MNSF #47. Wholesome Teen Blond Kidnaps Boyfriend’s Cigarette

My first day visiting the 2011 Minnesota State Fair was fantastic for the first half of the day but a little below average for the second half, including the usually impressive evening hours.  However, at around 9 p.m., I would finally find my footing again and start a late evening rally that began with this, my second-best sighting of the day…

I was approaching the east side gate of the fairgrounds.  It was the exact spot last year where I stumbled into Lindsey and her friends…and about the exact same time of the night.  But this time I saw two clusters of girls, the first a group of mid-teen babes huddled off to one side.  I walked past them and saw no cigarettes.  But then I looked towards the original group that caught my eye, which consisted of two teen cuties and a guy, all of whom were mere silhouettes from my distance as they sat on the curb.  As I got closer, I could see that the guy was smoking, but he was getting up to leave, presumably to go to the bathroom across the street.  That just left the two girls.  I first looked over the curly-haired brunette closest to me.  She was cute, but was not smoking.  Next to her though was a ponytailed blond….and she was smoking.  This was a fairly dark part of the grounds at this time of the night so I had to get really close to see her face.  And holy shit when I did…..

This aura of Midwestern innocence oozed from her wholesome face, with that long ponytail more reflective than anything else of her girl-next-doorishness.  She wore a striped top and a snug pair of blue cutoffs that framed her body perfectly.  She didn’t even look 18 but my hunch is she was, yet there she sat with her mostly smoked cigarette.  Never in a million years just looking at this girl would I have believed she was a smoker.  I only got to see two drags, both of which were very nice and produced a couple of cloudy combination nose and mouth exhales.  She then crushed out her cigarette on the pavement, creating a long smear of burnt tobacco ash, and then just letting her stinky pollution sit there only inches from her smooth, sexy legs.  I kept repositioning myself to get a better a look at her face, repeatedly making extra sure I really had seen the level of wholesomeness I thought I had…..and always reinforcing that I in fact had.  I would have loved to snap a picture, but as dark as it was in this part of the grounds it would have never worked out.  I wanted to at least be able to identify the butt she discarded and figured all I’d have to do was wait for the boyfriend to return and they’d get up to leave….

Things wouldn’t go as planned though as the boyfriend returned with two other guys.  The girls stood up and the five of them lingered in the same general spot, which at first was driving me nuts.  But it would have a silver lining as one of the guys took out his cigarettes and the one closest to my favorite blond who I expected was her boyfriend followed suit, producing a cigarette of his own.  The guy took a couple of drags, and it didn’t even occur to me what would come next, but as I was gritting my teeth waiting for this group to go away, blondie held her hand out to the boyfriend and took the cigarette from him.  Her drags were pretty impressive for her age, tilting her head to the side to avoid the group and pulling smoke into her lungs for an extended period and then cutting loose a thick, creamy, and cloudy exhale that sailed in front of her face.  This girl was no amateur.  She took three successive drags and then passed the cigarette back to the guy.  And right when I was about to give up again thinking the guy had reclaimed full possession of the cigarette again, he took one drag and handed it right back to his nicotine-starved little feminine friend who kept on impressing with her repeated drags.  She would devour about 75% of the cigarette as I observed, her second in 15 minutes.  And they gravitated far enough away from the curb in the duration of that BS smoking session that I was able to sit down on the curb, pretend to be texting, and identify the butt as a Marlboro Red that this hottie was filling her adorable little body with.  Damn it I love cigarettes!

