MNSF #65. Flaunting Teen Brunettes Smoke Publicly With Pride

My MNSF #69 sighting in this countdown was one of a handful of incredible sightings I scored around the noon hour of my first day of sightings at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair.  But the sighting that started this parade of blockbusters came innocently enough as I decided to hang back and watch an attractive young mother smoking a cigarette, and the decision to watch this sighting play out would be one of my best choices of the day because of who presented themselves in the coming moments….

Emerging from the left was a clearly underage brunette who immediately made her presence known with what I expect was either the first or second exhale from a freshly lit cigarette, the smoke spilling from her face like a geyser with absolutely no regard for the large crowds near her, spewing every which way in front of her and not dissipating until well after she had walked by.  That’s what I’m talking about, baby!!!  As she walked in front of me, my heart nearly melted when I saw she was about 16 and in the company of another brunette friend who was holding a still unlit cork filter of her own.  I got the luxury of following from behind, and in moments, the other brunette lit up….

The girls were clearly very experienced smokers as their drags were all intense, their hold times above-average, and their exhales a pleasing combination nose and mouth gush of unapologetic smoke spewed in front of their faces.  It didn’t necessarily seem to nail anybody in the face (besides me walking from behind), but it was not for lack of trying by the girls who exhaled with reckless abandon.  They also made no attempt to hide the cigarettes that were proudly protruding from their underage fingers as they pressed forward, frequently illiciting looks from middle-aged people sitting on benches who they passed by who never said anything but had a “those girls look too young to be smoking!!!” look on their faces.  No shame….no apologies….just the rawest form of underage nicotine consumption on display for the hundreds of thousands of fairgoers….

The girls themselves were not necessarily class hottie material, but they were both very cute….let’s say about an 8 on the beauty spectrum.  The first girl, who had darker and shorter brown hair, was more impressive as a smoker and was wearing a gray top with nicely fitting jean shorts.  The second girl, who also had her moments of impressive smoking, was a lighter and longer-haired curly brunette wearing a white shirt and glam blue denim capris with shiny gold trim along the pockets and belt line.  She was probably slightly prettier than the first girl, but they were both very nice.  It was so much fun following them and ingesting their smoky headwinds.

To avoid crowds, they weaved in and out of vendor stands and in so doing I found myself behind them with the second girl having already given up her cigarette.  In moments, they were heading  towards the entry to the food building when the first girl dropped her cigarette to the ground and crushed it out.  I had no problem identifying it as a Marlboro Smooth.  Definitely one of my top-five sightings of the day and as I said was the first of several incredible sightings in the moments ahead.

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