some elderly lady in her 60s or 70s and some guy was taking a pic of the two of them, Sarah with cigarette in hand.  Was she her grandmother?  Or just a random old lady she befriended?  I wished I could have stuck around for the context but there was no good vantage point and I don’t want to push my luck with Sarah anymore so I kept walking.

It was a trip down the midway about 10:20 that shot my numbers up skyward with sightings of the most key demographic.  Clusters of teens hovered in the back of the midway in close proximity to the “big kid rides” and when I saw a teen boy smoking amidst a mixed-gender huddle, I got particularly interested and quickly took note of this cute little 15-16ish girl of some Hispanic pedigree in a tanktop and pale jean shorts standing across from him stealthly cupping a freshly lit cigarette in her hand.  It was unfortunate the logistics were so challenging and teen smokers have to be this discreet this day and age.  I managed to get a seat on a nearby bench and would catch another break as this relatively petite Hispanic smoker girl walked over to a line for one of the rides and handed the cigarette to a chubby friend.  They passed the cigarette back and forth and I got to see a handful of nice drags before they crushed it out.  Back to the huddle where the girl originated from, there was another 16ish cutie in the group with long light brown hair and tight pale blue jeans who was standing nearest the guy smoking.  Her back was to me and I didn’t get to see much, but I did catch the guy handing the girl the cigarette and even though I didn’t see the drag I knew she took one.  I’d see this group a couple of more times tonight and about a half hour later, I’d see this same girl in the tight jeans cupping another cigarette that she was smoking on the sly.  Despite the fact that I didn’t get to observe as much as I’d have preferred of this sighting, seeing actual teen smokers at my county fair was in itself a relief.

And only seconds after my observation of this group of teen smokers at the back of the midway, I spotted a duo of girls standing behind the rides and spotted one of the two dragging from a cigarette.  They were a good 15 yards away in a spot too dark to fully appreciate but I had a convenient bench to watch the smoking and would be able to get a closer look when they emerged back into the midway.  The smoking girl was a brunette in a blouse and black shorts.  The blond friend, who appeared to have more IT factor from a distance, wearing a white top and pink shorts, didn’t look to be smoking, or if she was had finished her cigarette already.  I was able to see the cherry glow three times when the brunette took her drags, and I was excited to get a closer look and hoped these girls would be mid-teen.  When the brunette finished her cigarette, the girls were walking my way.  Neither was a bombshell and the blond nonsmoker was indeed the more attractive of the two, but I was still pleased knowing that brunette was a smoker as she looked about 18.

I was really on a roll seeing four teen girls smoking in about three minutes, but the final 45 minutes of the night was pretty weak as I’d add only two new girls to my evening tally.  The crowd was thinning much more rapidly than the night before and I was becoming quite familiar to the point of knowing I’d need to split not long after 11:00 or risk getting called out.  Right before I left, a fight between two teen girls started and I could have sworn I saw my cousin’s daughter in the middle of it.  Sure enough, I heard a guy tell his friend the fight involved the girl who is my cousin’s daughter.  Crazy that I was only the second-most misbehaved person in my family at the county fair tonight!

A couple of tonight’s sightings had the potential for greatness but I’m definitely not walking away with much fodder for my year-end list from tonight’s haul and was extra grateful that I did better the night before.  I wish I could be optimistic about the nights ahead but Thursday night in particular has another retro 90s-era country act in the grandstand and after a day of rain and very unseasonably cold temps, it’s supposed to be down in the 50s for tomorrow night’s concert, with only modestly warmer temps forecasted for Friday and Saturday.  I managed to exceed expectations last year on the night Charlie Daniels performed, so I’m not giving up on the rest of the week but I’d be shocked if any subsequent night this week fared better than opening night.



I only got eight sightings tonight….and while a night at the county fair with only eight sightings would normally be a disaster, the eight sightings I did scored packed a helluva punch.  I also scored a couple of key repeat sightings from past nights that I didn’t include as “new” sightings in tonight’s haul.  Based on how low my morale was driving into the fair tonight, I was wondering if I was even gonna get one sighting!  I’ve been going to evening concerts at my county fair since the 1980s, but tonight was the chilliest night I’ve ever spent at the fair.  It was a whopping 55 degrees on my drive to town at 7 p.m. with a biting 20 mph north wind.  It would have been a chilly night even for October 3 let alone August 3, and I was absolutely sick about it since my nights for fetishing at fairgrounds are so limited.  Furthermore, tonight’s grandstand entertainment was 90s country group Diamond Rio who I didn’t figure would bring very favorable demographics.  I was prepared for a disaster worse than the Titanic, Chernobyl, and the Hindenburg combined, but somehow I got just enough key sightings to walk away from the evening not only pacified but comparatively impressed.

Anticipating a miserable night with limited crowds and few sightings, I didn’t even get to the fairgrounds until 7:30.  I am usually pretty stubborn about refusing to wear a sweatshirt or jacket during the summer months, but I had to cave in and dig out my fall jacket for tonight.  There were more people there than I anticipated, and I once again heard some conversation of people talking about how much they LIKE this weather.  I shouldn’t take it personally but it always ticks me off that we typically get about 10 weeks a year in the Upper Midwest of not being cold and some jerks even want to take that away from me during the fair!  And even though I figured even the hardest-core polar bears would draw the line with wearing short sleeves and shorts tonight, there were a couple dozen guys and girls I saw in short sleeves and shorts….not sure how they could stand it.  I had plenty of time to observe these things because there was no smoking to be found for a good 45 minutes after my arrival.  The concert was behind schedule and started about 20 minutes late because Diamond Rio had a seven-hour bus breakdown in Iowa and didn’t even get to town until around 7:00.    That gave me more time to walk around before the show and I ran into my cousin and had a good 10-minute chat, not really feeling like I was missing much.

