FCF #49. Brunette In Red Shorts Off To Break Hearts After Her Smoke

I always like to end my evenings at the county fair on a high note, and one Wednesday evening in 2006, I certainly got my wish. I was on my way out of the fairgrounds when I saw a girl and a guy standing in front of a food vendor stand. The girl was maybe 18 but possibly not even and drop-dead gorgeous…a dark brunette with a beautiful face, medium length hair and skimpy red shorts that looked great on her and sort of defined her and the sexiness of those red shorts are the first thing that comes to mind when I think about her today. No way did she look like a smoker, yet there she stood, beholden to her little white slavemaster. I only got to see a couple of drags from an awkward position where I was highly conspicuous, but the drags were exquisite and left me wanting for more.

All too quickly, she crushed out the cigarette and walked away with her lucky man, and it was at that point that a money quote was about to give the sighting an extra layer of dimension. I followed a short distance when the two stopped upon meeting an elderly gentleman who apparently knew one or both of them. He looked at the hot brunette and joked, “you came out here to break some hearts tonight, huh?” She laughed mildly and started chatting back. That was the perfect high note I needed to bow out for the evening with a grin on my face.   And I still remember how damn good she looked in those red shorts.

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