FCF #62. Fast-Moving Camel Pink Brunette Uses Her Cigarette As a Comb

I had an incredible opening night at the 2011 local county fair scoring one after another top-shelf sightings.  I had just scored my favorite sighting of the evening and moments later, near the pizza stand, stood a duo of 18-19ish girls, a blond and a brunette and both major league babes.  The brunette was wielding a freshly lit cigarette as they briefly stood there and talked to a couple of the friends.  The long-haired dark brunette had a black top and skin-tight pale blue jeans that perfectly fit her extremely slender form.  I didn’t get a good look at her face early on but figured with a body like that it was hard to go wrong.  The two girls then started walking away and I got to see the smoker take a few drags from behind, frequently admiring that ass in those tight jeans.  And then she proceeded to do something I only saw once before, and that was with an unlit cigarette….she started rummaging her cigarette hand through her long dark hair.  Aside from completely stinking up her hair, I would think she’d be worried about setting her damn hair on fire!  But not this girl…she just kept ruffling her hair with her cigarette literally touching the hair.

The girls then started really boogeying, heading down the midway where they quickly spotted a group of guys, none smoking at least at the time, at a carnival game that they knew.  The smoker shouted the guy’s name and ran up to him and gave him a stinky hug, being careful not to burn him with her cigarette as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  Especially considering what she had just done to her hair, you wonder if this guy was holding his breath while this smelly girl was engulfing herself around him.  And I finally got a good look at her face.  For the first time in quite some time that evening, I was actually looking at a girl who had the look of a smoker and I would have suspected smoked the first time I saw her.  I thought I had time to reposition myself for the rest of the sighting, thinking she’d be chatting with the guys for some time to come.  But by the time I got repositioned, they were gone.  I saw them on the horizon, and as I said, these girls were MOVING.  I had to practically run past all the carnival barkers to catch up, but thankfully she still had her cigarette.  Even after I did catch up, I still had to move fast to keep pace with these two.  Finally at the edge of the midway, the brunette discarded her cigarette, and I had no problem identifying it, which was where the sighting took another surprise turn.  It was a Camel Pink.  I had thought these things were off the market based on every gas station and drug store I’ve visited in the last several months having removed them en masse.  Here was a girl who was so dedicated to her Camel Pinks that she apparently goes to some back alley dealer to resupply her.

Expecting the sighting was over, I drifted to the area outside the beer gardens and had a sensory overload moment of multiple hot girls smoking at the same time.  And within this period of sensory overload, the two girls I had just raced around the midway following about five minutes earlier had wandered past my row of benches to chat with people inside the beer gardens fence as they were clearly not 21 and not able to get inside themselves.  My back was to the two of them, but as I finally got up to go, I looked back.  Sure enough…the brunette in the tight jeans was smoking another Camel Pink…only a few minutes removed from the last one.  God I love my county fair.

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