In the end, Diamond Rio’s bus broke down for a reason as it kept me out and about after 8:30 in time to see something great in the midway.  I was at the back of the midway overlooking the thrill rides when I spotted a cluster of four teen girls lurking behind the rides.  I scanned them fairly closely and didn’t see a cigarette on first inspection, but stuck around a few seconds as I watched them become mobile and filtered back into the main part of the midway.  At this point, I noticed a cigarette between the fingers of this 17ish blond a split second before she took a drag.  The group was walking past the line for the Zipper when blondie exhaled a snootful of smoke that nailed some poor kid in the back of the line.  It didn’t make sense that they were hiding behind the rides smoking but now this girl was re-entering the midway with cigarette in hand, no longer feeling the need to hide it.  I certainly wasn’t complaining though!  The blond continued walking my direction with a partially smoked cigarette in her hand and with each step closer it was clear that she and her group were still high school girls and that her cigarette was almost certainly an illegally smoked one.  It was a bit of a bummer though as I could tell she had an insanely sexy body, but she was frumped out in a red sweatshirt with pretty boring jeans on the bottom.  There was nothing wrong with the outfit but as she walked within a few feet of me it struck me that she could have really knocked ’em dead had I seen her either of the previous nights when she’d likely have been in a tanktop and shorts.  She did her best to make up for it though as she came to a stop a few yards past me and beckoned her friend over.  The 17ish brunette friend who intrigued me at least as much as the blond pulled out a lighter from her purse and cupped her hands around the blond’s cigarette to re-light it.  I was surprised her cigarette had gone out since I had just seen her take a drag 30 seconds earlier.  It was also intriguing that the brunette possessed a lighter.  I hadn’t seen her smoking but was excited knowing she likely did since the blond needed her for a light…

Anyway, the blond was the only one of the four currently smoking, so I followed to watch her show.  She took a pretty steady diet of drags right in the heart of the midway, her long golden hair still managing to glisten a little even without any sunlight to illuminate it.  Her body type in those jeans very much giving away that she was a teenage girl and it was a nice treat to watch her publicly smoking.  One of the friends stopped at a ticket booth and picked up more rides tickets for the midway, at which point they turned around and headed back towards the Zipper.  I got to see three more drags as she finished off the cigarette and stepped in front of a series of occupied benches and tossed her cigarette to the ground right in front of a group of people, crushing it out in the mud and heading towards the line with her friends.  I walked up to her discarded butt and immediately IDed it as a Newport.  Much as I hoped I’d see this group again after the concert, I never would.  I’m certainly hoping that in the next couple of nights I get an encore, ideally including the brunette friend who lit her up!

I needed that boost before the concert started at 8:50 and was very lucky I got it because the crowd skewed older again, meaning there was once again zero sightings for more than an hour during the show in either the smoking area next to the grandstand or the beer gardens on the other side of the chain-link fence.  I enjoyed the concert and appreciate when older groups with a lot of hits perform and I know just about every song they sing.  As it was clear there would be no smoker sightings though, I nonetheless got restless as 10:00 approached and left the show a bit early, to no avail.  Right around the time of dismissal though, the open space behind the mini-donut stand which is in close proximity to the grandstand delivered with a two-for-one sighting that I had a front-row seat to on an open bench. There were three players to this sighting, two females and a male.  The first one I noticed was this slender early 20s brunette with her hair up in a bun and decked out in a black sweatshirt and gray leggings.  Seconds after I laid eyes on her in possession of a cigarette, she took a nice drag and proceeded to tilt her head up and release her exhale in ring-like spurts with a pleasured look on her face.  This was a girl who was enjoying that cigarette!  She was hitting that thing with some very frequent drags, and while none of her follow-up drags included any rings, it was still clear that cigarette was provided some needed warmth to this girl’s insides.  There was a boyfriend standing next to her and I had a feeling she was gonna share the cigarette with him, and it was only when she handed it his way that I even noticed a dark blond early 20s girl standing across from her was smoking a cigarette of her own!  The blond was a tad chubbier but not disqualifyingly so, accentuating her curves in a tight pair of leggings.  The brunette was prettier and had more IT factor, but the blond certainly provided a good option for my eyes when the brunette was not in possession of her cigarette.  And while the brunette was a fast-paced smoker, the blond was taking her sweet time.  She was average on style points to boot, content to be shown up by the brunette who seemed to smoke about 80% of the cigarette that she was officially sharing with the boyfriend and always dragging from it at an impressive pace.  The brunette finished her cigarette a good three minutes before the blond did, but I stuck around for the blond to finish hers too since there didn’t seem to be much else going on on the grounds.

