MNSF #80. Nonsmoking Boyfriend Seduces Sexy Drunk Girlfriend For Some Smoky PDA

The evening of August 29, 2015, my first day at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair, wasn’t quite as incredible as the late afternoon hours but had one genuinely electric moment for me on the northern edge of the designated smoking area near the beer gardens.  I peeked my head around the giant plants to find an attractive young couple sitting there with a mid-20s blond holding an unlit cigarette between her fingers preparing to light up.  It was clear she was a little bit inebriated and her nonsmoking boyfriend was too which added to the fun.  It took her a moment or two before she lit the cigarette which allowed me time to admire her very impressive presentation, her shoulder-length blond hair crashing onto a white bare-midriff tanktop with a glossy belt holding up a pair of uber-skimpy jean shorts and her long legs flowing into a very flattering pair of black cowgirl boots.

The only thing that could improve upon that image was a lit cigarette, and she made that happen seconds later by flicking it to life and doing an impressive no-handlebars drag off the light-up, removing the cigarette from her mouth and releasing an eruption of smoke from both her mouth and nose into the evening sky.  She was one of those smokers whose respiratory system just effortlessly produces a whirlwind of smoke following her drags and that makes for a visual carnival to a fetisher like me.  And all of her nicely timed drags were like that….intense no-handlebars dangling drags followed by volcanic eruptions of smoke pouring out of her facial orifices as if her insides were on fire and desperately seeking a release hatch through her mouth and nose.  I tried to get a bad photo but wasn’t even able to get a dark, blurry image of her in the shot.

But there was something else going on here besides her smoking show…..and that involved a frisky boyfriend who I sensed may have been a fetisher himself trying to cash in on his smoker girlfriend’s drunkenness for some sneaky PDA with a hot chick while she smoked.  There was a smoldering passion for a couple of minutes as he moved his face towards hers and she followed suit.  For a few moments, their faces were like two inches apart, and this was after a few of her drags, meaning he was getting a very direct assault of her stinky cigarette breath.  This happened a couple of times in between her impressive drags and exhales, and finally they just kissed, allowing him to finally taste the tobacco breath he had undoubtedly been craving at least since she first lit up.  The kissing lasted about 20 seconds and I was getting a Chris Matthews’-style “thrill up my leg” just being able to observe this.  It wasn’t quite up to what the legendary FCF #2 Pall Mall teen princess did with her nonsmoking boyfriend in 2013 but easily the best I’ve seen since then….

The kissyface show ended as another young couple approached and it was pretty clear they were attending the fair together.  Beyond that, a decently attractive 20-something blond from the beer gardens approached my sexy smoker to ask for a light, which she gave her.  The second act of the sighting would be less intimate but still featured a nice show as the smoker girl and her boyfriend stood up so they could chat with the friends who just arrived.  It was great to see her body in a vertical position in that outfit, showing off more of her midriff with that sexy belt-and-shorts combination, not to mention how those long, smooth legs slipped into her black boots.  And of course she continued to drag fiercely with mostly dangling drags and always showered the area just to her right with a furnace blast of thick white smoke.  She finished the cigarette in a few moments and knelt down to the crush the all-white out on the inner edge of the berm and then dropped the butt into the dirt.  Had the group left then and there I would have had no problem scoring a butt ID but they stuck around and I couldn’t invest any more time in them just for a butt ID.  I returned before I left that night to an empty berm, using the light from my camera phone to try to find her discarded butt in the plant matter for an ID but wasn’t able to find it in the dense plant life and just admitted defeat and took off.  Even so, the night needed a really strong closing act and this girl with her substantively and aesthetically satisfying five-minute show certainly came through.

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