ISF #30. Heavy-Smoking Teen Playfully Forces A Drag Upon Nonsmoking Friend Via Headlock

It was still fairly early in the night during my mid-week evening visit to the 2013 Iowa State Fair, and I was exploring the perimeter of the free stage where country singer Jana Kramer would be performing in another hour or so.  I had already scored a decent sighting of a blond in the seating area, but from there I proceeded towards the stage itself to evaluate the mostly female concertgoers hovered in that area.  Most smokers head off to a grassy area to the west of the stage and the seating area to light up, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I found two 18ish light brunettes who simply migrated a slight distance to the edge of the cluster to smoke cigarettes, still right in front of the stage.  Hot damn!

I finally found what I was looking for as in front of me stood these wholesome looking girls who looked like they came straight off the farm in their dark blue jeans with giant belt buckles decorated with gold trim.  My initial observations were limited as I was preparing my camera to take a photo, but as I was doing so, I watched them both take final drags from their cigarettes and drop them to the pavement, wasting no time walking back into the huddle of kids near the stage.  I walked up to their discarded cigarettes to see a Camel Light and a Camel Crush.  I then tried to find them again in the crowd but couldn’t.  What a heartbreaker.  I knew they would probably be my sighting of the night so I really felt robbed…and I hadn’t even really gotten that good of a look at them beyond the fact that one of the girls looked really wholesome.  All I could hope for was that fate would reward me with an encore from them later.

Fast forward to around 9:30 after the end of the Jana Kramer concert.  I was reluctantly walking away from the best cigar sighting I’ve gotten in two years (ISF #39) to explore the departing concert crowd.  And my instinct to explore was right as a group of four teenage girls was approaching, two of them wielding cigarettes.  It took a split second to realize it was the girls who I had seen before the Jana Kramer concert smoking just off to the side of the crowd in front of the stage but who had only one drag left on their cigarettes when I got there.  The girls who I said would have been my best sightings of the day if I had seen more of them earlier at that point did just become my best sightings of the day.  I was intrigued how the two smokers in the group were dressed so much alike, both with those dark jeans with big belt buckles and gold trim.  They looked like the kind of jeans that 4-Hers wear when showing livestock, a scenario that was entirely possible regarding their activities earlier that day.  They also wore black tops and tied-up headbands.

As for their looks, they were both cute.  The girl on the right had shoulder-length light brunette hair and had just a touch of chubbiness.  From her face to her body image, she was the near-spitting image of this Brittany girl I dated for several months in late 2011 and early 2012, herself a smoker.  They seriously could have been sisters.  But the girl on the left beat her out.  She was absolutely adorable with a tender, wholesome face that easily exceeded the beauty level of anybody else in the foursome, most closely comparable to a young Alicia Silverstone.  And like my cigar smoker, she also had her light brown hair hanging over her shoulder in a braid.  Her headband was the colors of the American flag.

As for their smoking, the styles varied as well.  I would say the girl who looked like Brittany (not to be confused with ISF #6 “Brittny) was probably the better smoker, taking longer drags and producing cloudier exhales, while the cuter girl with the braid took shorter but more frequent drags with smaller exhales.  It was heavenly walking behind them and smelling their exhales while admiring their asses in those tight jeans.  Walking westward on the concourse, it was the girl with the braid who finished her cigarette first, piggishly dropping the still-smoldering all-white butt to the pavement only a few feet in front of a cop who was looking straight at her, and then continued walking.

I knew one of these girls smoked Camel Lights and the other smoked Camel Crushes, but I didn’t know which brand went with which girl.  I stood there until the cop looked the other way and then checked it out.  My favorite girl was the Camel Crush smoker.  I then picked up my pace and began following them again, catching up rather quickly.  The Brittany lookalike took her final drag about a minute later and then also dropped her still-smoldering butt to the pavement without crushing it out. As expected, hers was a Camel Light.  For the first time tonight, I was feeling genuinely good.  The girls were heading west towards the exits and the shuttle bus, so I figured they were leaving for the evening.  I turned around to go back to the center of the grounds and see if my other wholesome teen cutie was still working on that cigar.

She was, of course, and I finished up that cigar sighting moments later on the fairgrounds’ south side, then proceeding northward to a beer gardens on the northeast that usually has some activity.  And reinforcing my perspective on who were the best girls of this year’s Iowa State Fair, the same foursome that included the girls who I assumed were leaving only about 15 minutes earlier were back, and my favorite girl—the quasi-Alicia Silverstone lookalike—already had another cigarette going.  I was impressed by how heavily she appeared to smoke for a girl who didn’t look much like a smoker.  The friend, who looked much more like a smoker, was soon enough extracting a fresh Camel Light from her own pack.  These girls, who may have been 18 but were too young to drink, hovered in front of this bar listening to the music and behaving a little more rowdy than they were before, apparently to the chagrin of another group of nonsmoking teens just off to their side who appeared a little intimidated.

I was able to take a bench and observe and had a front-row seat to the smoking performances of my favorite girls of the evening.  I was resigned to the fact that the other two girls in the group were nonsmokers, but was taken aback by what happened next, the craziest moment of this sighting or any sighting at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.  My adorable light brunette with the braid grabbed hold of her nonsmoking brunette friend and playfully pulled her back, proceeding to insert her cigarette in the girl’s mouth.  Not sure what the context was, but the nonsmoking brunette proceeded to wrap her lips around the filter of the cigarette and take a quick drag while in a headlock.  She wouldn’t take another drag, willingly or unwillingly, but the move made me fall in further in love with my cutie with the American flag headband.  I stuck around on that bench and watched the two smokers finish their cigarettes, at last feeling as though I will walk away from this year’s Iowa State Fair with at least one great memory.

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