MNSF #111. Sweet Blond Teen Smoker In Flip-Flops

My first genuinely great sightings day at the Minnesota State Fair was in 2006.  By mid-afternoon, after a number of great sightings had already unfolded, and one of the best of the day had just played out, meaning I was already walking on clouds when I stumbled into this blond teen cutie sighting only moments later…

I was proceeding back down Judson Avenue encircling the horticulture building. I spotted a family with two daughters (or perhaps one daughter with a friend) and could see one of the petite girls smoking an all-white. She was definitely the youngest smoker I saw at the State Fair that day. I doubt she was older than 14, and at the most 15. Almost every year, at least last decade, I saw one early-teen smoker, but usually it’s a girl who fits a more alternative profile. Not this girl. She was a blonde cutie in a pink T-shirt and snug denim shorts, the most wholesome looking early-teen smoker I had seen at the State Fair since 2000.

Just as I was arriving, the girls (one of whom was not smoking, at least at that time) parted ways with the parents, with the young girl openly smoking on the busiest street in the fairgrounds. It was hard to follow them with foot traffic as intense as it was, but nonetheless managed to see some deep drags and bathe in some secondhand fumes before she squashed it out on the pavement underneath the heel of her flip-flop (what could be cuter than that?) and allowing me to identify it with certainty as a Marlboro Light. I never did get a good look at this girl’s face, but that would change about an hour later as I was walking down the midway and saw the same two girls. Neither of them was smoking at this time, but the smoker girl definitely had the look of a seasoned smoker as I quickly studied her face. While not drop-dead gorgeous, she was very cute and the kind of girl I would have killed to go out with when I was in 8th or 9th grade.

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