MNSF #108. Brunette In Daisy Dukes Smoking Before Blake Shelton Concert

My first day of fetishing at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair had its share of ebbs and flows, but I had my best spurt of continuous success when late afternoon transitioned into early evening, with this rock star sighting outside the beer gardens being the final great sighting in this stretch…

I looked up from afar to see this mane of semi-curly dark brown hair flowing down the back of this country girl wielding a cigarette.  Standing obnoxiously at the edge of the sidewalk blocking people who might have been trying to weave through the seating area was this tall sexpot of a brunette decked out in a pink country girl bare midriff top with an impossibly sexy pair of pale blue Daisy Duke cutoffs–with crazy long legs extending from the frayed bottom of those cutoffs–and a pair of light brown cowboy boots that went several inches up her calves.  The girl was sporting one of the best presentations I came across all day, and I just had to get a look at the face to see if it lived up to it.  And boy did it. She was about 20 years old and beamed beauty with a look that bordered on the glam…but in the sense of a good girl doing her damndest to look glam, making it all the more precious.

Now she was probably standing by herself at this obnoxious spot while waiting for one of her friends to come out of the beer gardens with adult beverages, but she couldn’t have picked a worse spot as her exhales had no place to go but towards the crowded sidewalk in front of her where they would assault any number of luckless fairgoers who thought they’d be able to spend an afternoon at the fair without having to walk through some beautiful cowgirl’s air pollution.  No such luck people.  The only seating was behind her and I never did get to see the look on her face as she took a drag or even the quality of her exhales from my positioning, but towards the end of her cigarette she looked to see a young mommy pushing a baby stroller with an infant inside.  Her maternal instincts kicked in as this beaming smile emerged on her face as she interacted briefly with the infant who was looking at her (a future fetisher no doubt).

She dropped the cigarette to the ground and it was thrilling to see her use that spiky-heeled cowgirl boot to crush out the cigarette.  Suffice it to say the cigarette never stood a chance.  She continued to stand there waiting for whoever she was waiting for but I  wanted to identify that butt.  I waited for a couple of minutes, and was treated to a bit of a peep show while I did as she proceeded to reach her hand up the back of her shirt as apparently her bra strap was cutting into her back.  As she was adjusting it, I got to see even more exposed flesh of the perfectly toned hot girl variety.  When she continued to not go anywhere, I took another brief loop around the beer gardens block and returned about five minutes later.  She was gone but the cork-filter cigarette she smashed with her boot was still there.  It was a Camel Blue.

And I got a brief encore with the girl about a half hour later.  Blake Shelton was performing at the grandstand that night and the country girls were all decked out in their sluttiest country attire.  It was no surprise at all to see my brunette decked out in that outfit was attending the Blake Shelton concert and it became obvious she was as she was standing outside the grandstand with a guy friend and a hot blond friend.  Nobody was smoking, but it’s possible I just got there a couple of minutes too late to see it.  But it did give me the opportunity to snap a photo.  It’s a bit blurry as always, but I got the shot of her outfit and you can see what an outrageously hot body she had.

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