MNSF #122. Young Blond Mommy Smokes And Spits In Front Of Her Son

My first day at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair got off to a very slow start.  A good four hours had passed and it was early afternoon when I finally scored my first extra base hit  on a triple-bang sighting.  I always encircle the beer gardens block multiple times a day as it usually accounts for a good quarter or more of overall Minnesota State Fair sightings on any given day, but only in the last few years have I bothered with the alleyway that separates the square block of restaurants and bars on the beer gardens block and the sheep building.  While the alleyway has delivered a couple of modest sightings in years past, it exploded that day with three great sightings that played out simultaneously.  As I ventured onto that block, I immediately noticed a dark blond early 20s girl in the company of a guy, both in costume probably for some dance show they put on inside one of the bars.  The girl’s costume had a fully exposed midriff and a solid 10 inches of her bare belly was on full display.  Unfortunately, she was not positioned in a place where I was able to watch from closeby but I was able to see a few nice drags from afar.   But the real action in the alleyway was still yet to come….

I noticed an unattractive 20-something brunette smoking along a cement ledge on the alley where dozens of people were sitting to rest across the entire block.  But standing next to her was a wholesome-looking blond with a ponytail and a headband….and she was smoking too!  My first impression judging from her face, body type, and presentation was that she was about 16, but a closer look and the fact that she had a stroller with a one-year-old inside confirmed to me she was probably at least 20.  Still, what a profile with the girl’s pretty and wholesome face combined with her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt (seriously!) and her dark blue capris sucking on a freshly lit cigarette…..

And she was a big-time smoker as well, taking very nice and long drags followed by absolutely tremendous 6-7-second hold times.  The exhales suffered for this as with most smokers who hold the smoke in for a long time, the smoke clung to her lung tissue rather than coming out of her face in force, leaving fairly shallow trickles of smoke to empty out of her mouth and nose in the distant aftermath of her drags.  And she was also a chronic spitter, dropping no fewer than five lugies during the course of her cigarette and always shortly after drags.  I tried to discipline myself to snap fewer photos given how risky they are but couldn’t resist snapping one of her at a reasonably close distance and in mid-drag.  There were two other young boys in close proximity that seemed like they knew the blond smoker even though they didn’t leave with her.  Whatever the case, what an incredible role model she was for them and the baby in the stroller who gets to see mom smoking so unapologetically and constantly spitting while doing so.  These are some young lads well on their way to having a smoking fetish….

And while blondie was smoking and spitting her way through her all-white, I looked to my right to find another gal taking a smoke break.  And not just any gal, a very hot early 20s brunette who just might have been the biggest babe of the day.  I suspect she was another worker at one of the bar and grills as she was wearing a ball cap that most likely identified the name of her employer on the fairgrounds.  The rest of her outfit was a black tanktop and black leggings that framed a perfect young female body.  Her smoking style was more traditional and less ferocious than the blond spitter, still with very nice drags but with much cloudier exhales.  For a good two minutes, I was standing in the middle of them (I figure they were about 20 yards apart) and literally turning my head back and forth, to the left to watch blondie take a drag and hock up a lugie, and then to the right to see the beautiful brunette standing all by herself and taking a drag while monkeying around on her phone.  After more than four hours of drudgery thus far in the day, it was the first time I felt alive on August 23, 2014.

Unfortunately, the brunette cut her cigarette short, crushing it out and leaving the final third for later, denying me the butt ID, before walking off.  But the blond was still smoking and ended up dropping her cigarette to the pavement and preparing the stroller to head back into the fairgrounds.  Oddly, the young boys who were talking to the blond didn’t go with, but the unattractive brunette with her did tag along, the two women and the baby wheeling into the busy crowd with no indication except perhaps a residual tobacco stench signifying that such a wholesome young gal had just defiled herself with a cigarette.  I had no problem IDing her all-white discarded butt as a Camel Crush.

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