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22 Responses to MNSF #47. Wholesome Teen Blond Kidnaps Boyfriend’s Cigarette

  1. jack says:

    I’m fascinated with your writing. I have a major fetish for Marlboro Reds (not lights or any of the other brands) girls. I’m going to create jealousy… I grew up in the 70s in Philadelphia (tough neighborhood) and I kid you not, literally every gal within our neighborhood, smoked Marlboro Reds. I’d say 95% of them were legit smokers, the other 5% were definite posers. Back then, they rarely had their packs in their handbags. They held that pack in their hands. Back then, it was very common to not only see these foxes smoking in their cars, but to also have their pack right on the dashboard!
    My all time Reds gal was Phyllis. I can clear as day, remember her trying to bum a smoke (I didn’t smoke) from me. She was all of age 13 then. Phyllis was adorable and was my buddies high school sweetheart. She was 5′ 9″ and about 120 lbs. with a movie star face. By age 16 Phyllis had a 1 PPD habit. She loved her Reds and I rarely saw her without a smoke. By age 19, Phyllis was up to, according to my buddy, 2.5 PPD of Reds.
    One summer Saturday my buddy had to work and asked if I could “entertain” Phyllis at our local pool.
    I had the pleasure and torture, of spending about 5 hours with this Marlboro goddess! We had a 20 minute ride to the pool. I drove and Phyllis sat in the passenger’s seat. She entered my car in a bikini, with a half smoked Red dangling from those gorgeous lips. Once finished, she then lit a 2nd and then a 3rd!! Phyllis was always a solid double-pump queen so she always finished her Reds quickly and was known, under stress, to chain her smokes.
    Finally we reach the pool. At the pool… ah, more pleasure!! Phyllis opened her pool bag for her suntan lotion and I could see 2 unopened packs of Reds, in addition to the pack in her purse. Keep in mind, I’m never more than a couple of feet from this smoking machine! True to form, Phyllis lights a Red, dangles it for about 1 minute and applies suntan lotion. Her dangles, to this day, are unsurpassed.
    At this point, and it’s early in the day (2:00 pm,) I want way more of this smoking performance. So I break out some cold beer and Phyllis willingly indulges. She’s a lightweight, so a quick beer buzz hits her good. Of course, not that she ever had inhibitions about smoking, she lights a Marlboro, then another, then another, and so on… By the time we left (around 7:00 pm) the pool, my Marlboro beauty had smoked 25 Reds in 5 hours at the pool and 3 earlier on in my car.
    The topping on the cake was the ride home… Phyllis complained to me about the price of cigarettes, while she destroyed a Red. I said, “It’s almost enough to make your quit, huh?” She smiled with a gleam in her eyes and said– “Nah, no way!”

  2. jack says:

    Mark- Reassuring to know that I’m not the only one out there with the fetish. Fast forward to the mid 80s… In my car, driving around on a winter day, looking for smoking women. The telltale sign of a female smoke (the driver side window being down) was easy to spot. LOL!
    I see this wholesome gal, around 22ish, smoking a cig. I follow her as she’s heading for work. Just before parking, she flicks her smoke out the window. Butt ID please? A Red 100!
    Couldn’t believe this beauty was addicted to Red 100s. She lived locally and was easy to track/ follow around. Saw here one day, travelling, as it turns out, to the local convenience store. Got to see this one close up! She exits her car with a half smoked 100 dangling from her lips. She enters the store, her 100 in hand and proceeds to purchase 2 more packs of Red 100s. Back then, of course, they were called Longhorn 100s, with the very stylish gold package. This seemed to be a time (at least in our area) where the female smokers all transitioned to smoking the 100s. It was fantastic to see that female, who you’d never peg as a smoker, light up.

  3. jack says:

    Another note on Phyllis. I got her a job at this insurance company, that always held an annual dinner, for its employees. Phyllis, my buddy and I all attend. Free booze and NO problems with anyone lighting up. Sitting at the table with Phyllis, she was spectacular, with a tight dress clinging to her fantastic bod. She chain smoked and drank all night long. At one point, she asked me to slow dance with her. I had to try and restrain myself as I was body-to-body with my favorite Reds smoker (she was just 20 years old.) Her dress and hair reeked with stale smoke. Her sensual body carried the faint scent of perfume, and this combo– perfume and smoke was just hypnotizing.

