ISF #46. Petite Blond Smoker Babe With AERO On Her Ass

I had a reasonably steady diet of quality sightings on my all-day Saturday visit to the 2011 Iowa State Fair, but in the late evening hours I was getting tired and had gone awhile without seeing anything too memorable as I was taking my final loop around the south side of the fairgrounds before leaving for the night. When I saw a girl lighting up at the south side beer gardens area I took the next bench over to watch the show, but it would be a short show as I would be sidetracked in the yummiest possible way.

Walking in front of me was a pair of 18ish cuties, including this slender and petite blond sexpot in a tanktop and black pair of shorts with the word “AERO” written across the ass….and you guessed it, she was sporting a freshly lit cigarette to boot.  I’m guessing she was 18 but it was a little hard to tell given her slender size.  The other girl, a light brunette, was cute too but this smoker blond dominated my observation.   Her smoking technique was solid as she frequently turned her mouth to exhale smoke from the side as she progressed up the south side of the grounds, clutching her pack of Camel Crushes in her hand the whole time.  And she wasn’t the least bit shy about advertising to others that she was a smoker and I watched a group of dudes on a bench watching her.  I wondered if they were impressed her with undeniable sex appeal or disgusted that she was smoking a cigarette.  I was planning to enjoy this as an entirely mobile sighting, following her for the duration of the cigarette and ingesting some of her secondhand smoke, but the brunette spotted an older couple on a bench she apparently knew and greeted them.  Suddenly I’d have to sit on a nearby bench and watch this hoping not to get busted….

The blond was joking in some manner with the older couple as she extended her butt towards them as if preparing to sit down.  Perhaps she was just showing the writing on the ass of her black shorts, but whatever the case, seeing her thrust out that caboose made me want to smack it all the more.   She then found herself sitting on the curb beside the couple, presumably to avoid exposing them to her cancerous secondhand smoke fumes.  They stayed put for about three minutes before the girls got up to go.  Once again, I was really flying close to the sun here but I just had to follow.

The girl was the kind who took frequent but smaller drags which made the cigarette last forever.  Finally as they approached the center of the fairgrounds they turned to the right to buy food from some vendor and blondie carelessly tossed her cigarette butt to the pavement.  Given that they were still in line for food just ahead of me, it was no easy task for me to officially identify her tobacco refuse but I got the job done.  It was labeled Camel Crush Bold, my first sighting of the “bold” cork-filter variation of Camel Crushes.  From there the girls advanced into that teen cluster that loiters in the middle of the fairgrounds, reinforcing my opinion that these girls were in 18 but definitely not yet 21.

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