ISF #43. Washing Down Her Cigarette With a Glass of Milk

I was having an absolutely incredible night of sightings on my Tuesday evening half-day visit to the Iowa State Fair in 2009.  The hits just kept coming as the evening moved into its final hour or so and I was in close proximity to a stand near the grandstand selling cigarettes at hyperinflated prices. Standing just off to the side near the cigarette stand was an adorable 17-18ish brunette who looked like an angel. Her sweet face was accentuated by her dark brown hair hanging down to her shoulders, a flashy red tanktop that sparkled, and a dark blue denim miniskirt. Near her was a presumed boyfriend who himself didn’t look 18 but apparently was since he was buying the cigarettes. The vendor handed the guy a pack of Camels and my suspicion was correct as he then turned to the girl and they walked away together.

The guy began “packing” the fresh pack of smokes and, looking at how fidgety his adorable girlfriend was walking next to him, I just knew he was about to share the bounty of his recent tobacco purchase with her. The pack opened up and, as expected he got out two cigarettes, one for himself and one for her before handing her the pack to put in her purse. She had officially become my latest blockbuster of what had turned out to be an amazing night…

I followed closely and was basking at the sight of the most wholesome-looking angel, either underage or barely legal, strutting around the Iowa State Fairgrounds with a freshly lit cigarette in her hand. And I could clearly tell by her drags and exhales that she was well practiced in the art of tobacco consumption. Unfortunately, she stopped at a nearby garbage can where she appeared to have seen me. She removed the previous cigarette pack from her purse, now empty, and tossed it, then proceeded to continue walking with the boyfriend. I hung back a bit but continued to follow as she dug out her cell phone to make a call while she continued to walk and smoke. At one point, however, she turned around again and had to have taken note of me. She and the boyfriend began to ascend the east side hill but then abruptly sat down on the cement forcing me to take a side detour and observe from a terrible angle far away where I didn’t see any smoking, especially now that it was dark. I had just assumed this sighting had run its course, but time would prove me wrong….

About 45 minutes later on my final pass through the south side of the fairgrounds before leaving for the night, I stumbled into this young couple again putting on a mind-blowing second act. Sitting on a bench with a pack of Camels in her lap was the angellic-looking brunette with the sparkling red top and miniskirt. She and the boyfriend were both sitting there smoking another round of Camels, and this time girly was washing down her cigarette with, get this, a glass of milk! Only at the State Fair!!!

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