MNSF #64. My MNSF “Independence Day” Teen Brunette

I came to terms with my fetish in the spring of 1999 at age 21, and the 1999 Minnesota State Fair was my first state fair heading to the grounds with the specific purpose of seeking out smokers, but I had one major drawback in that I was still mired in the traditional way of experiencing the MNSF, in the company of my parents slogging through crowded buildings where smoking is not allowed.  And things just weren’t working out, as I was scoring very few memorable sightings and didn’t have the freedom to pursue the ones I did see due to being joined at the hip with parents.  But by late afternoon, I finally declared my independence and said I wanted to explore the grounds by myself for the final hour of the day before we left.  And so I did….

Immediately I was heading for the midway, unsure of sightings hotspots (that I know now by heart) but expecting that would be the best place to see cute girls smoking.  But I didn’t even make it to the midway before spotting this adorable 16-17 brunette sitting with a blonde friend who was equally attractive. The blond wasn’t smoking, but that brunette was and she had a perfect smoker girl X-factor in a spaghetti strap tanktop and jean shorts. I watched her finish off smoking the two-thirds finished cigarette and then looped around the midway.  I saw nothing of interest and couldn’t get that brunette out of my mind.  I  returned to the curb where the girls had been sitting…and they were still there! I positioned myself to their side about 20 yards and sat and waited, hoping the blond would light up or the brunette would light up again.

As the time passed I got a handful of other sightings in the general area that also impressed, and looking back I kicked myself for not having taken full advantage of all the sightings that had to have occurred during those years in the late 90s where teen female smoking rates had exploded.  But finally, about 20 minutes after I had arrived, the brunette stood up, inserted a Marlboro Light in her mouth, let the unlit cigarette dangle for a few seconds, and then lit up her second cigarette of the hour. There was little doubt that she spotted me watching her at least twice, but I didn’t care.  A few drags into the second cigarette, she and the friend left, but I still get a tingly feeling inside remembering my first Minnesota State Fair sighting that I had scored as an out-of-the-closet fetisher.  She was the only real high point of that day, but she represented the dramatic transformation that my days at the Minnesota State Fair would undergo in the coming millennium.

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