ISF #29. The Whitney Duncan Concert Smoker Girls

My full day visit to the Iowa State Fair in 2010 was second only to my monster epic 2008 Minnesota State Fair for the best day of fair fetishing in my life.  And it had a similar trajectory where the day just kept getting better and better and really took flight after dark.  And now I will throw out a name that will forever be synonymous with amazing smoker sightings….Whitney Duncan.  Ms. Duncan is a hot blonde country singer whose sparsely attended concert I sat through in the no-smoking-allowed seating area of the outdoor bandshell area…yet where there were all kinds of people smoking including two blockbuster sightings that I had already enjoyed the hell out of.  But about an hour into the concert, just when I expected I had squeezed as much fetish heaven as I possibly could at this venue and was preparing to leave, I would stumble into something even better….

Whitney Duncan was putting on a better show than expected, interspersing her own material with oddball rock songs from Eric Clapton, John Mellencamp, and the Fine Young Cannibals which kept the show lively.  The impressiveness of the show itself was a nice metaphor for the surprisingly impressive smoking showing, and I would hit the sighting century mark in high drama fashion, once again in the smoking-prohibited seating area during the concert.  A family was seated near the back and out of the corner of my eye I saw a smolderingly hot blond extracting a cigarette from a pack of Marlboro Lights.  I moved that direction and took a seat two rows behind, in time to watch the pack get passed on down the line.  The cluster of young people included a guy and three girls, all in the 18-21 range, with somewhat white trash looking parents on the other side.  But the girls were anything but white trash, and this single corner-of-my-eye sighting soon turned into a three-for-the-price-of-one monster as all three girls (and the guy) lit up a Marlboro Light before sending the pack back in the direction of mom who then lit one up herself.  The only one who wasn’t smoking was dad.  I actually don’t think all four of these young people were brothers and sisters.  Probably more likely that two or three of them were and the others were just friends/boyfriends/girlfriends.  Whatever the case, I was seated behind mom and got to watch the smoking show by all three girls….

The blond was the most glamorous and the most pretty, with long blond hair flowing down her back and decked out in incredibly tight pale blue jeans with a few holes and frayed areas.  Damn she was sexy…and a good smoker to boot with long drags and hold times and cloudy exhales.  But at least in terms of smoking performance, the attractive brunettes on the other side outdid her.  The one brunette was a tad chubby but still very pretty.  She was frequently engaged in dapper drags.  But I gotta say the girl on the far left, who appeared to be the youngest girl in the group, managed to outperform the rest, with long intense drags and tight, dense exhales where the smoke poured out her mouth and nose, often with residual spillover on the second breath.  I would guess she was 18, but clearly addicted to the core of her being.

And there was one more treat with this sighting. With five people smoking, including three hot young girls, the air was an absolute cesspool of secondhand smoke, and it didn’t go unnoticed by a duo of college-age cuties seated to the right and just behind this family of smokers.  The wind was blowing their direction and assuring an endless assault of smoke.  The girls kept looking their direction, and finally after about three minutes of this, got up and sat back down about six rows ahead.  Of course, the smokers responsible for polluting their air in this illegal setting didn’t have the slightest clue that they just drove these girls away.  It was now quarter after 10 and time to leave the Whitney Duncan concert for the final hour of the day….and amazingly that final hour even improved upon the hour of the Whitney Duncan with two more sightings in my countdown yet to come in that time frame.  Whitney Duncan, I am forever in your debt!

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