  4. jack says:

    Now all those fantastic memories are coming back… No question, the 70s and 80s rocked. Working at that insurance company was an absolute blast. Oodles and oodles of female smokers!
    I well recall Vanessa, a statuesque Black fox, about age 19, who smoked Newport 100s. Gorgeous face and friendly to boot. That was my first fetish for a Black smoker.She looked the part of a young smoker and was incredibly hot.
    Contrast that with a nerdy looking white gal, about age 25. Dottie wore glasses and had short hair. I never would have pegged her as a smoker. She worked on the same floor as me and I had to visit her department several times during the day as part of my department work duties.
    That 1st day, I was shocked to see a cigarette in her ashtray. Upon closer view, you know the routine of trying to fake senseless conversation with others, I spied a Marlboro Red pack on her desk. It was awesome that everyone could smoke to their bodies desire back then! One day, I had to deliver some work to Dottie.
    So I introduced myself (I was age 21) to her. She was smoking a Red as I approached her. She was friendly and upon close inspection was an absolute beauty without makeup. I was treated to some close up and personal drags.
    Dottie had a great signature style. She always did a double hit. Besides Phyllis, Dottie was just the 2nd lady that routinely did a double pump.
    Style: It was one medium drag, while holding her Red, then removal of the Red from her mouth… and then an enormous 2nd hit, all the while holding, NOT EXPELLING, the smoke from the 1st drag.
    After that satisfying 2nd pump, she’d then slowly expel the smoke from her mouth and nose. I wasn’t however, able to gauge just how many Reds she’d smoke in a day.
    I was able to eventually judge this quite well, owing to a Christmas party my buddy and I sponsored at a local bar. By this time I was very chummy with Dottie and many of the other female smokers. I was into serious bodybuilding and these gals loved my non-steroid physique. What a gimmick and I sucked it up.
    Anyway, it was hard to stay focused on Dottie, since there were at least 15 Marlboro gals at this party. My eyes wanted to veer off in all directions to keep a watch the other young smokers.
    I did succeed in keeping a mental cig count on my bookish Marlboro gal.
    She smoked at least 13 cigs in a 3 hour period. This was legit, and not inflated as a result of drinking, unless soda counts.
    Her intensity and style have stayed with me all these years. Good memories die slowly.

  5. jack says:

    My greatest Mall sighting goes back to 1988. Five minutes into my fetish exploration, I see this 18ish year old beauty, about 5′ 7″, exit a mall store.
    To my utter delight (another of those teens who doesn’t look like a smoker,) this cutie pie is holding an unopened pack of Marlboro Longhorn 100s. She packs her box about 15 times on her free hand and then tears open the pack and immediately inserts an unlit 100 between her lips. She produces a lighter and then experiences her own personal pleasure for 5 minutes.
    It was good to see a very solid smoking teen who craved a strong smoke. No signature style to speak of, just consistent “real” drags by a beautiful teen.
    It turned out that she worked at this store (a female clothing boutique,) so it was always a great road trip to drive to the mall (only 15 min. away) to catch her in action.
    Luck was really on my side one day, as she finished a Saturday shift around 2 pm and proceeded on foot through the mall parking lot.
    I can’t recall how I found out her 1st name, but she was known as Heather.
    Anywho, I followed behind her on foot to the mall exit. By this point, Heather already was experiencing Marlboro pleasure. My car was close to the exit, so I proceeded to jump in and get a better view of Heather as she exited the parking lot on foot. I pulled my car up to the exit point and pretended to be waiting for a shopper.
    Seeing her approach me, she was a true 10. Great face and a perfect body– long legs in tight shorts with a tight top! Of course, the best was yet to come… It was obvious that Heather was trying to get her nicotine levels up. How so? Picture this fox approaching you with a nearly finished 100 dangling in her lips. Her fingers are reaching for a fresh 100 in her pack. Her fingers displace the smoldering Marlboro from her lips. She’s now holding the already burning 100.
    She then places her fresh, unlit 100 in her lips and lights it with her just completed Longhorn 100.

