MNSF #83. I Wished A Teen Smoking Cutie To Life

This sighting from my first day of Minnesota State Fair fetishing of 2010 stands out both as a blockbuster sighting and a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions as it unfolded on the final block before the information stand where I was to meet with my parents and my lesbian aunt and her girlfriend who had dropped by a few hours earlier, en route to a Rosanne Cash concert that began an hour later.

I was thinking to myself as I walked that final block that if there was one missing ingredient to the day it was the lack of really wholesome underage girls, of whom were so abundant at the Iowa State Fair two weeks prior.  At pretty much the exact moment I was thinking this, I heard the unmistakable flick of a lighter only a few feet to my right, obviously inducing me to look over my shoulder.  Walking next to me was the sweetest-looking underage girl I’d seen all day, a petite long-haired blond who was wearing denim capris and a blue “Fair Staff” shirt, a telltale sign that she was a temporary fair employee. She was about 16 or 17 and for a few seconds let that freshly lit cigarette dangle in her young mouth.

I suppose it could have been worse and I may have not gotten the opportunity to see this girl at all.  After all, I did get to walk the final block in her crosshairs and steal a few glances.  Still, if it wasn’t for meeting up with the family, I could have followed this girl and gotten a complete sighting.  I stole one more glance from the side as she pressed forward.  She cut loose an impressive exhale that the wind flung around the side of her cute little face and then held her cigarette shamelessly to her side in that adorable way teenage girls do.  Doing the math later, she would be the 1,499th overall sighting in the history of the Minnesota State Fair.  It’s a shame she couldn’t have been the 1,500th even as she was certainly worthy of it.

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