ISF #16. Taylor Swift’s Kid Sister Finally Delivers With Dramatic Midway Smoking Show

Next comes another classic from the incredible 2010 Iowa State Fair.  As I said, that Saturday at the fair was the most epic, but the Wednesday night visit also yielded amazing material.  Nonetheless, the middle hours of the evening were frustratingly uneventful until a certain girl broke the stalemate, even though she had up to that point been one of the primary sources of my frustration.

I was scoring some sightings here and there in these midevening hours, but all pretty mediocre, and I always told myself, “If I just head down this direction, surely my luck will change.  There’s ALWAYS sightings there” but it never seemed to.  For more than an hour I was starting to find myself disappointed for the first time in the entire 2010 fair season!  And during this period I found a new girl to take an interest in. I spotted the new girl on my walk out from the midway.  There was a cluster of about six teenage girls huddled together, but just to their side was a 17ish blond with her boyfriend.  She had a somewhat shaggy hairdo going past her shoulders, but it looked cute on her, as well as a black tanktop and khaki shorts.  Her face had that intriguing mix of pure innocence and subdued naughtiness, with a bit of a Taylor Swift look going on.  Seeing this girl from afar, my first instinct was….that girl’s a smoker, despite the wholesomeness of her friends group.  And she was standing there aside from the friends with her hands on the boyfriend.  My hunch was they were preparing to have a smoke outside of the friends’ cluster.  I hung around and watched for a few minutes and didn’t see anything, ultimately walking away but keeping them in mind for later.

About 20 minutes later, while pursuing a group of girls I had seen smoking earlier to no satisfying end, I looked in an obscure corner on the horizon to find….the blonde Taylor Swift-ish girl and her boyfriend sitting there.  Damn, I thought.  Smoking?  Unfortunately not.  They continued to sit there, my girl wasting time sending texts.  I wanted to see this girl smoke so bad I could taste it, but she had now been in two scenarios that would have been perfect for her to have a smoke but didn’t, so I had pretty much given up hope.

The teasing continued as I lingered near the midway, hoping to see a group of girls I already knew were smokers light up again, to no avail, and while I was waiting, I twice spotted my Taylor Swift-ish girl weaving in and out of the midway, also sans a cigarette. Things were really not going my way in this stretch….

I took a quick and unproductive loop around the Grand Concourse and returned to the midway, where I planned to continue looking for that midway group that had been standing there, knowing if I kept coming back they’d bound to be smoking sooner or later.  But I got there and they were gone.  This was just perfect.  On the periphery I saw my Taylor Swift-ish blond reentering the midway with part of her posse but at this point had basically given up on her.  I took a quick glance to my left to confirm and….wait a minute here…what was this?  I gasped in shock as I saw a freshly lit cigarette protruding from her fingers.  In a split second, she had salvaged my evening.  I quickly sped up to see her cluster, which was far smaller than it was an hour earlier, but she was still hand-in-hand with the wholesome-looking boyfriend, who adorably wasn’t smoking.  A cute but unsubstantial brunette in the cluster who looked the least wholesome of the bunch was also smoking, but all my attention was on this adorable blonde….

I followed as close as possible as the group made the loop around the midway very aimlessly.  I was most struck by the fact that this was the most adorable teen couple I’d ever seen that involved a girl who smoked and a guy who didn’t.  She capably held the cigarette in her right hand while holding his hand with the left, and always made a point of turning her head to exhale.  Her exhales were cloudy and accomplished, especially considering her drags weren’t particularly intense and all indications suggested she was a fairly new smoker.  The single hottest thing she did, and she did it three times, was to beckon her friends attention to something on the midway, and used her cigarette rather than her finger to point in the direction of what she wanted them to see.  She may have been a pretty new smoker, but I got the feeling through that motion that she had either been doing this for awhile or had simply really gotten a handle on how to carry herself with a cigarette quickly.  I had to be discreet following since there were so many of them capable of busting me and since they had already seen me in close proximity a couple previous times in the night and might become curious about my omnipresence, but I just had to get a look at that face one more time.  It was so pretty, and my original impression held up that she looked both innocent and slightly naughty at the same time.  Watching that smoke spew from her face was just so crazy hot, and her careful attempts to spare her boyfriend from her noxious fumes added a dimension of downright adorableness to this sighting.

They had looped around the entire midway and as they approached the end of the loop, this sweet little thing surprised me one more time by hacking up a cute, girlish little lugie that hit the pavement like an oversized raindrop.  With just a couple of drags of left proceeding from there, they unfortunately settled into a cluster of new guys who I assumed they knew from somewhere, and who seemed much less wholesome than they did even though none of them were smoking.  Once in the cluster, she lost the cigarette, dropping it to the pavement before two of the new guys in the cluster stomped on it in an over-the-top way.  Adorably, the girl immediately got out her gum and took out a piece, again most likely to keep her stinky breath as fresh as possible for her lucky loverboy.

It took some time for the crowd to clear so I could identify her discarded butt, but I would eventually see the smoker responsible for my second-favorite sighting of the day walking away with her boyfriend and knew my time had come.  I returned to the spot and found the butt….an all-white Camel with a blue logo (Camel Lights perhaps?).  I really had to earn this sighting, which made it all the more sweet that she finally delivered.  And I have to say this is a girl I still fantasize about regularly even now.

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