And there wasn’t a lot going on, but about 20 minutes later I saw a familiar face from Tuesday night who raised her game dramatically.  I took passing interest on Tuesday in this long-haired, light brunette, late-teen cutie who had a pair of glasses that made her look very studious to the point of being a touch nerdy.  Here she was tonight walking with a group of three other female friends in the 18-19 age range from the isolated north side of the grounds towards a more populated part of the grounds, the only girl of the four wielding a freshly lit cigarette.  Part of the reason I didn’t take a huge interest in her on Tuesday night was that I was at an inconvenient location to fetish when I spotted her, but that certainly wasn’t the case tonight as I was able to pivot and follow her group.  And while I grumble about the cold weather diminishing the quality of the summer clothing on most female fairgoers, modern cold weather fashion isn’t as bad as it was 10 years ago with the advent of leggings, and this girl was rocking a pair of very sexy black leggings hugging her shapely lower body.  There’s just something about the way leggings fit the female body that can sometimes be unbearably sexy, and even more so when the female inside the leggings happens to be shamelessly smoking a cigarette.  In this case, her group was walking down the food vendors block with the densest crowd, dragging from her cigarette on several occasions without inhibition.  There was nothing earth-shattering about her style, but matching the body with the smoker girl and knowing she was the only smoker in her foursome nonetheless made my rear view of the proceedings pretty euphoric.  I managed to briefly get ahead of them when I saw they were heading into the midway, hoping to get a final frontal view as they walked by.  I pulled it off and as she walked past me she took a final drag from her cigarette and dropped it to the ground.  I approached to ID the butt and discovered it was a cork-filter Camel Menthol.  Less than a half hour later, I saw this girl and her group immersed in another group of 18-20 years olds and she was smoking another cigarette.

It was nearly 11:00 and approaching the time when the midway closes for the night, and I still only had five new girls for the evening.  Even though I had had impressive sightings, five new sightings for the night wasn’t acceptable and I was getting frustrated, but as I headed northward that frustration would again turn to euphoria as I saw the impossible again.  Two guys and two girls about 16 years old were walking past me in a dark, isolated setting, but the cute long-haired brunette girl in the cluster was cupping her right hand and even in the darkness appeared to have something cylindrical in it.  I took a peek at her innocent mid-teen face and figured I must be seeing something but nonetheless turned to follow her as she walked into a spot with better lighting.  Seconds later, I discovered my instinct was right….she was cupping a cigarette in her innocent teenage hand!  The group was heading into the midway which was probably the best spot they could go for my purposes even though I’d have to be content with mostly watching this sighting from the rear.   There are certainly worse fates that could befall a man though as the rear profile of her slightly curvy medium-brown hair flowing onto a white sweatshirt with a pair of pale blue jeans below the waist was a nice combination, improved upon whenever that cigarette she was lugging around so stealthly approached her lips for a drag.  The drag and especially the exhale was clearly the work of a beginner just learning the ropes on a smoking habit she will undoubtedly stick with.  Her group was walking quickly and it was a challenge to keep up and not get spotted, but I pulled it off, spotting her every drag in a sighting that played out a good five minutes before she unfortunately got into a crowd at a bottleneck on the midway and emerged from it no longer possessing her cigarette.  I wasn’t gonna get a butt ID but from what I saw I’m pretty sure it was an all-white.  Not sure I got quite enough from her to launch her into this year’s best sighting list but if I’m lucky the next two nights could prove to be a tiebreaker.  I saw the girl a few minutes later in a group with friends and while she wasn’t smoking, it was nice to see the adorable face and confirm she couldn’t be a day over 16 but was nonetheless publicly smoking at my county fair.

The same 30ish fair worker who was my first sighting on Wednesday night,  a ponytailed blond in shapely leggings, was back at her same spot a little after 11, sitting on the grass having a smoke in the company of fellow smoking carnival employee.  I could only watch in passing but managed to see a nice drag and smooth follow-up exhale that spilled out of her mouth with the same flamboyant zip I remembered from the night before.  I still miss last year’s lemonade stand sexpot, but even in her absence, at least the venue was still offering up a credible consolation prize, another girl I hope to have a more intimate sighting with in the next two nights.

The night was beginning to fade quickly after the midway lights went out shortly after 11, a problem that started with the new carnival operation in 2014 and has persisted, denying me an hour’s worth of additional midway sightings every night compared to the previous carnival which went until midnight.  The additional downside is that once the midway lights get dark, the young people start to split and the already small fairgrounds becomes that much smaller, forcing me to leave earlier than I’d prefer because I’m out of maneuvers and am way too familiar to those still there.   Thankfully, before the night ended, I’d land one final three-point shot with my favorite girl so far this week…..

I’ve mentioned in previous years that there’s a cluster of kids who line dance in front of the 4-H to some piped-in music and there’s frequently a crowd of onlookers as the dancers bop around.  It’s usually wholesome 4-H kids so it’s pretty rare that I’ve gotten a sighting over the years, but as I approached tonight, I immediately laid eyes on this pretty 18ish long-haired blond in a black sweatshirt and tight jeans with an unlit cigarette between her fingers standing amongst three guys who were also in the 18 range.  I was able to score a bench at the 4-H booth and not only blend in nicely to a crowd of young people, but also got a front-row seat as the girl was chatting up the guys, none of whom were smoking, while repeatedly flicking her lighter to try to spark the cigarette, the wind not cooperating with her desperate desire for nicotine.  After about 30 seconds of failed attempts, she had reached her wit’s end and moved closer to the 4-H building to vaguely shield herself from the wind, loudly and exasperatedly muttering, “I can’t even light my cigarette!!”  She then proceeded to bend her head down over a wooden railing in front of the 4-H booth seating and made eye contact with this adorable 15-ish blond girl sitting next to me at the moment she successfully flicked her lighter and brought her cigarette to life.  I was hoping she’d inadvertently blast the girl with smoke from her light-up but pulled away before the other girl got splattered.  From there, she went back to the guys in her group, who had their backs to me and were occasionally obstructed my view since the blond was moving around in front of them, I mostly got to watch her smoke, and it was a real treat to have such a close-up view since I’ve been positioned far less optimally for so many other of this year’s local fair sightings.  Blondie continued to be a ball of energy, pacing back and forth in front of the three guys while intermittently dragging from her cigarette and tilting her head skyward to deliver her exhales….

