FCF #60. Grandstand Worker Beauty In Pink Shorts Takes Smoke Breaks With Friend

I had a two-part sighting over two evenings at the 2013 county fair with a star player that gave a worthy storyline sighting each night.  The first sighting took place on Wednesday night as I was leaving the Sawyer Brown concert around 10 p.m., hungry for my first worthwhile sighting in hours.  I passed a mid-20s duo that included a very plain jane light brunette and a much more attractive dark brunette.  I thought I heard the words “cigarette” from the light brunette but wasn’t sure as she wandered in the direction of the smoking area.  Sure enough as the two of them were standing near the smoking area, they stared towards it for awhile as if not being sure that’s where it really was.  The fact that it was empty at the time didn’t give them any answers.  So they just decided they were gonna hover back in the grassy area where I stood and smoke their cigarettes someplace illegal.  From out of nowhere, a duo of guys they seemed to know joined them and the two gals produced cigarettes.  The light brunette was so mediocre I didn’t even count her but the dark brunette was another story.  She was a very natural beauty with great features, decked out in a white blouse and tan shorts with long legs stemming out from those shorts.  There were no stylistic flourishes but she smoked it nicely with solid pacing on her drags and cloudy exhales which were usually blown to her right.  She had to have seen me eyeballing her especially during those exhales but it was worth it as she was the first hot smoker I had seen in two hours.  She dropped the cigarette to the grass and crushed it out with her shoe, and her group cooperatively dispersed within about a minute allowing me to swoop in and identify her butt….a Marlboro Light.

Two nights later, I was sitting at my favorite spot in the grandstand awaiting the start of a Kenny Rogers concert, and had scored three solid sightings across the fence in the beer gardens, but the best sighting to play out before or during the Kenny Rogers concert happened on a bench where I scored a sighting of a cluster of smokers a few nights earlier as well as the two brunettes on Wednesday night.  I just happened to look back towards that bench and saw two girls, one of them a hottie, sitting on it.  It was those same two from Wednesday night!!!   The ones who were looking for the smoking area but ended up hovering in the grassy area near the bench to smoke.  Noticing some sort of name tag or business tag on the mediocre light brunette, I finally deduced these girls were working underneath the grandstand at one of the vendors.  Unlike Tuesday, I didn’t have to leave the concert to see the sighting play out as it was not yet dark and I had a perfect vantage point.

Again, the mediocre light brunette was elevator music while the dark brunette stepped up her game.  As sexy as she was on Wednesday night, tonight she was decked out in a white top and bright pink shorts.  It was such a feminine image seeing her ass draped in pink seated on that bench as she smoked a cigarette.  And I got to watch the whole damn performance, complete with her nicely timed drags and gorgeous straight-ahead plumes of exhaled smoke.  If there’s one downside with this girl it’s that her hold times are short…like two seconds.  Kind of impressive she’s able to produce as much smoke in her exhales as she does given those tepid hold times.  Whatever the case, she treated me to a good seven-minute show before getting her pink backside off the bench and heading back underneath the grandstand to work.  I explored the vendor stations underneath the grandstand on Saturday night and during the day Sunday hoping to find her inside, but unfortunately didn’t locate her either night.

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