  6. jack says:

    More history… Great memories. Back to the New Jersey shore days. We proceed to drive to the local watering hole in Avalon, NJ. My buddy has one of these open air Jeeps. To our delight we see 3 non smoking gals on foot. We ask if they want a ride. They accept. We all go to Jack’s Place (it’s a nightclub.)
    These gals are all gorgeous, and unbeknownst to us, all underage. Whatever, right? I’m 24 and it turns out that the one I had an interest in, was age 17. My gal, Cindy, does not remotely resemble a smoker.
    Long, beautiful curly blonde hair, an athletic body (turns out she played softball and basketball) and a flawless face with perfect white teeth. Well… Cindy likes me and we start hanging out… dancing and drinking.
    Cindy then goes to the cigarette vending machine and proceeds to buy a pack of, YEP, Marlboro Reds!! She was no amateur despite her youthfulness. She was a real power smoker and really loved her Reds. This was my 1st intimate encounter with a Reds girl.
    We met the next day on the beach and this athletic chain smoker unveiled her perfect physique to me courtesy of a sexy bikini which clung to her beautifully proportioned torso.
    It was a glorious day… Cindy smoked Reds, drank soda and bragged how she averaged 10 points a game and hit .400 for her HS sport teams. She loved to
    Despite the age difference between us, this was a major fetish in my life.

  7. jack says:

    Trish was also a memorable power smoker. No signature style, just a constant urge to smoke. Trish went to a Catholic school and I’d see her every morning on my drive to work. I was a bit shocked (1985) to see this gorgeous teen in Catholic garb smoking a cig on the way to school one day.
    I had no clue regarding her brand, but it looked like an all white, and being a Reds only guy, I kind of lost interest.
    But… she was so beautiful and sexy, I just had to know the brand. Hold on to your horses… I was dead wrong. She was a Marlboro 100s girl. I couldn’t believe it, but the butt ID confirmed it.
    I always kept my eye on Trish as we lived just 4 blocks away from each other. By the time she graduated HS, she had a car with a nice TRISH3 vanity plate and was easy to spot on the road.
    Knowing where she lived, I decided to take a walk by her house. Her auto was right there on the street, all the windows were open to allow some fresh air in, and at this point it was a major fetish sighting. Trish had left an unopened pack of Marlboro Longhorn 100s, just sitting on the passenger seat!! She was all of 20 years young at this point. She didn’t have a signature drag style, but was one to dangle quite a bit! Trish is in my top 10 Reds smokers of all time. I tracked her down on Facebook, and even at age 47 looks incredible… And yes, there are several pics in which you can see her Marlboro box in the back or foreground of the picture.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Jack, thank you much for sharing your experiences. It’s been pretty quiet around here lately so I’m very grateful to read your sightings stories, and there are several classic girls that you profiled…..

      Phyllis always strikes me as an old lady name so I had a hard time putting that name to the hot blond you described but you sure made it work with that description of the car ride and her 25-cigarette afternoon. Cute also that she was complaining about the price of cigarettes, which were what, 50 cents a pack back then? I suppose adjusted for inflation that would be like $2 today, but still a bargain compared to what most people pay for cigarettes. But I was most jealous of your Phyllis experience when you got to dance with her at that party. Smelling a chain-smoking beauty dressed so nicely from such close range is about as close to heaven as I can imagine.

      Like your stories of Dottie and Vanessa from the insurance company too. Kind of ironic that for all the phony hand-wringing we get now about the rising costs of health care being because of smoking that these chain-smoking girls puffed openly while at work at an insurance company. I’ve been with a couple very heavy-smoking girls in my day, but 25 cigarettes in three hours like Miss Dottie did is beyond my imagination. What I wouldn’t give to return to the days when that sort of thing was the mainstream.

      Heather at the mall was also a great read, and her highlight was that chain-smoking moment of using her first cigarette to light her second. That’s always such an incredible find, and whenever I get a chance to be around girls on a cigarette break at work I hope to see the scenario you just outlined with Heather.