Much as I’d have loved if she was the only smoker amongst all those guys, one of the three guys did light one up over the course of her cigarette, and they briefly bantered about smoking, and I didn’t get the full context of the conversation but I did hear her say that “I go to Iowa to get my cigarettes”.  Iowa’s cigarettes aren’t necessarily cheap but they’re still a couple dollars a pack cheaper than outrageously-priced Minnesota, and it’s only about a 15-minute drive to Iowa from this town hosting the fair.  I was struck that she must be a pretty committed and regular smoker for her young age if she’s already making runs to Iowa to pay less in taxes for her smokes!  And it was just wonderful matching this sweet late teen face with the knowledge that she crosses state lines to buy the cigarettes her young body is addicted to. Her drags were a little slow since she was doing so much jabbering, but given the beautiful vantage point I had, I was in no hurry so just enjoyed the show, at one point beckoning one of the nonsmoking guys to dance with her when a new song started playing.  The whole sighting played out over a good 7-8 minutes before she dropped the cigarette to the pavement and crushed it out.  The quirky storyline for this bubbly girl helped make an already great sighting that much more enriching, making her the new girl to beat for the 2017 FCF.

This ended up being quite a writeup for a night with only eight new girls smoking, but I’ll take it.  What I’m lacking in quantity this week I’m making up for in quality, despite two less than ideal weather nights running interference on me.  Tonight’s eight sightings put me at 60 sightings for the week, exactly on pace to meet my annual goal of at least 100 FCF sightings, although to be honest, I’m not that optimistic I’ll get there this year.  I’m sure glad I ran up the score to 36 on the opening night or I’d have no chance.  The weather is supposed to be a little warmer but still chilly on Friday.  The important day is Saturday though, as country singer Martina McBride is likely to be a pretty big draw to the grandstand, and sadly the weather is supposed to cold and rainy for Saturday.  All I can do is hope it comes early or late, or better yet misses this county altogether.



The fourth of five nights at my county fair produced 16 new sightings, including one great sighting and a handful more extra-base hits with a continuation of the surprising trend of robust teen smoker sightings. All things considered, that’s not a bad night.  I got to the fair at around 6:40 tonight.  It was sunny and in the 70s, which is ideal for afternoon temps but particularly with clear skies, I knew the temps would plummet after sunset.  But after Thursday night, pretty much anything seemed like paradise by comparison.  Tonight’s grandstand entertainment was the classic rock band Kansas.  I knew they’d bring an even older demographic than the 90s country acts from the past two nights, but figured the fact that they were a rock group and that it was a Friday night and the only decent weather night of the final three nights might make up for it.  I traversed the grounds for an hour and a half before the concert and it was a struggle though.  I only managed three sightings and they were all pretty tepid.  I got to the grandstand to take my preferred seat at around 8:10, and the crowd definitely skewed older.  There were some 20-somethings in the beer gardens though and I was hopeful to get something over the course of this concert, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be sticking around for the entire show.

A good 20 minutes passed before the concert officially started and the landscape looked very bleak, but just as I was about to lose hope, the most beautiful face of this year’s fair popped up from out of nowhere front and center inside the beer gardens.  A vision of pure feminine perfection graced my eyes just in time to see her lips wrapped around a freshly lit all-white cigarette.  Whoa!  She was a medium-height blond with shoulder-length hair wearing a jean jacket and a black dress that crested above her knees.   She looked to be in her late 20s and it’s impossible to overstate how beautiful she was.  There was a familiar air about her and it may well have been any number of hot smoker girls I’d seen at the local fair in years past, perhaps one I even put in prior rankings, but I couldn’t place her specifically.  Whatever the case, the Kansas concert just got more interesting as I watched her puff away with very nicely paced drags and pleasant if unmemorable follow-up exhales.  She was amidst the same cluster of 20-somethings I’d taken a mental note of earlier, but at least early on she was the only one smoking.  This didn’t last long though as a guy emerged from the crowd who was very clearly her boyfriend and was smoking a cigarette of his own.  Sitting up on my grandstand perch, it hit me how great of a vantage point this is, particularly before dark, as there was almost no chance of my being spotted even as I stared lustfully at her every drag.  She smoked it right down to the filter before crushing it out in the grass, and given her insanely feminine presentation in that puffed-out black dress, the image of her stomping out a cigarette she just smoked was a great contrast.

I had high hopes she’d chain-smoke through the entire concert as it became clear she and the boyfriend were gonna stick around at this very convenient location where I could keep close tabs on her the whole show, but she made me wait for the next one.  Every time she started reaching for her purse, I got giddy, but time after time she let me down.  When the boyfriend smoked another one about 20 minutes later and the girl didn’t, I was starting to think she was just a social smoker who had merely indulged a single cigarette with her beer, but nearly an hour after the first cigarette, after 9:30, she reached into her purse and this time delivered, extracting a cigarette from her unidentifiable pack.  It was after dark now so I couldn’t see the kinds of detail I did on the first cigarette, but she smoked at the same fast pace as the previous one and her cherry was glowing bright red every 10 seconds or so when she filled her lungs up with more poisons.  I exited the grandstand when she finished, knowing she wouldn’t smoke another one before the show ended, and walked right past the fence to get a close-up look and see if she was as beautiful as she looked like from 20 yards away.  She most definitely was.  The boyfriend seemed like a cleancut blue-collar type…and I hope he knows how lucky he is to have a smoking girl this beautiful.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get more from this girl before the evening ends!

