FCF #54. Supermodel Hot Blond Makes A Cameo One Year And Returns To Smoke With Mom The Next

It was Thursday evening at my local county fair in 2014 and my friend Corey was already on the fairgrounds, where I spotted him a couple of times from a distance, but was trying to avoid him to allow myself more fetish time. One place where I figured he’d be easy to avoid was the midway so I started heading that direction, but wouldn’t get far before I’d come across a foursome of 18-ish girls walking the other direction, two of whom were smoking.  One of the four was the least attractive of the group, a curly haired brunette who was good enough for my sightings count but who became elevator music instantly thereafter because the other girl who was smoking was a stunner, a long-haired blond in a white tanktop and tight dark jeans.  She had a real classic look about her and stood out as easily the prettiest of the four girls in the group.  I was salivating at the prospect of snapping a couple of pics in motion and managed a few….nothing exceptional by any stretch but at least one head shot that will preserve this girl’s beautiful image for eternity.

And I also got to admire her smoking show.  There were no stylistic bells and whistles but I will absolutely never get tired with seeing a cute teenage girl walk through a crowded fairgrounds during daytime hours shamelessly smoking a cigarette and exhaling into the crowd.  And with each year that smoking becomes more culturally vilified I find that much more irresistible.  The sighting took on a new player as the group of girls stumbled into an 18-19ish guy and, sure enough, it appeared to be the boyfriend of my favorite blond smoker who put her arms (cigarette hand included) around his waist and gave him an affectionate semi-hug that forced him to choke on her smoky stench.  The group stayed in place for a bit and I hovered, hoping to still score a butt ID.  I had to field a call from Corey to “meet him at the goat barn” but still managed to fetish while on the phone, identifying the blond’s discarded cigarette as a Camel Menthol.

The grandstand show by Thomas Rhett, which I later attended with Corey, was definitely the highest energy of the three so far that year, although his brand of “bro country” isn’t really my thing.  I was disappointed that he didn’t seem to bring out more nicotine-starved young country cuties than he did, but there was a small sliver of salvation in the final minutes as I saw a familiar face in the smoking area….that beautiful 18-year-old blond who I saw emerging from the midway smoking a Camel Menthol before the show.  She was with the boyfriend and another of her nonsmoking blond friends standing there and, sure enough, she was removing a Camel Menthol from the pack in her purse and lighting up.  Not sure who to compare this girl to beyond an obscure reality show contestant but she really was a beauty.  I had hoped to see her again that night but no such luck.


I was having an above-average night of sightings at the local county fair on Wednesday evening in 2016, and I saved my best moment of the evening for last.  I was heading towards the sparse north side of the grounds near the livestock barns and farm equipment to make a final lap of the grounds for the night around 11:00 with the midway already going dark and the crowd rapidly dispersing.  I turned my head in between two livestock buildings, observing complete darkness save for the silhouettes of three approaching females, at least two of whom were quite young.  I had a good feeling about this trio and then turned to my left to approach and almost immediately noticing the hand of one of the younger gals approaching her mouth, followed by the scant illumination of a cigarette cherry as she dragged.  Jackpot!  I kept walking and as I crossed paths I looked the trio over pretty good.  There was an only mildly attractive middle-aged smoking mother closest to me and two very hot daughters to her right.  The girl in the middle looked about 21 and had the best presentation from a distance, a decently attractive face with long platinum blond hair, a blue tanktop, and very nice fitting white shorts.  Unfortunately she wasn’t smoking.  But standing to her right was the girl who was smoking, an absolutely gorgeous long-haired 21ish blond in a light green top and very tight blue jeans.

Unfortunately, I now had a problem as we made eyes with each other and now I had to turn around if I wanted to follow them and see more.  I waited a brief moment and then did, watching the three women navigate in between the farm equipment en route to the beer gardens where I figured they’d disappear to.  If that was the case, my window here was narrow to see anything else as I followed in between the farm equipment, frequently losing my vantage point due to the obstructions.  Fortunately, when I got through the obstacles and approached the entrance of the beer gardens, my prediction was wrong as only one of the females went inside, and it was the nonsmoking blond in the white shorts.  The smoking mother and daughter would continue hanging outside and finish the smoking show for me.  I took a bench and enjoyed the festivities….

I finally got a really good look at the face of the beautiful blond smoker.  She was a perfect 10, radiating supermodel-quality beauty with a Midwestern flair, and she also happened to be a girl I think I saw before and got a photo of while smoking in 2014.  You don’t see a face this pretty every day and I always hoped after the brief sighting I got of her two years ago that I’d see more of her, but didn’t until tonight.  Unfortunately a couple of guys who knew the mother and daughter approached and began talking to them, occasionally wandering in and out of my view of the smoking blond.  I still got to see a few really nice drags though.  There was nothing distinctive about her style, but seeing a haze of exhaled cancerous smoke that was produced by a girl this beautiful in the presence of her mother and two nonsmoking guys was such a thrill.  All too quickly, she surrendered the butt to the pavement and crushed it out, continuing to stand there chatting with the guys and her mom.

The sister was now coming out of the beer gardens searching for the two smokers, ultimately sending a text as she wasn’t seeing them.  The smoker quickly received the text and wrote her back, and they reunited within a minute or so.  The females separated from the guys and headed southward, allowing me to approach her butt and discover it was a Camel Crush.  Two years ago she was smoking a Camel Menthol, reinforcing my suspicion that it was probably the same girl.  The nonsmoking sister ventured to get a slice of pizza and I was able to get a couple of closer looks in passing at the smoker girl as she waited.  To call her the prettiest face at the fair last night that had a cigarette hanging out of it would be a massive understatement.  A night that had already produced its fair share of memorable sightings had really closed with a winner here.  I crossed my fingers I’d see more of her in the coming nights because she’s worthy of top-10 caliber status, but I never did.

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