FCF #56. Heavy-Smoking Wholesome Light Brunette And Her Unworthy Boyfriend

I left the Tuesday grandstand concert by country singer Josh Turner in the middle of his final song at the 2015 local county fair, hoping to get ahead of the exiting crowds.  The sea of humanity makes it hard to sniff out smokers, but by and large there just weren’t any to be found and my paranoia was starting to deepen.  I was walking south of the grandstand area and a voice inside my head was advising me to turn into a relative dark area near a couple of port-a-potties.  Within about three seconds of doing so, I stumbled upon my best sighting of the night.  This very wholesome 19-20ish light brunette decked out in a red and black flannel blouse covering a white tanktop (as often seems to be the case for my county fair, it was another cold night in the low 60s) with a pair of jean shorts underneath.  She proceeded to an open area behind one of the food stands where an unimpressive overweight boyfriend awaited.

It took me awhile to notice that he had a two-thirds-smoked cigarette himself but I couldn’t care less.  I hovered in my reasonably strong vantage point near the port-a-potties as if I was waiting for someone and watched the show, or at least what I could see in the darkened location.  The light brunette attended to her cigarette at an impressive pace, taking timely drags of decent length followed by solid four-second hold times and thin exhales as if most of the smoke was clinging to her blackened insides.  For whatever reason, her boyfriend walked away when he finished his cigarette and proceeded to sit at the food stand he had just been smoking behind.  This was perfect as it left the girl standing by herself, continuing with an impressive smoking show and distracted by her phone enough that I was able to watch closely.  She dropped the cigarette to the grass after a few minutes and then proceeded towards the boyfriend at the food stand and the pair wandered into the fairgrounds…..

My first order of business was to locate and ID her cigarette butt which I quickly did.  It was a Camel Menthol.  From there I had to try to find the couple as I wanted a better look at the smoker girl’s face.  I got lucky and found them inside the BINGO stand.  The boyfriend was seated playing BINGO and the girl was standing behind him and giving him an off and on massage (he’s got her whipped!!).  She didn’t disappoint looks-wise either, with very soft features that matched her generally wholesome presentation.  She didn’t look at all like what one would expect a 19-20ish smoker girl to look in 2015, and she clearly could do better than the butterball boyfriend she was so loyally attending to.

The next night, I arrived at the fairgrounds about 45 minutes later than on Tuesday since the daylight hours at this fair tend to be so dead.  As luck would have it though, I would see my first girl smoking within a couple minutes of arrival on Wednesday.  The girl whose sighting won Tuesday night was back for an encore…..the wholesome 19ish light brunette who smoked behind a dark food stand the night before in the company of her chubby boyfriend and then proceeded to play BINGO.  Well on Wednesday night she was in a cluster with the same boyfriend and three other girls.  She was the only one smoking at the time, looking as adorable as ever in a utilitarian purple tanktop and jean shorts.   I hovered in an awkward spot briefly before she proceeded the direction I was going along with the boyfriend and one other female friend.   I followed close behind and tested out my new camera phone which has features I like and features I don’t like.  I didn’t get a decent frontal shot but got a couple of nice side and rear shots showing her strutting through the fairgrounds with cigarette in hand, taking the same nicely timed drags from the night before.  Her cigarette was half smoked when I first spotted her so the show ended too quickly with a piggish butt disposal, dropping it to the pavement and halfheartedly crushing it out with her foot before pressing forward.  The night before she was smoking Camel Menthols but her discarded butt tonight was a Camel Crush Bold.  Good sign that she goes through cigarettes pretty quickly.  She and the friend and boyfriend were migrated towards a parking lot behind the buildings so I figured they were leaving for the day….but I was wrong.

Less than a half hour later, scoring no other sightings of significance, the same girl came through again not far from where she smoked the night before, wielding yet another smelly cigarette, this one just recently lit.  Without any place for me to sit, it was still a somewhat awkward vantage point but I again pretended to be looking at stuff a vendor was selling and watched her from the corner of my eye, scoring a distant photo that might turn out better when I enlarge it.  Whatever the case, it was another solid show of nicely timed drags and decent exhales.  She won’t win any Nobel prizes for stylishness but she’s a solid smoker who’s enjoyable to see smoke particularly because of her wholesome presentation.  The boyfriend once again made it easy for me as he was off somewhere else leaving her to smoke alone.  When she finished this cigarette, she leaned against a shed and started texting, perhaps inquiring where he disappeared to.  I’d be more than happy to take her off the boyfriend’s hands if he has other priorities!

A couple of hours later and well after dark, the grandstand concert by country singer Frankie Ballard ended and the grandstand began to empty out.  I was searching for sightings in the general area around the south side of the grandstand and spotted a cluster of what appeared to wholesome teenage girls hovering behind a set of food stands that had been familiar to me in the last couple of days.  It took a couple of seconds to process that it was her AGAIN!  Her being my wholesome light brunette who I had seen smoking twice before the concert.  She was with her boyfriend and three female friends puffing on another cigarette in a very inconvenient spot for me to observe.  I walked slowly in front of the vendor stands so I could look in between and this time a dark brunette was lighting up a cigarette of her own.  She wasn’t in the league of the heavy-smoking light brunette ringleader but she was cute.  There was an ever cuter blond in the cluster but unfortunately she never lit up.  Being as familiar as I was to this light brunette after watching her smoke most of three cigarettes in the last 24 hours, I couldn’t push my luck so I split, hard as that was.  With four cigarettes under her belt in two days, she was the most prolific smoker of the 2015 county fair

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