The Kansas concert was a frustrating sit in between her two cigarettes as almost nothing else happened sighting-wise….almost nothing.  Just before blondie lit up her second cigarette, this dark blond in a tanktop and pale blue jean shorts came out of the grandstand with a green pack of cigarettes (either Marlboro Menthols or Newports) in hand.  It was hard to tell her age as it was dark, but the presentation made her look like a  teenager.  I’m guessing she was in her 20s but it was very hard to tell.  Whatever the case, she opened the pack and was fishing around inside a little before extracting half of a cigarette.  She’d undoubtedly just smoked part of it earlier and saved the rest for later, a common practice nowadays with as expensive as cigarettes are.  It was a brief but rewarding show as her drags were nicely timed and her girlish image in that outfit added an extra layer of yumminess to seeing her publicly smoking a cigarette.  She polished it off, crushed it out, and hustled back into the concert.  I was tempted to run down the steps and try to get a close enough look at the face to get a better handle on her age.  She’ll just have to remain a mystery on that front though, and I’m glad I didn’t run down to find her because 10 seconds later the blond inside the beer gardens lit up for the second time and she was still was my top priority.

After the show, I traversed the grounds hoping to score as many finds as possible, and luckily the crowd held up better later into the evening than it did the previous night.  But I’d have an unfortunate sidetrack when I ran into my cousin, the same crazy cousin I saw the night before.  And tonight he wanted to talk…and talk…and talk.  It was apparently only about 15 minutes but it seemed like forever.  The guy’s interesting to talk to, but not at the expense of my limited time for fair sightings!  He finally cut me loose at about 10:10 and I was able to score a sighting of what I’d later learn was a young mommy in a dark spot between food stands.  As I approached, I saw this shapely late 20s strawberry blond in a white top and tight pale blue jeans standing by herself smoking while on her phone.  I’ve seen girls smoking at this spot before and the downside of it is that there’s no place to observe that isn’t conspicuous.  I ended up sitting on the nearby berm but she was to my side and I had to turn my neck to watch her, which was risky.  I caught several drags, and she was another smoker with very nice pacing and a cute technique where her cigarette was at a 45-degree upward angle in her mouth every time she took a drag.  I noticed this the first time and thought it was cool, and then discovered she did it on every drag.  As I was becoming too familiar, I took off but kept tabs from afar until she finished her cigarette, and then proceeded to move behind the berm where I sat and met up with a chubby dude that I assumed was her boyfriend/husband, and he was in the company of a young son in a stroller.  It was a hot dynamic that the nonsmoking guy took care of the kid while the shapely baby mama smoked her cigarette.  He was clearly another very lucky fellow given his chubby size to be not only banging an attractive young gal with a hot body, but a skillful smoker to boot!

While on the south side of the grounds, I spotted two familiar faces at a food stand….my blond beauty from the beer gardens during the Kansas show and her boyfriend!  As I noticed they were walking towards the north exit while snacking on fair food, I wasn’t confident I’d get another sighting as I knew they’d probably be leaving for the night, but I nonetheless walked in front of them and timed my walk in a way that I just might be looping around to see them again moments before they left.  And lo and behold, it worked!  As I looped around from the northwest, I spotted the blond approaching from the northeast and about 100 yards from the north exit, her face was illuminated by the sparking up of the third cigarette I’d get to see her smoke tonight.  Talk about great timing!  Better yet, her boyfriend wanted to take a closer look at some of the ATVs on display, so he was drifting to see those and left the girl to stand by herself smoking.  I had a perfect bench about 15 yards away to watch yet another smoke show from her, and her style continued to be beautifully consistent with frequent drags and modest exhales.  It would have been ideal if she finished the cigarette there and gave me a chance at a butt ID but I wouldn’t get quite that lucky.  After about 90 seconds, the boyfriend was done looking at the equipment and the couple was heading for the exits.  I was tempted to follow to get a final look and hopefully ID her butt, but ended up calculating she’d be out of the grounds before finishing the cigarette and that would be awkward so I let it go.  Still, to call her the star of Friday night would be a huge understatement.  What an amazing beauty!

It was slow going for the next half hour and I was beginning to panic that the night would end with only eight sightings again, as I had scored the previous night.  But things came alive in the final half hour, first as I again walked on the sparse north side where I had recently seen the blond spark up her third of the night.  Earlier in the night, I had taken note of this light brunette with frizzy hair who looked about 17 and struck the profile of a likely smoker.  As I maneuvered past the tractors on the north side, I saw this girl and a blond friend walking in between the tractors with cigarettes in hand.  I was able to take a bench and watch much of the show as they slowly walked.  The blond friend was chubby and seemed at least five years older than the light brunette, so all my attention was on this cute teen with a bare midriff top and a flower print-patterned skirt.  I watched her take a couple of very nice drags with some high-volume exhales as she walked, but everybody was taken aback a little when some clown teen boy inside one of the tractors started to honk the horn, presumably at the girls’ benefit.  He’s got good taste, but the girls didn’t like it and my underage light brunette quickly crushed out the cherry on the cigarette, apparently not wanting any attention on her while she smoked.  The guy undoubtedly screwed me out of a couple more drags.  The two girls were walking towards the north exit, which is completely in the dark.  I got to see a couple more drags from the blond as they walked away but she wasn’t really cutting it for me compared to that brunette.  I’m hoping the light brunette is back and delivers on Saturday night because I’d sure like to see more from her.

