ISF #45. Two Shapely Teen Brunettes Pleasantly Surprise Me With Light-ups

It had thus far been a fairly mediocre night at the fair on my Wednesday evening sightings tour in 2008.  Darkness was emerging as I approached the 9:00 hour and a threat of rain that had been lingering all evening was becoming imminent, but a couple of event sightings were about to get the evening back on track.  I was journeying to the back of the grandstand and walked past a cluster of four attractive teenage girls. The front two of the quartet were not in possession of tobacco, so naturally I didn’t hold out much hope for the attractive brunettes in the rear of the cluster…..but I was wrong. As I passed them, I leered over my shoulder to give what I expected to be passing confirmation of my prediction, so imagine my surprise when I saw a pair of freshly lit cigarettes protruding from their young fingers.

Both were adorable 17-18ish cuties, looking much closer to the girl next door than to the naughty girl stereotype associated with modern teen smokers. The one girl was more plain jane than the other, still cute but a little chubbier and decked out in conservative T-shirt and blue jeans. The other girl I could not take my eyes off of, with beautiful facial features, shoulder-length dark brown hair, a skimpy tanktop, and the most perfect form-fitting pair of cutoffs wrapped around her spectactular posterior. It doesn’t get much sexier than a hot girl in cutoffs at the State Fair, particularly when a smoldering all-white is only inches away.

The four girls would soon be in motion navigating the fairgrounds’ main street, two of them with cigarettes in hand. At first, I followed closely, basking in every delightful splash of secondhand smoke that hit me in the face. But not wanting to be caught and wanting to see some of their technique, I held back and watched them from a rear angle, focusing 90% of my attention on hotter girl as that perfect backside of hers mercilessly worked those scorching-hot cutoffs she was wearing. Her inhales were lengthy and nice, her exhales an experienced hybrid of nose-mouth combinations. No puffing and blowing by this girl. Both girls would crush out their cigarettes several blocks down the concourse and toss the butts into the garbage can. This was a little disappointing as I find it sexier when girls simply litter butts, and also because I would liked to have seen the brand they were smoking. Nonetheless, a stunner of a sighting, and a heartwarming revelation that the teen hotties in cutoffs at the State Fair may occasionally still be smokers.

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