FCF #40. Pigtailed Young Mommy Stands Outside Grandstand Gate To Smoke Throughout Concert

I didn’t go into the final evening of the 2016 local county fair with high expectations of seeing young smoker girls given that the evening’s grandstand performer was the very dated Charlie Daniels Band, but had surprising success that night, and in particular during the show.  The concert had just started and I was surprised how many smokers were lingering out in the smoking area, more tonight than the other four nights combined at this year’s county fair.  A few of the smokers were of the key demographic, but the girl who ran circles around the others came only about five minutes after the show started.  This young couple wearing matching camouflage sweatshirts (only in Minnesota does it get cold enough on an early August night to be sweatshirt weather) and camouflage hats, with the girl in a pair of tight-fitting dark blue jeans that caressed her form nicely, pushing a stroller with a child who looked one year old, give or take a couple of months.  I found it suspicious that they wheeled the stroller into the smoking area.  The thought crossed my mind that one or both were smokers, but the girl was at most 21 and had a presentation that made her seem far younger, with a baby face and her dark brown hair hanging over her shoulders in braids.  Ten years ago, I’d never have hesitated in suspecting she was a smoker but today I was a little more hesitant in letting myself believe she was.  But lo and behold, the boyfriend removed a pack of Newports stored somewhere in the stroller and got two out, one for himself and one for the brunette Pippi Longstocking clone.  It was such a thrill to see this cutie light up.

Her smoking style was about as average as it gets, but she spiced things up by dancing to the music and engaging with the infant in the stroller, making googly eyes and faces at the child with cigarette in hand, often while in the middle of an exhale.  She made the cigarette last quite a while as her drags were modest and drug out, but considering I had a front row seat and nowhere to go I was fine with that, still surprised this day and age to see such an unapologetic smoking show from a sweet-looking young mommy that lasted several minutes.  It reminded me of the crazy hot Marlboro Light Menthol blond dancing to George Jones while smoking and spitting in front of her young son back in 2010 (FCF #53).  Over the course of that first cigarette, three other people spilled out into the immediate area that were obviously connected to the young parents.  It seemed likely that I was looking at a family of smokers, something very rarely seen in such a public setting this day and age, at least where one attractive young female is involved.  And the best part is, this couple with the stroller stayed out there the entirety of the 90-minute Charlie Daniels concert, and more cigarettes were in their near future…

About 10 minutes after finishing her first cigarette, the brunette with the braids lit another one.  That camouflage cap would occasionally come off, presumably just to help her make a hair adjustment, and she was the second girl just tonight in the smoking area that gave off an adorably low maintenance girl next door image, particularly as she sang and danced with the baby to the music, dragging from her cigarette, and blowing the cigarette out of the right side of her mouth to avoid filling up the child’s airspace directly with her exhaled carcinogens, not that it mattered much given that there were smokers surrounding the stroller filling the whole area up with cancerous smoke.  She smoked the majority of the cigarette and then unfortunately handed it to the boyfriend to finish it off.

About two-thirds into the concert, the boyfriend lit up another cigarette and after smoking about half of it, passed the third cigarette to the girl to finish off.  That would be the end of her saga but it was still amazing that this young couple basically forfeited their seats at this concert right away to spend the entire 90 minutes standing in the smoking area for the sole purpose of tobacco freedom.  I couldn’t tell if the child in the stroller was a little boy or a little girl but either way it’s a good bet the child will either end up a smoker him or herself…or a smoking fetisher with a mommy this unashamedly into smoky performance art.

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