It was just after 11:00 and I was making a bee line for the midway to try to get one more loop in before they shut it down for the night, knowing I probably wouldn’t make it.  On the way, I spotted a cluster of early 20s couples (two guys and two guys) standing outside the bathroom area and one of the girls took a final drag from a cigarette.  The timing was frustrating as I missed most of it, but saw the girl, a dark blond in a pink sweatshirt and jeans who was very cute and would have made for a nice show had I gotten there a couple of minutes earlier.

I got halfway through the midway run as they started to turn the lights out.  My options were gonna be very limited moving forward, confined to the main two blocks of the grounds and setting myself up to where I’d have to leave in the next 15 minutes.  Luckily, those last 15 minutes produced some nice follow-ups to previous sightings and would-be sightings.  I saw a burst of smoke emerging from a huddle of teens and quickly identified a familiar face.  Remember on Thursday night when I saw that hot teen blond walking around with a cigarette that went out and a brunette friend had to relight it for her?  Well the second I laid eyes on the brunette who I wished I’d seen smoking the prior night, she was in the midst of an exhale.  Unfortunately that’s all I’d get from her because she was in the middle of a tight huddle and my vantage point was terrible to nonexistent.  However, also in the huddle was the same blond from the night before, and she was holding an unlit cork filter in her hand.  The blond was taller and at the edge of the huddle so when I took my bench my prospects were better at getting to see another show from her.  Tonight, the golden-haired blond was wearing a red flower-print top and leggings.  I’d still have preferred to see this girl rocking a pair of white shorts or jean shorts but her presentation was still nicer than the night before.  Unfortunately, it took forever for her to manage to find a light for her cigarette.  A good five minutes passed before some guy lit her up.  She came through when it was lit though, producing some beautifully cloudy exhales, much more voluminous than what I saw on the midway the previous night, presumably because of Thursday night’s wind.  I’d catch a handful of drags and they were all cloudy.  Seeing them come from this pretty teenage face was an outstanding supplement to a girl who already likely has a place on my year-end countdown from her show the previous night.

And while that blond was the star of the show, the huddle would produce a couple more moments before it ended.  For the previous three years at the FCF, I’ve seen this pretty but chubby brunette who smokes pretty heavily.  I figured she was 18 when I first saw her smoking in 2014 and have seen her every year since.  She was back tonight and seemed a little old to be keeping company with teens, but there she was smoking with a group of them.  And the best news for her is that she clearly lost some weight since the previous year.  Like Sarah, this girl has busted me in the past fetishing on her so I’m keeping my distance from her, but she didn’t see me last night and was only around a couple of minutes in the cluster with the blond.  But before she parted ways, another girl hanging with her became my final sighting of the night.  This adorably wholesome 15-16ish dark blond was standing with her and requested a single drag from her cigarette.  She complied and I was struck with the drag from this presumably novice cutie, leaning in to take a heavy drag and then expelling a very impressive snootful of smoke that was cloudier than anything I had seen from the main event regular smokers in the group.  It was dark and she walked away without any additional context or capacity to evaluate her, which was unfortunate because I fell in love with her after just that one drag and exhale.

I left the grounds around 11:25 feeling pretty good about that last hour and the night in general.  I haven’t had any nights that have been disasters thus far and continue to be pleasantly surprised by all of the teen smoking, the most I’ve seen at the local county fair since 2012.  I had 16 sightings on the night which puts me at 76 for the fair so far and slightly behind schedule in quest for 100 sightings with only one night to go.  Martina McBride should be a pretty good draw for my preferred demographic on Saturday, but it’s possible I could be stuck with my friend Corey and his wife for at least part of the night and that could theoretically pose logistical problems.  They had a kid now though so can’t be at the fair every night the way they have in the past and may not be able to stay even for Saturday’s show if they can’t find a babysitter.  Much as I like to reconnect with Corey this time of year, my sightings are the top priority so I won’t be too heartbroken if he has to call it a night early.



My final evening at this year’s local county fair did not go particularly well, despite a bombastic final act.  I had a couple major sidetracks that probably hurt me, but with the large crowd that grandstand act Martina McBride drew in, there was no excuse for me to get only 13 sightings. It all speaks to what we already knew…that smoking among the preferred demographic continues to decline.  I’ve been fortunate to get some real quality among the sightings I have scored, and tonight had a couple great finds as well, but it’s terrifying to walk around the fairgrounds in the evening for 45 minutes and see zero young women or girls smoking.  All I know is that I’m grateful for Tuesday night where I got more than 40% of this year’s sightings over the five nights.   It tells the story of how bad things would likely be had Tuesday night been on par with the other four nights numbers-wise.  Anyway, I got to the fair early today…at 3:00 in the afternoon.  My friend Corey and his wife were gonna be there for the first and only time this year.  They’re parents this year, so they were only gonna get one day at the fair and since they didn’t have a babysitter for the little guy, they weren’t sticking around for the concert.  This was ideal for me since I could hang out with them for the low-volume afternoon hours and then have the evening to myself.  I got to the grounds mid-afternoon and called him up to get his location.  He told me the spot behind the commercial building and I was close, so I told him I’d be there in a minute.  But it would end up being more like two minutes….

