MNSF #119. “Brandy” and Her Shirtless Boyfriend

My 30th birthday was August 25, 2007, and I just happened to spend it at the Minnesota State Fair.  And I got the best birthday gift I could have ever gotten with one of my best MNSF sightings day of all-time.  It was late afternoon when things were really starting to pick up and one of my better sightings would come as I passed the block-long stretch of restaurants/beer gardens. It was when I got to the seating area directly in front of the beer gardens and behind the womens’ restroom where I would really hit pay dirt.

Sitting on a bench was a knockout college age light brunette with shoulder-length hair wielding an all-white and chatting on her cell phone. Most striking about her was this tiny pair of striped shorts covering her bottom (barely!) with a very smooth and sexy pair of legs stemming out of them. I attempted to position myself behind her and ran smack-dab into another sighting of a glamorous looking early-to-mid-20’s blond smoking a cigarette while waiting for company. I sat on a bench and was able to observe both, but was most interesting in the light brunette wearing those scorching striped shorts….

I hadn’t even noticed the studly shirtless boyfriend sitting next to the girl until she handed him the cigarette in her hand before foraging into her purse to score another Marlboro Light for herself, which she soon lit up. Damn was she hot…probably about 21-22 and very well-practiced in the art of smoking, exhaling lovely plumes out of her mouth and nose. The boyfriend seemed to be a very smooth talker and was engaging a middle-aged African American lady next to him in friendly conversation, which eventually led to the introduction of the girlfriend who identified herself, cigarette in hand, as “Brandy”.

Very rarely do I get a name when observing sightings so I felt proud of myself for being able to attach a name to this beautiful face.  Brandy was much quieter than her boyfriend though, enjoying her cigarette in silence while the boyfriend made casual conversation with the lady to his right.  I took one more look at this beauty’s incredible body and observed one final drag before pressing on with the rest of my day.

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