“Deep Inhale”: Another Outstanding Smoking Blog

Ever since starting Mark’s Smoke Blog six years ago, I’ve come across a couple other smoking blogs on Word Press, but a fellow blogger contacted me a few days ago and introduced me to her new smoking blog “Deep Inhale”.  I’ve been reading it pretty regularly since and strongly recommend it to those who enjoy this blog.  The blogger is named Anabelle.  She’s in her mid-20s and started smoking when she was 15.  She has an interesting background with a French mother and an American father, and has traveled a lot internationally, offering a unique personal perspective on her own heavy smoking and its reception in other places she’s lived, including southern California and southern Florida.

Anabelle has touched upon many different topics in only about a month or so on “Deep Inhale” and offers some fantastic insights and an excellent writing style that draws the reader in and keeps him interested.  Just in general, it’s great to see a female speak so eloquently and enthusiastically in the male-dominated smoking fetish world.

I look forward to reading more of Anabelle’s blog entries moving forward and strongly recommend others do the same.  Here’s the link:  https://deepinhale.blog/

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One Response to “Deep Inhale”: Another Outstanding Smoking Blog

  1. Mark, I had told you on SFK I’d be checking out your blog. I’d mentioned I always loved the Gretchen stories back in the day. Good to connect with you.

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