I’d largely given up going to the local fair in the afternoon because sightings were so rare, but lo and behold on my short walk to where Corey and his wife were, a 20-something brunette wearing a Tom Thumb Donut sweatshirt and black leggings was walking back toward the Tom Thumb booth where she worked and was wielding a cigarette.  She was quite attractive, and it was an unexpected afternoon treat to put a point on the board and watch her take one final drag from her cigarette before climbing into that food truck reeking of fresh cigarette and exposing her male coworker in the truck to her stench.  From there, I walked over to visit Corey and his wife.  They were unfortunately in the company of his wife’s siblings and their significant others making it harder to visit in the way I had hoped.  As usual with these two, I ended up going through livestock buildings, watching horse shows, checking out lawn mowers and ATV’s….all the things that would drive me crazy if I was stuck doing it with them during key sightings hours.  Even so, it was a long 3 1/2 hours before they announced they were gonna split.  It was about 6:20 before I had my freedom to fetish, and I happily flew the coop the second I got my get out of jail free card.

The crowd was encouraging with a substantial line already forming to get into the grandstand.  It looked like the rain was gonna hold off and I had some optimism for a pretty robust night for sightings.  My first sighting after saying goodbye to Corey was my second best sighting of the night and kept that optimistic vibe alive.  She was a tall and slender brunette mommy in a blue long-sleeved top and jeans.  The daughter hovering in her general area looked about seven years old and was waiting for mom to finish her cigarette.  She had a pretty face….one of the most wholesome-looking smoker girls of the night as she stood mostly by herself pulling smoke into her body with a solid pace and delivering some impressive high-volume exhales.  I’ve been quite bearish with photo-taking this week because the consequences of getting busted at this venue where I know so many people would be dire, but I took a few snapshots here, unfortunately only one that turned out at all.  It was a nice five-minute sighting as I was able to watch every drag and delicious exhale.  She crushed out the cork filter butt and walked away but there were just enough people around to keep me from wandering up and scoring a butt ID.  I’d see the woman again on the midway waiting for her daughter to get off a ride.  She was definitely the sexiest young mommy I saw smoking this week.

Pickings got slimmer after that and I wandered for more than an hour and only got one more sighting before deciding I needed to get up to that grandstand if I wanted to get my preferred seat for the Martina McBride concert as it was filling up quickly.  While the crowd still skewed a little older, there were more people of all ages than the previous three nights so I was reasonably confident that the smoking area and beer gardens would deliver something of consequence tonight….but it didn’t deliver a ton!  Before the concert started, I noticed two early 20s couples seated on benches inside the beer gardens and that a dark brunette was smoking a cigarette.  The vantage point wasn’t great but I saw she was sitting right next to a woman in her 60s and I thought it was kind of hot that she was subjecting  this old lady to pretty direct secondhand smoke.  I was fortunate enough that the foursome ended up moving closer to me inside the beer gardens and the dark brunette lit another cigarette (the other girl apparently didn’t smoke at all).  There were no bells and whistles about her style but she smoked at a nice pace and produced some solid exhales, and I was able to get a farrow-to-finish sighting of her before dark at the beginning of the concert.  The beer gardens was packed and it was hard to see much after dark during the majority of the concert, but I would catch that dark brunette with a cigarette two more times before the show got out at 10:00.

Beyond that, there was a petite late 20s blond who came out and smoked by herself in the middle of the show.  She was pretty cute and offered some welcome smoky visuals for a few minutes.  And there were a couple other modest young women who came out to light up during the concert.  But that was about it….a huge disappointment given the crowd and a relatively favorable demographic.  It was depressing because there was simply no way to dismiss the lack of smoking here with any other explanation than the fact that smoking is in major decline.  Fifteen years ago during Martina McBride’s heyday on the country charts, I can only imagine how many young and attractive smokers I’d have seen in the smoking area and inside the beer gardens.  But tonight, all I could muster was a handful of sightings, and only one of them an extra-base hit.

Still, the concert dismissed at 10 p.m. and I was pretty confident I’d have full clearance for an hour and a half of undisturbed sightings.  Sure, most of the crowd would disperse pretty quickly after the concert finished but surely there would be some rewards.  But then came a very unfortunate sidetrack from out of left field only a few minutes after the concert ended….I heard my name called and recognized it was an old friend from high school named Ryan I run into at least once during the fair each year.  He actually was a bit of a wingman at “Cousin Jamie’s wedding” in 2002, still atop my list of best random sightings of all-time.  Suffice it to say he wouldn’t be enabling any new sightings classics 15 years later though.  He typically only chats about 10 minutes when I run into him so I thought I’d be okay, but his wife was off at a wedding and he had no place to go….so we talked…and talked…and talked.  It was an interesting conversation but as it pressed on I was getting more and more restless.  We were at least standing in a place amenable to eyeballing passersby and checking them for cigarettes, but I saw zero young women or girls in possession of cigarettes and eventually was crawling out of my skin.  Finally, after about 40 minutes of getting robbed of key fetish time, I forced an adieu and split.  This is a cost of doing business at my local county fair, where the potential for lengthy sidetracks is real and remains so every year.  This one hurt though!  Did I miss two dozen epic sightings during those 40 minutes that I was sidetracked?  Probably not…but I undoubtedly missed some….and it would hold my numbers down by evening’s end.

