MNSF #56. Northside Two-For-One Sighting

I scored a decent number of sightings in my semi-abbreviated Minnesota State Fair sightings safari in 2002, but it was a pretty mediocre sightings year in general.  A couple of the more unique aspects of the day included the fact that my two best sightings of the day came within an hour after I arrived on the grounds in the morning and that my best sighting of the day occurred on the fairgrounds’ typically marginal north side….

The north side of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds consists of the 4-H buildings and block after block of vendors, including a flurry of farm equipment vendors.  It’s generally not known for producing the best sightings of a given day at the fair, but at the same time I seem to score something noteworthy there every year.  The downside is that it’s a 20-minute round trip on foot up and down the blocks that constitute the north side, so one can waste a great deal of time there pursuing sightings if they prove scarce.  Luckily that was not the case this morning as about halfway up the north side as I wandered past this foursome of young cowboys and cowgirls hovering around a bench, immediately noticing that both girls were smoking.   Both girls were attractive and 21ish, but one dominated the sighting..a light brunette with long curly hair that flowed past her shoulders and all covered with a cowgirl hat that looked very natural on her.  She was an absolute knockout, and it was kick to watch her take several drags off of her cigarette.

After she finished her cigarette, I turned around and my eyes immediately gravitated towards a middle-aged couple with what I presumed to be their 17-18 blond daughter in between them. Girly was lighting up, even though the parents didn’t appear to touch the stuff. The girl wasn’t memorably good looking, but attractive enough given the context of smoking while sitting between her nonsmoking parents to make it a fantastic second act to a great sighting.  Lucky I enjoyed that brief late morning moment of sensory overload as much as I did because I wouldn’t encounter anything else as good as this for the rest of the day.

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