ISF #22. Gorgeous Blond In Pink and White With a Little Blue Bandage on Her Leg

Things were going very well for me right away during my Wednesday evening visit to the 2012 Iowa State Fair with a flurry of impressive sightings in the first hour, but the evening really hit its stride at the tail end of an unproductive midway run.  As I was leaving the midway I faced the usual choice of exiting through the main gate or in between two fairgrounds bars, an area that produces more than its share of quality sightings.  I opted for between the bars and what an outstanding decision that was as I came upon the most beautiful girl of the night wielding a freshly lit all-white.

It was a very attractive group of five young ladies, all in their early 20s, but one stood out in the crowd and she happened to be the only smoker.  She was a long-haired platinum blond wearing a pink top, a killer pair of white shorts and some badass sunglasses that really helped raise her stakes as the hottest girl in the room.  And that face….damn.  She looked a lot like a hot mid-20s girl named Amanda who I dated in 2007 except she was blond with a perfect body and even prettier.  One other feature that bedazzled was her legs extending from those white shorts, and up near the top of her right leg just below the end of her white shorts was a colorful little bandage like you’d expect to see a young child wearing that must have covered a little shaving accident she had and served as an adorable little imperfection on her otherwise flawless form.

She caught my eye and wouldn’t let it go as I followed her, watching her take frequent and impressive drags, releasing generous smoke missiles with every exhale and not being particularly interested where they went.  All five of the girls were swilling beers but she was the only one with a cigarette.  Often times you prefer seeing an entire group of beauties like these smoking, but in this case having her be the only smoker was preferable because she was the biggest looker of the group and it was sexy that the other girls simply have to endure their stinkier but hotter friend.

They stopped at a somewhat convenient area near a line for food where I leaned up against a lamppost and watched her smoke.  I was too exposed to go for a photo but was content to just admire this show as she continued to smoke her cigarette with the most natural style that made it clear she was a long-time smoker for whom the cigarette was a natural extension of her person.  She crushed out the cigarette on the cluster of wood chips the group was standing on and while they didn’t move, I marked the location of that all-white and was definitely not gonna let it lie there without being identified.  A few minutes later I came back and they were gone.  I spotted the butt, which was a Marlboro Light.  And let’s just say to be continued on this one.

Not long after that original show, I was walking past the row of benches technically inside The Depot as even though they are open air, they are technically considered the inside of the bar, there was my group of glam girls from before including that impossibly sexy blond…who was illegally smoking another cigarette only 15 minutes removed from her last one.  While this was such a delicious location for her to have a cigarette from a storyline standpoint, the downside is that there was no place to get a good pic that wasn’t 15 yards away.  I made an effort but it’s a blurry one.  Despite being too far away for a photo, it was a great vantage point as I watched her once again aggressively tackle that cigarette sitting there in that quasi-indoor bench releasing tight, impressive, and voluminous exhales with little regard for the density of her smoke impacting others, especially those long-suffering friends seated near her choking on her unending fumes.  She was an avatar of obnoxiousness.  I was seriously believing there was another girl smoking seated next to her…that there had to be considering how dense the streams of smoke constantly flowing were…but after taking a number of additional looks at that girl next to her, I can confirm with certainty the blondie was the only one responsible for producing all that air pollution.  There was no sexier girl than her who I saw with a cigarette at the 2012 Iowa State Fair, and suffice it to say that loop around The Depot was extremely productive!

Now this girl’s performance thus far had the potential to be among the all-time best, but unfortunately I saw her multiple times on the grounds again but never smoking.  I saw her one more time even deeper inside The Depot and managed my best photo of her body while doing so.  I saw her later on the outskirts of the Hunter Hayes concert and then again outside another beer gardens.  It was undoubtedly just bad timing not seeing her smoking again, but if I had seen this girl smoking constantly, she would easily be among my top-10 ISF girls of all-time.

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