FCF #26. Adorable Teen Blond Is Too Stinky For Her Mom and Friend

My opening night at the 2011 local county fair was a stunner, easily my best night of the year at the county fair, and my favorite sighting came somewhere around 10:30 p.m.  I was navigating through a fairly large crowd around the center of the grounds, keeping my nose ready in case I caught a refreshing whiff that would lead me towards what I was looking for.  But like a beacon, I would turn to my left and see her….an absolutely beautiful and wholesome 17-18ish blond in jean shorts and a bright yellow top.

Usually my instincts with smoker girls are good, but here’s yet another girl I would have never believed would be a smoker if I wasn’t witnessing it with my own eyes.  She seemed to be a little self-conscious walking through the fairgrounds by herself smoking her cigarette, and attempted to hide it in her hands at the points she wasn’t consuming the tobacco and cancerous chemicals inside.  But that’s when the sighting took an eventful and adorable turn.

I noticed two females following her that I didn’t initially realize were with the smoker girl, one of whom was a brunette teenage girl and the other was a middle-aged woman, presumably the mother to one or both of them.  But they were following a good five footsteps behind her.  Apparently the stinky blond isn’t allowed to be in immediate proximity with them when she’s spewing her disgusting fumes all over the place.  It was adorable watching this blond beauty so self-consciously weaving through the crowd with that cigarette in her hand, with the rest of her party a few steps behind.  I was following the entire group so as not to get busted so I didn’t get a great look at blondie’s technique, but it was evident she was an accomplished smoker and it was also evident throughout that she was hiding her cigarette, which leads me to believe she was probably underage.

They arrived at a sidewalk leading to the parking area and the smoker cutie stopped along with the brunette, who still kept a comfortable distance away, apparently too repulsed by blondie’s cigarette to ever get too close.  Meanwhile, mom wandered off somewhere briefly, out of sight for a couple of minutes, most likely to buy one last serving of fair food.  This allowed to me to watch the blond finish her cigarette.  I got a good look at her face and she was every bit the wholesome cutie I first suspected.  After one or more final drags, she dropped the all-white butt to the ground just before mom returned…and the three finally were able to leave the fairgrounds in joint company now that the stinker in their posse was finished spewing her air pollution.  I walked up and was able to identify her all-white butt as a Camel Pink Menthol (the ones with the pink and light blue colors), adding even more to the most adorable of sightings.

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