      As for Cindy from Jersey Shore, glad to hear I’m not the only one with borderline-inappropriate adventures with heavy-smoking jailbait. You said she wasn’t smoking when you first saw her, but how long was it afterwards before she went to the cigarette machine and proceeded into the smoking binge. I had one such pleasant surprise in my dating exploits with a girl I assumed was a nonsmoker until she proved me wrong in a big way, but not quite as dramatic as Cindy.

      Trish sounds great too. Didn’t even know vanity plates existed yet in the mid-80s.

      I graduated high school in 1996 so I only got in on the tail end of just about everything involving permissive smoking as I matured, and was never quite in a perfect situation to take advantage of it. I am very jealous of someone your age who came of age at the peak period of young female smoking. I’m curious though why Marlboro Reds are the only cigarette that did anything for your fetish…and if that’s still true for you today. I’ve never been one to discriminate although I’m not overly crazy about the rising tide of generics (Pall Mall, L & Ms). And I was around in the mid-80s and paying a little bit of attention to cigarette brands, and I missed out on the Marlboro “Longhorn” thing entirely. Maybe it was a regional anomaly in the northeast because I sure don’t remember it here in the Upper Midwest.

      Anyway, thanks again for writing and feel free to add anything new whenever you like. And thanks for reading some of my posts as well.

  8. jack says:

    The Marlboro fetish probably had to do with the packaging design, the cork filter and the sensuality of a beautiful woman smoking a very strong cig.
    Funny, but I never got turned on looking at a chick smoking an all white. I definitely still have that Marlboro fetish these days. Dottie actually smoked 13 Reds in 3 hours. I suppose Trish will never quit. She still looks great and has a great mouth of pearly whites despite an easy 1 PPD habit, if not more, for 30 years! That vanity plate was kicking in the mid 80s.
    It’s interesting to read what I wrote. I suppose the average Joe might think I was sensationalizing these experiences, but that’s not the case at all. I’m not exaggerating any of this. Girls openly smoked (a bit of women’s lib maybe) and didn’t think twice about lighting up anywhere or anytime.
    We as a group– girls and guys, always hung out on street corners, sneaking booze, drugs, cigs, etc… It was amazing to see 5,6,7 or more hot chicks, all, I kid you not, clutching a pack of Reds, Kools or Parliaments, etc…

    How bad is this? Bob, Phyllis’s BF, and I, lived in the same house, a duplex. He was a carpenter and rented me the upstairs of the home. Phyllis, of course, worked at the insurance company in a different department, so we’d drive in EVERY DAY.
    EVERY DAY, I got to see her smoke, up close and personal, Monday through Friday!!!
    Now, on rent day, I always made sure to drive us to work and I always made sure to pay Phyllis the rent in cash.
    I’d make sure that the inside mirror was positioned just right so as to see her gorgeous face. I’d also make sure that she lit her Red (100% guarantee of a light up within 30 seconds of sitting in the car) first, before handing her the cash. And, I always encouraged her to count the cash. While counting the cash, that fresh lit cork dangled perfectly between those glossy red lips for a good 20 seconds.
    This is about the only time in my life I looked forward to paying rent or a mortgage payment.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Fascinating that your fetish is entirely limited to one brand. I’m always struck by how individual fetishers have such distinctive preferences. I had an ex-girlfriend named Elise would could smoke 13 cigarettes in about three or four hours…..she’s as close as I’ve come to your Trish.

      I never sensed your writeups were sensationalized at all….especially in the era in which you came of age, which I experienced the tail end of. It’s interesting that you mention the women’s lib movement of the era and openly flaunting smoking because I agree there was a connection. I can also completely relate to how you gamed your trip to pay the rent to perfectly dovetail with seeing Phyllis smoke. I’ve done plenty of the same sort of thing in my day.

