ISF #70. Lucky Boyfriend Caresses The Smooth Legs Of Goddess Girlfriend As She Smokes

I had a modestly rewarding sighting going on around 10:30 on my first day at the 2015 Iowa State Fair and made the choice to walk away from it before it played out, and that decision was vindicated because it landed me straight into my second best sighting that day.  At almost the exact spot I spotted the cute late teen smoking couple ranked #70 on this list, I spotted another smoking couple.  This couple was clearly older than the previous couple, in their mid-20s, and only half of the couple smoked cigarettes.  Luckily for me it was the better half.  I approached the bench from behind to see the most adorable pose….a gorgeous long-haired blond with her hand hanging over the back of the bench holding a freshly lit cigarette.  That image would come to define the sighting to come as I moved to the front of the bench to get a better look and came face to face with the prettiest smoker of the day who was decked out in the sexiest and skimpiest outfit of any smoker girl I’d seen all day, a tiny spaghetti strapped white tanktop with a couple inches of exposed midriff along with a perfect-fitting pair of jean shorts showing off a seemingly endless display of thigh and calves.  And as was my instinct when I first spotted this couple and saw the girl holding her cigarette over the back of the bench, only the girl was smoking…..

She was “protecting” her lucky-as-hell boyfriend from her noxious fumes.  Her positioning could not have been more perfect watching her from the front as she was holding her pack of Camel Menthol Lights in her left hand while propping her legs up in the boyfriend’s lap as he mildly stroked the smooth flesh on her upper leg.   I just love seeing a smoking girl in the presence of a nonsmoking guy generally but it’s even more beautiful when the girl is a knockout getting attention from the boyfriend as she tries to avoid corrupting his pink lungs with her secondhand smoke.  If only these girls had any idea how impossibly sexy they are, and in this case blondie was outdoing herself, clearly getting pleasure from her cigarette but being sure to tilt her head as skyward as possible with each exhale so that her smoke would not invade the boyfriend’s airspace.

As a fetisher, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the boyfriend thinking he might be a closet fetisher himself who simply hadn’t yet found the courage to confess his fetish to the girl, but my hard feelings for his predicament were short-lived when I watched him stroke the leg of this gorgeous and perfect female specimen in front of her as she smoked.  She really seemed in a pleasure zone and it was hard to tell whether it was from her cigarette or the boyfriend’s hands-on attention.  It was probably the combination of the two.  It was too dark and my positioning was too bad to get a photo but it breaks my heart I didn’t capture some of the imagery of this sighting on camera.  After a few minutes the cigarette was dropped to the pavement below her feet and gingerly crushed out.  I knew her brand but still made a point of walking past that bench later on when it became empty to ID it as a Camel Light Menthol.  It was at this point that I had to admit to myself that as mediocre as portions of the day was, it still produced some very worthy rewards.

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