ISF #76. Blond Mid-Teen Smoker Cuts It Up With Boys Her Age And Older Guy

2007 was only my second year attending the Iowa State Fair and was the first year where I opted to go for another trip on a weeknight after work.  While it was not one of my most memorable nights of fetishing by any stretch, I did have a couple key moments, including this early evening gem.  I was walking near the Varied Industries building and for whatever reason, chose to walk behind a bunch of carnival food stands to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any hotties with cigarettes. My instinct was right. This brunette that looked about 14 was eating a big slice of pizza, but the ponytailed blond next to her (who looked a little older, but not a day over 16) was sitting there smoking a cigarette. The logistics of this sighting made it brutal to watch, but I basically stood in the middle of the sidewalk acting like I was waiting for somebody and cautiously stealing the occasional glance of the young blond smoker.

She was such a cutie…the very embodiment of the girl next door who didn’t look AT ALL like a smoker. If anybody remembers the old TV show “Phenom” from about 20 years ago, this girl looked a lot like the actress  (Angela Goethals) who played the young tennis star from that show except she had shorter hair and no strawberry tint to the blond hair. I only got to see a couple of puffs, but she was good at what she did. As one girl ate and the other girl smoked, suddenly a very blue-collar looking 40-ish man in close proximity started talking to the girls. I wondered if he was their father, but they walked away without him about five minutes later, the smoker girl with cigarette in hand, so I surmised they were not related…and that the guy just saw an opening to flirt with a nicotine hottie and took it.

And with the relatively light Wednesday night fair traffic, I would see this blond cutie again after dark a couple of hours later, this time in the company of a bunch of dorky-looking teenage boys on a bench…and she was smoking again! And like last time, she was in the company of nonsmokers as she puffed away. Particularly intriguing was when she bounced off the bench and walked up to a nearby vendor stand to purchase something, proudly holding her cigarette above the table in plain sight of the vendor. A definite standout of the evening.

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