  9. jack says:

    I can also recall the time Bob was working and Phyllis encouraged me to stay for dinner. She was grilling up steaks. I’ll never forget her entering the house with the finished steaks all the while dangling a Red. She was soooo hot! Bob told me at one point, probably around age 23 or so that Phyllis was smoking 3 PPD of Reds. I asked her one time why she didn’t smoke the Longhorns, since she’d get a longer smoke at the same price, and she told me that the only time she bought a pack of 100s, she found them to be a bit weaker than her Reds Kings, owing to probably, the longer filter on the 100. Phyllis, needless to say, is in my top 5.

  10. jack says:

    Cindy the athlete- Tough to remember how long in the club it was before she bought a pack of cigs.
    Another top 5 gal, I almost forgot about… Met her on the beach.
    Her name was Linda and she was every bit as hard core as Phyllis.
    23 years old. Only about 5’3″, perfect body, curly/ wavy blonde hair, white teeth and flawless face. She must have known about the fetish thing… She was a chain smoking Red queen!
    Linda told me of her running exploits. She’d take a run, stop and have a smoke, run and smoke, etc…
    My buddies and I kidded her and her friends– all heavy smokers– about their intensity.
    So help me God, I can still recall, when asking Linda about her habit, she laughed, (and yes, she was smoking a Red,) and replied: “Well, I bought a carton on Friday, today is Sunday, and my carton is empty!!!” Over 3 PPD!
    When I saw her the next year, she had graduated to the Longhorns. Sitting at the bar, drinking alcohol, Linda chain smoking 100s. The perfect Summer evening!

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Sure sounds perfect to me. I smiled when I read how you indulged Linda by talking about her smoking. My experience is that smoker girls love talking about their habits with somebody who accepts it. What year are we talking here that she bought a carton on a Friday and finished it by Sunday? Can you imagine the cost of a habit like that in 2013?

      • jack says:

        This was ’79 and ’80. You’re right. Linda was proud of her smoking accomplishments. Why not? Perfect body, face, white teeth. Who wouldn’t love to hang out with Linda.
        What was perfect, unlike today, were the major close ups. Seems like most sightings today are at a distance. We do have a local dive bar in my town, and the chicks who hang there all smoke, so there is the potential of close up views.

  11. jack says:

    A more recent smoker, circa 2007. Robin W.
    Never, never, never pegged her a smoker. 19 yrs. old. We worked together. Had the girl-next door look. Great lean body. straight hair, medium length, parted down the middle.
    One very, very lucky day… we both entered the parking lot at the same time.
    I park my car and Robin parks next to my car. To my delight– I was floored, she was dangling a cork cig as she was exiting her car! I slowly exited my car, waiting for her to enter the building. Then, I took a peak inside her car and saw several empty packs of Marlboro Reds!!!
    A great moment, and like all those other sightings, it was up close and personal.

    Around the same time… I worked on the 2nd floor and had a great pair of binoculars. Across our parking lot, about 100 yards away, there was a Verizon building, and this one gal caught my eye. I could tell from the distance, she was smoking a 100 and it looked like a cork filter. Newports, Kools, Camels??? Maybe, just maybe a Red 100?
    Time for the binoculars… Needed a brand ID and a closer look at her face.
    Wow… she appeared to be around age 21 or so and she was smoking a Red 100 (saw her pack), 5’8″ or so, very lean. Not beautiful but definitely hot.
    Definitely a hard core smoker. Deep, hollow drags and a good 5 or so seconds before her exhale. We found out her name was Trista. She always sat on the parking lot curb to smoke. She would stretch out her long legs while her upper torso tilted forward just enough so that the back of her top would lift up and expose her backside just enough to see the thong underwear she was wearing. Thank goodness for those great binoculars! I miss that daily show!

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      You tripped two of my triggers with Miss Robin….the dangle and the empty packs of cigarettes all over her car interior. Check out my Random #16 sighting on this blog “Gretchen Comes To Life in the Mall Parking Lot” for another sighting along the same lines. And read my Gretchen fiction stories if you haven’t already as I think you will like them.

      Also enjoyed your binoculars sighting. That’s really putting one’s self out on a limb…..ever have any close calls with coworkers noticing you doing that?

