FCF #58. Mini-Donut Stand Teen In Braided Pigtails Takes Multiple Smoke Breaks

Tuesday night at the local county fair was my first night of fetishing for the 2016 fair season and the night had been decent up to the point when I caught the tail end of one more great moment for the evening around 11:00 when I walked past the Tom Thumb mini-donut stand.  This cutiepie 17-18ish dark blond with two braids flowing over her shoulders was standing behind the booth at nearly closing time smoking in the company of an older worker at the booth.  I only got to see two drags before the cigarette expired but what a face!   She was a touch chubbier than I’d prefer but certainly not disqualifyingly so.  I found a berm to sit on and admire her from afar after she finished the cigarette, but perhaps exposed myself a little here because directly in front of me on the sidewalk this sober boyfriend/husband was walking with his falling-down drunk wife/girlfriend who was stumbling all over the place and unable to get up from the ground.  My mini-donuts smoker girl was staring directly my way pointing and laughing about the drunk gal’s misfortune and probably taking a mental note of my presence in the process.  I was hoping it wouldn’t complicate my ability to get more sightings of her later in the week because she was as cute as they come.

The following night around 11, I got another reward from the Tom Thumb Mini-Donuts stand I’d been keeping an eye on all night because of a certain teen cutie I saw the night before.  There she was again, this time in the company of an older gal who worked in the booth (older as in maybe 30, not “old”) and both were smoking.  Once again, I had the impression based upon her outfit that the girl was filled out just a little too much to be a top-tier girl.  She’s not obese but given that she’s probably only 17 or 18, she likely will be as she ages.  But that face!  Such an angelic looking doll, with the imagery made perfect with those two braids rolling over her shoulders.  The smoking performance was damn impressive too as she took nice, deep drags and then released monstrously cloudy exhales that filled several square feet of airspace in front of her.  I was able to sit at a bench that was further away than I preferred but it did allow me to watch the entirety of her performance and saw far more smoking than I had the night before.  It was quite a show and she filled many square inches of space with her toxic exhaust.

She was still on the bubble as to whether she was worthy of an entry into this year’s top-25 but her performance on Friday night secured the deal.  The Tom Thumb mini-donuts stand delivered again with the two gals working there, including my favorite cutie, out smoking behind the stand again after 11:00.  My 17-18ish dark blond who had been wearing her hair in braids hanging over her shoulders on the previous evenings had her hair down tonight and it was at least as nice of a look for her as the braids.  Better yet, whatever she was wearing tonight didn’t make her look as husky as what she’d been wearing the previous night, and her form looked perfectly fine while sitting there on a lawn chair, cigarette in hand, her legs folded in her tight jeans in a way that really turned me on.  Turning me on even more, however, was her smoking as her technique was fantastic, her face melting into her intense drags followed by consistently cloudy exhales that filled a few square feet of space in front of her with a toxic haze.  The only downside is that she seemed to turn her head my way every time she took a drag to the point of doubtlessly noticing me watching from the bench I sat on.  I made it through her whole cigarette but had to be extra cautious towards the end to avoid being definitively busted and missed a couple of her stellar exhales.  Her cigarette count for the 2016 FCF was three and unfortunately I wouldn’t see her again the following night, but I saw enough quality smoking from her with enough different presentations to make her worthy of year-end acclaim, particularly after the Friday evening discovery that she probably was less chubby that I originally expected.

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