FCF #42. Chasing A Cowgirl Smoker In A Foot Race Through The Grandstand

The crowded Friday evening in 2007 was one of my most successful single evenings of all time at the local county fair.  A few more sightings from that night would be included if I was to extend this list further, but the best of the evening happened to be one of the strangest sightings I’ve ever encountered.

From out of the women’s restroom emerged this curly-haired 18-19ish brunette with a cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots halfway up her knees, an autographed photo of country singer Josh Turner whose concert she had just attended in one hand, and a freshly-lit cigarette in the other hand meeting back up with friends who were waiting for her outside the bathroom. She was a perfect profile of the county fair cutie in the company of her two other attractive friends, who were unfortunately both not smoking at least at that time.  I wouldn’t have long to admire this image however, as only moments after the smoker girl rejoined the group, the trio began hastily approaching the grandstand for some reason.

I followed as best as I could and watched as this brunette hottie marched right past a police officer and then into the “no smoking” grandstand with a burning cigarette in her hand. I followed them into the empty grandstand, nearly running to keep pace with these speed demon girls, having no clue whatsoever as to what they were doing. They came to a stop in the middle of the grandstand as I hung back, trying to make out what was going on.  It appeared the smoker had left something (perhaps her purse) in the grandstand and was able to retrieve it as they took off again as quickly as they came to a halt, with the brunette taking a drag from her cigarette and giving her the fuel to press on. The three proceeded through the opposite gate and the girl must have deposited her cigarette butt somewhere in the grandstand because when I came out the other side, I spotted her and her friends, but she was no longer smoking.  Still, another awesomely strange ride brought upon by a hottie with a cigarette, and the only fairgrounds sighting I ever recall that forced me to break into a sprint to see it play out.

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