      • jack says:

        I had a corner area with a buddy of mine who was also in on the sightings! I didn’t know he had the fetish as well. LOL! It was tough… fighting over the binoculars. HA HA! We had no close calls. Because of Trista and her thong exposure, even our manager would join in on the fun!

  12. jack says:

    I met my ex in 3/94. We hit it off and she expressed to me how she was a former smoker. She was 33 years old when I met her and 1st started smoking Marlboro Reds back in 1975. I asked her what her most recent brand was, when she was smoking, and she had transitioned to Marlboro Mediums.
    Wanting to know more about her habit, style, etc…, I’d periodically quiz her. Jen told me she WAS a dedicated, intense smoker who always would double- hit (not double pump as is often stated these days) her cig. Oh boy, a signature style to boot. For 9 months I’d pray that she’d one day start smoking again.
    So… fast forward to Christmas time. Jen starts to tell me more than 1 time that she will probably smoke a bit, once her brother (a smoker) arrives from California. Tim checks in on a Friday night, 12/23, a day that will live in infamy! Jen had no inhibitions, owing to us quaffing red wine. She asked Tim if he had cigs. Meanwhile, I’m about to have an explosion in my crotch. Tim gave her a cig and the moment arrived. Will I like her smoking? Does she have style? Long inhales? And the double hit…
    Well… it was worth the wait. Jen transitioned back to her smoker status just fine. She smoked her brothers Camel filter cig nicely. No double hit yet, as she didn’t want to ruin the moment and potentially make herself sick from too much smoke intake. Needless to say, I couldn’t get to bed with her fast enough!
    During Christmas week, Jen was back to smoking her Marlboro Mediums. She was now into her hands free double hit dangle (1st inhale in, followed by simultaneous nose exhale/ 2nd hit, then a great combo nose/ mouth exhale.) This was better than Dottie, Phyllis and Robin combined.
    On New Years Eve we went out to dinner. I purposely bought her a pack of full strength Marlboro Longhorn 100s for the evening. She was an even more intense smoker with the full strength Reds than the Mediums. I asked her to smoke for me when we got home and she did so. Wish I had filmed it!
    She had never smoked 100s, but with her beautiful hands, 100s were made for her. She wanted to stick to the Mediums, and I didn’t force the issue, as she knew when quitting time eventually rolled around, it would be even harder to quit the full strength Reds.
    So I saved the Marlboro 100 fetish moments for special occasions. LOL!
    It was interesting when I’d toss her a pack of Marlboro 100s. She never complained and in fact she’d immediately open the pack of Reds, smoke the whole pack, while the Mediums remained untouched!
    She was an awesome power smoker. Eventually worked her way back to her previous 1 PPD habit. Big hands free double hit dangles, beautiful combo nose/ mouth exhales, beautiful face. Jen also didn’t look like a smoker, which I loved!

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Outstanding that your ex went back to smoking. Did she know about your fetish even before she resumed smoking? Why did you break up with her and do you know if she quit smoking once again at some point in the future?

      • jack says:

        Once she became pregnant, that was the end of her smoking days. She knew about my fetish quick enough.
        We were having dinner one night, and the restaurant supplied these breadsticks that had about the same radius and length of a cigarette. Jen would tease me, dangling the breadstick and performing pretend drags. After she quit smoking, she would dangle a Red 100 while having sex with me. That was awesome and a major turn on. The only problem was that I’d shoot one in about 20 seconds. She had major issues with alcohol. Long story… couldn’t get her to reconcile. She’s doing well. She’s sober. We’re friends and live on the same street and the kids are good.

  13. jack says:

    Phyllis had a major player in her smoking exploits. Her name was Angel. Angel had a killer body, better than Phyllis. Angel was also a hard core smoker. Not as heavy a smoker as Phyllis, but she was a more intense smoker. No signature style, just heavy duty inhales, much like your “rapist” gal. Angel wore glasses and was more sexy than pretty. Man, she could smoke though. She was also a Marlboro girl.

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