It was 10:40 when I was finally fetishing again, and the only thing colder than the continued chilly air was my long-running no-sightings streak.  I only had 20 minutes before the midway went lights out so I made three passes through it in hopes of salvaging something….but there wasn’t a smoker to be found and the midway actually went lights-out a few minutes before 11 tonight.  Most of the concert crowd had departed by now and the situation was fading fast.  There was a hot 16ish blond in outrageously sexy white shorts line dancing and shaking her booty in front of the 4-H stand who I kept watching every time I walked past in lieu of any smoking activity.  The only smoker to be found was that blond lemonade stand worker sitting in her usual spot on the grass outside of the bathroom smoking away on two occasions.  I was too familiar to her to linger, but I slow-walked past her and enjoyed a couple of her tight, voluminous exhales.  I also enjoyed her fantastic ass draped once again in skin-tight leggings as it had been on previous nights.

It was 11:15 and my sightings count since the concert ended remained at zero.  My morale was cratering but right when it was at bottom, the county fair would deliver one more incredible moment for me in 2017.  Emerging southbound from the cluster of line dancers into a relatively sparse stretch of walkway was a foursome of teen girls, and the cutest and freshest-faced girl of the bunch was extracting a cork-filter cigarette from a pack I couldn’t identify, then placed the pack back into her purse and let the cigarette dangle from her lips as she walked in an area generally crawling with cops.  Seeing this girl in isolation I’d have figured she was about 14, and she certainly carried herself like a younger teen, but the fact that other girls in her group looked more like 16-17 gave me pause.  Still, it was entirely possible that she has older friends and that a girl who will only be entering 9th grade next month was the one girl of the four with a pack of cigarettes in her purse, unhesitatingly walking around a public section of the fairgrounds with a cigarette dangling from her mouth.  In a week with a surprising number of teen smokers, hers was the youngest, freshest face I had seen yet, with a headband on her upper forehead pushing back her long, light brown hair.  It was a cool night, but she was still decked out in a gray tanktop and a pair of short black shorts.  They were those baggy athletic shorts I normally don’t care for, but it added to her innocence and showed off her smooth, shapely legs from the upper reaches of her thighs on down….

As I said, their location was relatively sparse so I had to get creative to sneak a peek, finding a cluster of benches in between food vendor trucks where I’ve successfully spied sightings before.  The girls came to a stop at a convenient location just in time for me to see the cutie spark up her cigarette.  I hadn’t seen a girl this young smoking at the county fair since 2014, and the image of an adorable mid-teen girl innocently standing with her friends with a freshly lit cigarette perched between her fingers with her arms hanging down to her waist was an image I had gone far too long without seeing.  My perfect vantage point over time became obstructed by other friends arriving and encircling the original cluster, but I still got to see four or five drags and my heart melted each time that in 2017 it was still possible to see girls like her smoking.  The rest of the girls in the group were either Hispanic or black and one of the Hispanic girls got a couple of drags from my favorite girl’s cigarette, but 90% of it was the young chick’s.  After the Hispanic girl passed the cigarette back to her for the second time, I caught the last of the drags I’d see from her and an exceptionally cloudy exhale, the only time I spotted one of her exhales directly.  A more direct view of this would have been ideal, but I still did pretty well all things considered.  Once I noticed the cigarette was no longer, I paced up and down the fairgrounds block to get a frontal view as upclose as possible.  I still swear she looked 14 or 15, and at one point in passing she was even using her fingers to pull down on her lower lip in a way that looked far too immature for the age group of her friends.  I really can’t imagine this girl was 16 or 17 based on the way she looked or carried herself.  What a sweetheart!

In my final 10 minutes at the fair, I caught a duo of late 20s or early 30s couples in a seating area where a wholesome light brunette girlfriend was the only smoker of the four.  It was too dark to see much from my vantage point but it was nice to put a couple of final points on the board between her and another late-teen Hispanic girl.  It was around 11:40 and with fewer and fewer people on the grounds it was time for me to get lost before I aroused too much suspicion.  I was walking out of there on the final night with mixed feelings about the week.  I was extremely grateful for the robust haul on Tuesday night and even more grateful for the tidal wave of teen smokers I was seeing.  I was very concerned that every teen I’d see would be “vaping” as was mostly the case during the disastrous Summerfest this July.  And while I missed a few would-be smokers to vaping, and one particularly heartbreaking 18ish blond with a Barbie-doll figure who I saw vaping constantly but never smoking, but by and large vaping was not dominating the teen scene.

On the other hand, even after 36 sightings on the opening night, I wrapped up the week with only 89 total sightings over five nights, a new record low and down considerably from last year’s 98 sightings, the previous record low.  And I have had to spend a record amount of fetish time in recent years to stitch together these diminishing returns, several more hours than it took to get 144 sightings in my best year, 2010.  I can point to some issues holding down my sightings numbers….the midway closing an hour earlier than it used to, the diminishing population of my home county where young people before and after high school are shrinking in numbers, and the fact that the grandstand acts increasingly skew to an older audience in the current seller’s market for live music where most hot young acts that used to perform at fairgrounds now have far more options than they used to for bookings.  But those excuses are only affecting my numbers on the margins.  The inescapable bottom line is that smoking is down from 2010…way down.  It’s incredibly encouraging to have seen so many teens of both genders publicly smoking this past week, but I’m still not filled with encouragement about the overall trendlines.  If Martina McBride can pack a grandstand and the night still only produces 13 new smoker sightings, we got a problem.  The best I can do moving forward is hope for a few more pleasant surprises like I got this week and limp along on borrowed time for the near future, continuing with the Iowa State Fair, Indiana State Fair, and Minnesota State Fair the next four exciting weekends.

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