All Other Fairgrounds Overview

I’m adding this new category to account for additional fairgrounds sightings venues beyond my original three.  It started in 2013 when I stumbled into the Brown County Fair in Aberdeen, South Dakota, when I happened to be staying overnight there on a night the fair was on and scored some memorable sightings.  As of 2015, I made my maiden voyage to the Missouri State Fair and scored one of the best sightings of my life.  It was clear a new category had to be added to account for these new venues and to make room for future sightings I score from fairgrounds outside my Big Three.  For instance, I plan to return to Sedalia, Missouri in August 2016 for another day at the Missouri State Fair.  And in 2017, the plan is to visit the Indiana State Fair for the first time, having heard reports that that is a pretty big state fair in a generally smoker friendly state.  At some point, I’ll return to Aberdeen, South Dakota, as well.  I’m having a helluva time adding a new category heading onto Word Press homepage where “Top-4 All Other Fairgrounds Sightings” appears with all the other categories though and am hoping someone familiar with Word Press can help me out.  Thanks in advance….and enjoy the new material….

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